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IASI-FT spectrally resolved Outgoing Longwave Radiation (from IASI/Metop-A)

simon whitburn
The IASI spectrally resolved Outgoing Longwave Radiation product (IASI OLR) is a monthly (L3), 2 x 2 degree global dataset of spectral OLR derived from the clear-sky IASI satellite radiance measurements in the range 645-2300 cm-1 at the 0.25 cm-1 native spectral sampling of the L1C spectra. The algorithm for the conversion of the spectra to the OLR is detailed in Whitburn et al. (2020, Journal of Climate). It relies on precalculated angular distribution models...

Les élections municipales de 2020 au Brésil : un ancrage local du vote conservateur (Les Études du CERI, n°252-253)

Frédéric Louault
Au Brésil, les élections municipales se sont tenues le 15 novembre 2020, puis le 29 novembre dans 57 villes où un second tour était nécessaire. Dans un contexte marqué par la crise sanitaire et l’arrivée d’une deuxième vague de Covid-19, 148 millions de citoyens étaient appelés à renouveler les pouvoirs exécutifs (prefeitos et vice-prefeitos) et législatifs (vereadores) des 5 570 municipalités que compte le pays. Alors que le vote était obligatoire, ces élections ont été...

Whole-genome sequencing reveals asymmetric introgression between two sister species of cold-resistant leaf beetles

Svitlana Lukicheva & Patrick Mardulyn
A large number of genetic variation studies have identified cases of mitochondrial genome introgression in animals, indicating that reproductive barriers among closely related species are often permeable. Because of its sheer size, the impact of hybridization on the evolution of the nuclear genome is more difficult to apprehend. Only a few studies have explored it recently thanks to recent progresses in DNA sequencing and genome assembly. Here, we analysed whole-genome sequence variation among multiple individuals...

Global patterns in bumble bee pollen collection show phylogenetic conservation of diet

Thomas Wood, Guillaume Ghisbain, Pierre Rasmont, David Kleijn, Ivo Raemakers, Christophe Praz, Michael Killewald, Jason Gibbs, Kyle Bobiwash, Mira Boustani, Baptiste Martinet & Denis Michez
1. Bumble bees (Bombus) are a group of eusocial bees with a strongly generalised feeding pattern, collecting pollen from many different botanical families. Though predominantly generalists, some bumble bee species seem to have restricted dietary choices. It is unclear whether restricted diets in bumble bees are inherent or a function of local conditions due to a lack of data for many species across different regions. 2. The objective of this study was to determine whether...

Solving the coral species delimitation conundrum

Catalina Ramírez-Portilla, Andrew Baird, Peter Cowman, Andrea Quattrini, Saki Harii, Frederic Sinniger & Jean-François Flot
Distinguishing coral species is not only crucial for physiological, ecological and evolutionary studies, but also to enable effective management of threatened reef ecosystems. However, traditional hypotheses that delineate coral species based on morphological traits from the coral skeleton are frequently at odds with tree-based molecular approaches. Additionally, a dearth of species-level molecular markers has made species delimitation particularly challenging in species-rich coral genera, leading to the widespread assumption that inter-specific hybridization might be responsible for...

NMR Study of the Reversible Trapping of SF6 by Cucurbit[6]uril in Aqueous Solution

Michel Luhmer, Luca Fusaro, Emanuela Locci & Adolfo Lai
The complexation of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), a highly potent greenhouse gas, by cucurbit[6]uril (CB) was studied at various temperatures in Na2SO4 aqueous solutions by 19F and 1H NMR. CB shows a remarkable affinity for SF6, suggesting that it is a suitable molecular container for the design of materials tailored for SF6 trapping. At 298 K, the equilibrium constant characterizing the inclusion of SF6 by CB is 3.1 × 104 M−1 and the residence time of...

Genotyping by sequencing data of five legume tree species widespread in the rainforests of West and Central Africa

Rosalía Piñeiro, Olivier J Hardy, Carolina Tovar, Shyam Gopalakrishnan, Filipe Garrett Vieira & M. Thomas P. Gilbert
Although today the forest cover is continuous in Central Africa this may have not always been the case, as the scarce fossil record in this region suggests that arid conditions might have significantly reduced tree density during the Ice Ages. Our aim was to investigate whether the dry ice-age periods left a genetic signature on tree species that can be used to infer the date of the past fragmentation of the rainforest. We sequenced reduced...

Data from: Effects of dispersal‐ and niche‐based factors on tree recruitment in tropical wet forest restoration

Leland K. Werden, Karen D. Holl, Juan Abel Rosales, Janelle M. Sylvester & Rakan A. Zahawi
Both dispersal‐ and niche‐based factors can impose major barriers on tree establishment. Our understanding of how these factors interact to determine recruitment rates is based primarily on findings from mature tropical forests, despite the fact that a majority of tropical forests are now secondary. Consequently, factors influencing seed limitation and the seed‐to‐seedling transition (STS) in disturbed landscapes, and how those factors shift during succession, are not well understood. We used a 3.5‐yr record of seed...

Data from: Secure and secret cooperation in robot swarms

Eduardo Castelló Ferrer, Thomas Hardjono, Alex Pentland & Marco Dorigo
The importance of swarm robotics systems in both academic research and real-world applications is steadily increasing. However, to reach widespread adoption, new models that ensure the secure cooperation of large groups of robots need to be developed. This work introduces a method to encapsulate cooperative robotic missions in an authenticated data structure known as Merkle tree. With this method, operators can provide the "blueprint" of the swarm's mission without disclosing its raw data. In other...

Panama 2019 : beaucoup de mouvement et peu de changements ? (Les Études du CERI, n°245-246)

Sophie Wintgens & Claire Nevache
Le 5 mai 2019 ont eu lieu au Panama les sixièmes élections générales depuis la transition vers la démocratie en 1990. Elles ont consacré la victoire du Parti révolutionnaire démocratique (PRD), qui composait l’alliance « Forces unifiées » aux côtés du Mouvement libéral républicain nationaliste (Molirena). Cette alliance a remporté l’élections présidentielle, la majorité à l’Assemblée nationale ainsi que le plus grand nombre de sièges de maire, de représentant et de conseiller municipal. Ces résultats...

Étalement urbain et service d’eau potable dans la ville de Zinder au Niger

Abdou Kailou Djibo, Luisa Moretto & Mahamadou Mounir Zakari

Aquaporins e Connexins: establishment of salivary gland organoid in vitro model as a tool for the analysis of communication channels in salivary gland structure and to unravel structural aspects of lupus sialadenitis

Silvia Lourenco
Lupus erythematosus (LE) is an autoimmune disease that affects multiple organs. It may affect the oral cavity and around 75% of the patients report subjective sensation of dry mouth (xerostomia). Our research group has demonstrated in multiple studies that xerostomia in LE is related to a type of manifestation specific of the disease – the lupus sialadenitis – which includes morphological patterns such as thickening of the ductal basal membrane, apoptosis, among others. The hypothesis...

Estimating migration of the cold-tolerant leaf beetle Gonioctena quinquepunctata inside a mountain range in a spatially explicit context

Chedly Kastally, Simon Dellicour, Olivier J. Hardy, Marius Gilbert & Patrick Mardulyn
The cold-tolerant leaf beetle Gonioctena quinquepunctata displays a large but fragmented European distribution and is restricted to mountain regions in the southern part of its range. Using a RAD-seq-generated large SNP data set (> 10,000 loci), we investigated the geographic distribution of genetic variation within the Vosges mountains, where the species is common. To translate this pattern of variation in an estimate of its capacity to disperse, we simulated SNP data under a spatially explicit...

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