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A target enrichment probe set for resolving the flagellate land plant tree of life

Jesse W. Breinholt, Sarah B. Carey, George P. Tiley, E. Christine Davis, Lorena Endara, Stuart F. McDaniel, Leandro Neves, Emily B. Sessa, Matt Von Konrat, Susan Fawcett, Stefanie M. Ickert-Bond, Paulo H. Labiak, Juan Larraín, Marcus Lehnert, Lily R. Lewis, Nathalie S. Nagalingum, Nikisha Patel, Stefan A. Rensing, Weston Testo, Alejandra Vasco, Juan Carlos Villarreal, Evelyn Webb Williams, J. Gordon Burleigh, Sahut Chantanaorrapint, Leandro G. Neves … & Stefanie M. Ickert‐Bond
Premise of the Study: New sequencing technologies enable the possibility of generating large-scale molecular datasets for constructing the plant tree of life. We describe a new probe set for target enrichment sequencing to generate nuclear sequence data to build phylogenetic trees with any flagellate land plants, including hornworts, liverworts, mosses, lycophytes, ferns, and all gymnosperms. Methods and Results: We leveraged existing transcriptome and genome sequence data to design a set of 56,989 probes for target...

Born under a Lucky Star

Alisha Meininghaus
This article examines illustrations of the zodiac signs on birth amulets from German- Jewish printing houses from the 18th century. These woodcuts are part of a long tradition of astrological references in Jewish art and literature. However, the amulet texts themselves do not contain any astrological topics. What, then, is the relationship of the woodcuts to the text and to the function of the amulets? By contextualizing the images with other contemporary traditions of illustration,...

Macroinvertebrate along Vestari-Jökulsá Iceland

Peter Chifflard
1. Background: The impact of climate change on the longitudinal distribution of macroinvertebrates in glacier‐fed streams has been the subject of increasing awareness in recent years. Despite prior intensive research on the longitudinal distribution of macroinvertebrates in glacier-fed ecosystems, long-term studies in glacier-fed rivers of arctic regions, that investigate the temporal change of macroinvertebrate communities during periods of rapid climate change, are largely missing, although climate change is expected to cause large shifts in arctic...

Host specificity and species colouration mediate the regional decline of nocturnal moths in central European forests

Nicolas Roth, Herrman Hacker, Lea Heidrich, Nicolas Friess, Enrique García-Barros, Jan Habel, Simon Thorn & Jörg Müller
The high diversity of insects has limited the volume of long-term community data with a high taxonomic resolution and considerable geographic replications, especially in forests. Therefore, trends and causes of changes are poorly understood. Here we analyse trends in species richness, abundance and biomass of nocturnal macro moths in three quantitative data sets collected over four decades in forests in southern Germany. Two local data sets, one from coppiced oak forests and one from high...

Data from: Olfactory testing in Parkinson’s disease & REM behavior disorder: a machine learning approach

Christine Lo, Siddharth Arora, Yoav Ben-Shlomo, Thomas Barber, Michael Lawton, Johannes Klein, Sofia Kanavou, Annette Janzen, Elisabeth Sittig, Wolfgang Oertel, Donald Grosset & Michele Hu
Objective: We sought to identify an abbreviated test of impaired olfaction, amenable for use in busy clinical environments in prodromal (isolated REM sleep Behavior Disorder (iRBD)) and manifest Parkinson’s. Methods: 890 PD and 313 control participants in the Discovery cohort study underwent Sniffin’ stick odour identification assessment. Random forests were initially trained to distinguish individuals with poor (functional anosmia/hyposmia) and good (normosmia/super-smeller) smell ability using all 16 Sniffin’ sticks. Models were retrained using the top...

Kinder als Akteure in Qualitätsentwicklung und Forschung

Iris Nentwig-Gesemann, Bastian Walther, Elena Bakels & Lisa-Marie Munk
Was ist für Kinder eine "gute" KiTa und wie kann es gelingen, ihre Perspektiven in Qualitätsentwicklungsprozesse einzubeziehen? Im Auftrag der Bertelsmann Stiftung nahm sich das Institut für Demokratische Entwicklung und Soziale Integration im Rahmen des Forschungs- und Praxisentwicklungsprojektes „Kinder als Akteure der Qualitätsentwicklung in KiTas“ diesen Fragestellungen an. Nach einem intensiven Forschungsprozess mit rund 200 vier- bis sechsjährigen Kindern liegen nun 23 Qualitätsdimensionen aus Kinderperspektive vor, die wiederum sieben Qualitätsbereichen zugeordnet werden können. Die Studie...

Noctuid and geometrid moth assemblages show divergent elevational gradients in body size and color lightness

Lea Heidrich, Stefan Pinkert, Roland Brandl, Claus Bässler, Hermann Hacker, Nicolas Roth, Annika Busse & Jörg Müller
Previous macroecological studies have suggested that larger and darker insects are favored in cold environments and that the importance of body size and color for the absorption of solar radiation is not limited to diurnal insects. However, whether these effects hold true for local communities and are consistent across taxonomic groups and sampling years remains unexplored. This study examined the variations in body size and color lightness of the two major families of nocturnal moths,...

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