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Data from: Modeling the perception of audiovisual distance: Bayesian causal inference and other models

Catarina Mendonça, Pietro Mandelli & Ville Pulkki
Studies of audiovisual perception of distance are rare. Here, visual and auditory cue interactions in distance are tested against several multisensory models, including a modified causal inference model. In this causal inference model predictions of estimate distributions are included. In our study, the audiovisual perception of distance was overall better explained by Bayesian causal inference than by other traditional models, such as sensory dominance and mandatory integration, and no interaction. Causal inference resolved with probability...

Data from: InGaAs/InAlAs single photon avalanche diode for 1550 nm photons

Xiao Meng, Shiyu Xie, Xinxin Zhou, Niccolò Calandri, Mirko Sanzaro, Alberto Tosi, Chee Hing Tan & Jo Shien Ng
A single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) with an InGaAs absorption region, and an InAlAs avalanche region was designed and demonstrated to detect 1550 nm wavelength photons. The characterization included leakage current, dark count rate and single photon detection efficiency as functions of temperature from 210 to 294 K. The SPAD exhibited good temperature stability, with breakdown voltage dependence of approximately 45 mV K−1. Operating at 210 K and in a gated mode, the SPAD achieved...

Data from:A computational study of cancer hyperthermia based on vascular magnetic nanoconstructs

Mahdi Nabil & Paolo Zunino
The application of hyperthermia to cancer treatment is studied using a novel model arising from the fundamental principles of flow, mass and heat transport in biological tissues. The model is defined at the scale of the tumour microenvironment and an advanced computational scheme called the embedded multiscale method is adopted to solve the governing equations. More precisely, this approach involves modelling capillaries as one-dimensional channels carrying flow, and special mathematical operators are used to model...

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  • 2016

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