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Theoretical insights into the antiradical activity and copper-catalyzed oxidative damage of mexidol in the physiological environment

Quan V. Vo, Nguyen Thi Hoa, Mai Van Bay & Adam Mechler
This dataset contains data from the calculations described in the paper: “Quan V. Vo*, Nguyen Thi Hoa, Mai Van Bay, Adam Mechler, Theoretical insights into the antiradical activity and copper-catalyzed oxidative damage of mexidol in the physiological environment. Royal Society Open Science. 2021. In this study, the hydroperoxyl radical scavenging activity of MD was studied to establish baseline antioxidant activity, followed by an investigation of the effect of MD on the copper-catalyzed oxidative damage in...

Data from: Low-cost automated flight intercept trap for the temporal sub-sampling of flying insects attracted to artificial light at night

Kylie Robert, Alicia Dimovski, Joel Robert & Stephen Griffiths
Sampling methods are selected depending on the targeted species or the spatial and temporal requirements of the study. However, most methods for passive sampling of flying insects have poor temporal resolution because it is time consuming, costly and/or logistically difficult. Effective sampling of flying insects attracted to artificial light at night (ALAN) requires sampling at user-defined time points (nighttime only) across well-replicated sites resulting in major time and labor-intensive survey effort or expensive automated technologies....

MO2, behaviour data and supplementary material for the first physiological evidence of sleep in sharks

Michael Kelly, Selwyn Collins, John Lesku, Jan Hemmi, Shaun Collin & Craig Radford
Sharks represent the earliest group of jawed vertebrates and as such, they may provide original insight for understanding the evolution of sleep in more derived animals. Unfortunately, beyond a single behavioural investigation, very little is known about sleep in these ancient predators. As such, recordings of physiological indicators of sleep in sharks have never been reported. Reduced energy expenditure arising from sustained restfulness and lowered metabolic rate during sleep have given rise to the hypothesis...

Diverse parentage relationships in paternal mouth-brooders

Janine Abecia, Alison King, Osmar Luiz, David Crook, Dion Wedd & Sam Banks
While mouthbrooding is not an uncommon parental care strategy in fishes, paternal mouthbrooding only occurs in eight fish families and little studied. The high cost of paternal mouthbrooding to the male implies a low risk of investment in another male’s offspring but genetic parentage patterns are poorly known for paternal mouthbrooders. Here we used single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genetic data to investigate parentage relationships of broods of two mouthbrooders of northern Australian rivers, mouth almighty...

Sex-specific splicing of Z- and W-borne nr5a1 alleles suggests sex determination is controlled by chromosome conformation

Xiuwen Zhang, Susan Wagner, Clare Holleley, Janine Deakin, Kazumi Matsubara, Ira Deveson, Deni O'Meally, Hardip Patel, Tariq Ezaz, Zhao Li, Chexu Wang, Melanie Edwards, Jennifer Marshall Graves & Arthur Georges
Pogona vitticeps has female heterogamety (ZZ/ZW) but the master sex determining gene is unknown, as is the case for all reptiles. We show that nr5a1, a gene that is essential in mammalian sex determination, has alleles on the Z and W chromosomes (Z-nr5a1 and W-nr5a1), which are both expressed and can recombine. Three transcript isoforms of Z-nr5a1 were detected in gonads of adult ZZ males, two of which encode a functional protein. However, ZW females...

Data from: Seasonal and functional variation in the trophic base of intermittent Alpine streams

Andre Siebers, Amael Paillex & Christopher Robinson
In high-altitude Alpine streams, seasonal cycles of snowmelt, glacial melt, and rainfall drive variation in the availability of algal food resources. Yet high-altitude streams also exhibit varying degrees of flow intermittency, from solely winter-drying streams to others that dry periodically throughout summer and autumn. These environmental drivers may interact in different ways to determine the functional trophic base of macroinvertebrates inhabiting high-altitude streams. Here, we estimated the proportional contribution of autochthonous resources to the assimilated...

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