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Data from: Failure modes analysis of electrofluidic display under thermal aging

Baoqin Dong, Biao Tang, Groenewold Jan, Hui Li, Rui Zhou, Victor Henzen Alexander, Guofu Zhou, Jan Groenewold & Alexander Victor Henzen
Dielectric failure and optical switching failure in electro-fluidic display (EFD) is still a bottleneck for sufficient device lifetime. In this study, a dielectric redundancy-designed multilayer insulator of ParyleneC/AF1600X was applied in an EFD device. The reliability performance was systematically studied by tracking the applied voltage dependent leakage current and capacitance changes (I-V & C-V curve) with thermal aging time. The multilayer insulator shows a more stable performance in leakage current compared to that of single-layer...

Data from: The evolutionary road from wild moth to domestic silkworm

Hui Xiang, Xiaojing Liu, Muwang Li, Ya'nan Zhu, Lizhi Wang, Yong Cui, Liyuan Liu, Gangqi Fang, Heying Qian, Anying Xu, Wen Wang & Shuai Zhan
The Silk Road, which derives its name from the trade of silk produced by the domestic silkworm Bombyx mori, was an important episode in the development and interaction of human civilizations. However, the detailed history behind silkworm domestication remains ambiguous, and little is known about the underlying genetics with respect to important aspects of its domestication. Here, we reconstruct the domestication processes and identify selective sweeps by sequencing 137 representative silkworm strains. The results present...

Data from: Cenozoic evolution of beta diversity and a Pleistocene emergence for modern mammal faunas in China

Jiekun He, Holger Kreft, Siliang Lin, Yang Xu & Haisheng Jiang
Aim Historical changes in community structure underlie modern spatial diversity patterns, but few empirical studies have focused on the variation in the community composition of fossil assemblages at large spatiotemporal scales. We wanted to investigat how the spatial differentiation of mammal communities changed in China throughout the Cenozoic in response to tectonic uplift and paleoclimatic changes and explore the timing of the emergence of the modern spatially structured faunas. Location China Time period Cenozoic (from...

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  • 2018

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  • South China Normal University
  • University of Göttingen
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
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  • Institute of Zoology