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Data from: Helper effects in the azure-winged magpie Cyanopica cyana in relation to highly-clumped nesting pattern and high frequency of conspecific nest-raiding

Qing-Miao Ren, Shuang Luo, Xue-Jing Du, Guo-Liang Chen, Sen Song & Bo Du
In avian cooperative breeding systems, many benefits obtained by social pairs from the presence of helpers have been uncovered. However, until now, the factors that determine the type of assistance helpers provide and the responses of social pairs have not been well illustrated. We examined the contribution of helpers to cooperative groups and the relevant responses of dominant pairs in the azure-winged magpie Cyanapica cyana which breeds on the Tibetan Plateau. We used the capture–mark–recapture...

Data from: Comparative transcriptomic analysis revealed adaptation mechanism of Phrynocephalus erythrurus, the highest altitude lizard living in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Yongzhi Yang, Lizhong Wang, Jin Han, Xiaolong Tang, Ming Ma, Kun Wang, Xiao Zhang, Qian Ren, Qiang Chen & Qiang Qiu
Background: Organisms living at high altitudes must overcome three major environmental challenges: hypoxia, cold, and intense UV radiation. The molecular mechanisms that enable these challenges to be overcome have mainly been studied in endothermic organisms; relatively little attention has been paid to poikilothermic species. Here, we present deep transcriptome sequencing in two closely related lizards, the high altitude-dwelling Phrynocephalus erythrurus and the lowland-dwelling P. putjatia, to identify candidate genes under positive selection and to explore...

Data from: Selection by pollinators on floral traits in generalized Trollius ranunculoides (Ranunculaceae) along altitudinal gradients

Zhi-Gang Zhao & Yi-Ke Wang
Abundance and visitation of pollinator assemblages tend to decrease with altitude, leading to an increase in pollen limitation. Thus increased competition for pollinators may generate stronger selection on attractive traits of flowers at high elevations and cause floral adaptive evolution. Few studies have related geographically variable selection from pollinators and intraspecific floral differentiation. We investigated the variation of Trollius ranunculoides flowers and its pollinators along an altitudinal gradient on the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and measured...

Data from: Beneficiary feedback effects on alpine cushion benefactors become more negative with increasing cover of graminoids and in dry conditions

Richard Michalet, Christian Schöb, Sa Xiao, Liang Zhao, Tuo Chen, Li-Zhe An & Ragan M. Callaway
In facilitative interactions, the beneficiary feedback effect (BFE) has been defined as the effect of beneficiary species (facilitated species) on their benefactor. BFEs have been shown to be dependent on environmental conditions and the composition of the beneficiary community. In alpine cushion systems, BFEs are more negative with more abundant, diverse and phylogenetically aggregated communities of beneficiary species. We tested the hypothesis that the functional composition of the beneficiary communities correlates with the direction and...

Worldwide evidence of a unimodal relationship between productivity and plant species richness

Lauchlan H. Fraser, Jason Pither, Anke Jentsch, Marcelo Sternberg, Martin Zobel, Diana Askarizadeh, Sandor Bartha, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Jonathan A. Bennett, Alex Bittel, Bazartseren Boldgiv, Ilsi I. Boldrini, Edward Bork, Leslie Brown, Marcelo Cabido, James Cahill, Cameron N. Carlyle, Giandiego Campetella, Stefano Chelli, Ofer Cohen, Anna-Maria Csergo, Sandra Diaz, Lucas Enrico, David Ensing, Alessandra Fidelis … & Szilárd Szentes
The search for predictions of species diversity across environmental gradients has challenged ecologists for decades. The humped-back model (HBM) suggests that plant diversity peaks at intermediate productivity; at low productivity few species can tolerate the environmental stresses, and at high productivity a few highly competitive species dominate. Over time the HBM has become increasingly controversial, and recent studies claim to have refuted it. Here, by using data from coordinated surveys conducted throughout grasslands worldwide and...

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