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Two scale homogenization in ternary locally resonant metamaterials

C. Comi, M. Moscatelli & J-J. Marigo
In this work, we exploit the two-scale homogenization approach to compute explicitly the band gaps for out-of-plane wave propagation in ternary locally resonant metamaterials (LRM) with two-dimensional periodicity. The homogenization approach, recently developed by the authors for binary LRM, leads to the definition of the dynamic effective mass density, depending on the frequency, that becomes negative near the resonant frequencies of the inclusions. The intervals of negative effective mass give the band gaps. These explicit...

Data from: Extending full protection inside existing marine protected areas or reducing fishing effort outside can reconcile conservation and fisheries goals

Mokrane Belharet, Antonio Di Franco, Antonio Calò, Lorenzo Mari, Joachim Claudet, Renato Casagrandi, Marino Gatto, Josep Lloret, Charlotte Sève, Paolo Guidetti & Paco Melià
1. Most fish stocks worldwide are fished at maximum sustainable yield (MSY) or overfished, as many fisheries management strategies have failed to achieve sustainable fishing. Identifying effective fisheries management strategies has now become urgent. 2. Here, we developed a spatially-explicit metapopulation model accounting for population connectivity in the north-western Mediterranean Sea, and parameterized it for three ecologically and economically important coastal fish species: the white seabream Diplodus sargus, the two-banded seabream Diplodus vulgaris and the...

Pericolosità sismica di riferimento per il territorio nazionale MPS04

Massimiliano Stucchi, Carlo Meletti, Valentina Montaldo, Aybige Akinci, Ezio Faccioli, Paolo Gasperini, Luca Malagnini & Gianluca Valensise
Seismic hazard values are expressed in terms of maximum horizontal component of the expected ground shaking (ag=fraction of gravity acceleration) with 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years, referred to rocky soils (Vs30>800 m/s, class A, paragraph 3.2.1 in Ministerial Decree September 14th 2005). The ag values have been estimated according two grid points not overlapping: a) with step 0.05 degrees, according the requirements of the Ordinance 3519 (Official Gazette n.108, May 11th 2006), with...

Von der Nekropole zum Siedlungsplatz. Bericht über die Grabungskampagnen 2018 und 2019 in der Petosiris-Nekropole von Tuna el-Gebel

Katja Lembke, Clementina Caputo, Ercan Erkul, Rex Haberland, Rebekka Mecking, Wolfgang Rabbel, Jenny H. Schlehofer, Harald Stümpel & Katharina Westphalen
Ausgrabungen und Georadarmessungen in der Nekropole Tuna el-Gebel haben 2018 und 2019 neue Erkenntnisse über das Areal ergeben. Teilweise freigelegt wurden ein Steinbau (GB 73) und ein Gebäude aus ungebrannten Lehmziegeln (GB 72). Der Steinbau wurde in der Kaiserzeit als Grabbau genutzt, darüber hinaus verweist die Keramik auf eine Nachnutzung in der Spätantike. Die Anzahl und die Typen der Gefäße sprechen für die Ansiedlung einer größeren Gruppe von Menschen. GB 72 war zweistöckig und verfügte...

Valori di Mmax, di b, completezze. Dati di ingresso per la redazione di MPS04

Massimiliano Stucchi, Carlo Meletti, Valentina Montaldo, Aybige Akinci, Ezio Faccioli, Paolo Gasperini, Luca Malagnini & Gianluca Valensise
The dataset contains some parameters assessed for the computation of the MPS04 seismic hazard model of Italy. The file contains 3 sheets: i) Mmax values (and relevant seismicity rates when Mmax is higher than observations) and b values for each seismic source zone; ii) Completeness intervals estimated with an approach prevalently historical; iii) Completeness intervals estimated with an approach prevalently statistical.

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