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Data from: Ring distributions leading to species formation: a global topographic analysis of geographic barriers associated with ring species

William B. Monahan, Ricardo J. Pereira & David B. Wake
BACKGROUND: In the mid 20th Century, Ernst Mayr and Theodosius Dobzhansky championed the significance of circular overlaps or ring species as the perfect demonstration of speciation, yet in over 50 years since only a handful of such taxa are known. We developed a topographic model to evaluate whether the geographic barriers that favor processes leading to ring species are common or rare, and to predict where other candidate ring barriers might be found. RESULTS: Of...

Data from: Testing hypotheses for genealogical discordance in a rainforest lizard

Sonal Singhal & Craig Moritz
Genealogical discordance, or when different genes tell distinct stories although they evolved under a shared history, often emerges from either coalescent stochasticity or introgression. In this study, we present a strong case of mito-nuclear genealogical discordance in the Australian rainforest lizard species complex of Saproscincus basiliscus and S. lewisi. One of the lineages that comprises this complex, the Southern S. basiliscus lineage, is deeply divergent at the mito- chondrial genome but shows markedly less divergence...

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  • 2012

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  • Museum of Vertebrate Zoology