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Patterns of thermal sensitivity and sex-specificity of courtship behavior differs between two sympatric species of Enchenopa treehopper

Anthony Macchiano, Daniel A. Sasson, Noah T. Leith & Kasey D. Fowler-Finn
Predicting how insects will react to future thermal conditions requires understanding how temperature currently affects insect behavior, from performance traits to those involved in mating and reproduction. Many reproductive behaviors are thermally-sensitive, but little is known how temperature affects the behaviors used to find mates and coordinate mating. Here, we investigate how temperature influences courtship activity in two sympatric species of Enchenopa treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae). Enchenopa use substrate-borne vibrational signals exchanged in male-female duets to...

Data from: Multispecies conservation of freshwater fish assemblages in response to climate change in the southeastern United States

Michelle VanCompernolle, Jason H. Knouft & Darren L. Ficklin
Aim: Streamflow and water temperature are primary variables influencing the distribution of freshwater taxa. Climate-induced changes in these variables are already causing shifts in species distributions, with continued changes projected in the coming decades. The Mobile River Basin (MRB), located in the southeastern United States, contains some of the highest levels of temperate freshwater biodiversity in North America. We integrated species distribution data with contemporary and future streamflow and water temperature data as well as...

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