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Lived Experience Research

John Guenther
Australians Together is a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (First Nations) peoples and addressing injustices and inequities experienced by Australia’s First Nations peoples. AT’s mission is to bring First Nations People and other Australians together by raising awareness and understanding of our shared story and its ongoing impact while encouraging meaningful responses. It focuses on engaging teachers, schools, and the education sector as the priority for effecting societal...

Rural and regional mobilities: exploring the impact of (im)mobilities on rural and regional communities [summary report]

David Radford, Raelene Wilding, Anthony Moran & Martina Boese

Rainwater-driven microbial fuel cells for power generation in the remote areas' raw data

Mohamed Amen, Ahmed Yasin, Mohammad Jamal, Seong-Tshool Hong, Nasser Barakat & Mohamed Hegazy
The possibility of utilizing rainwater as a sustainable anolyte in an air-cathode microbial fuel cell is investigated in this study. The results indicate that the proposed microbial fuel cell can work within a wide temperature range (from 0 to 30 oC), and under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. However, the rainwater season has a distinct impact. Under anaerobic conditions, the summer rainwater achieves a promised open circuit potential of 553±2 mV without addition of nutrients at...

Fine-scale environmental heterogeneity and conservation management: Beach-cast wrack creates microhabitats for thermoregulation in shorebirds

Gunnar Keppel & Timothy Davis
1. Conservation management to protect coastal ecosystems sometimes overlooks site-specific fine-scale heterogeneity. For example, while habitat loss is a known key driver of population declines in many shorebirds, these birds are also dependent on high-quality habitats to maximise energy stores. Here we describe the microhabitats provided by beach-cast wrack (washed up macroalgae and seagrasses), a resource threatened by harvesting and beach cleaning, and how shorebirds utilise these. 2. We measured the temperature and absolute humidity...

A survey on understanding preferences for irrigation pumps in West Bengal

Sophie Lountain, Bethany Cooper & Michael Burton

Interrogating discordance resolves relationships in the rapid radiation of Old World fruit bats (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae)

Nicolas Nesi, Stephen Rossiter, Michael McGowen, Georgia Tsagkogeorga, Burton Lim, Susan Tsang, Violaine Nicolas, Aude Lalis, Silke Riesle Sbarbaro, Sigit Wiantoro, Alan Hitch, Javier Juste, Corinna Pinzari, Frank Bonaccorso, Nancy Simmons, Annette Scanlon & Christopher Todd
The family Pteropodidae (Old World fruit bats) comprises >200 species distributed across the Old World tropics and subtropics. Most pteropodids feed on fruit, suggesting an early origin of frugivory, although several lineages have shifted to nectar-based diets. Pteropodids are of exceptional conservation concern with >50% of species considered threatened, yet the systematics of this group has long been debated, with uncertainty surrounding early splits attributed to an ancient rapid diversification. Resolving the relationships among the...

Supplemental material from: Can transcranial direct current stimulation enhance post-stroke motor recovery? Development of a theoretical patient-tailored model

Brenton Hordacre, Alana McCambridge, Michael Ridding & Lynley Bradnam
New treatments that can facilitate neural repair and reduce persistent impairments have significant value in promoting recovery following stroke. One technique that has gained interest is transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) as early research suggested it could enhance plasticity and enable greater behavioral recovery. However, several studies have now identified substantial inter-subject variability in response to tDCS and clinical trials revealed insufficient evidence of treatment effectiveness. A possible explanation for the varied and negative findings...

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