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Bubble populations within sonicated edible lipids.

Jack Youngs & Peter Birkin
This file includes the data underpinning the work conducted for the final results chapter of the thesis (Chapter 6). This includes data pertaining to the development of an optical flow-through sensor for the detection of gas bubbles, solid particles and fat crystals; calibration of the sensor to size gas bubble/ solid species; characterisation of the bubble populations that are generated in the presence if each of the cavitation cluster behaviours at different temperatures and both...

Dataset for \"Some Topics in the Theory of Ultracold Atomic Gases\"

Donato Romito & Daniele Contessi
Data obtained from numerical simulations for a University of Southampton Doctoral Thesis "Some Topics in the Theory of Ultracold Atomic Gases"

Creative Futures Exchange - Creative Industries Pedagogies

Daniel Ashton, Ben Thomas & Aurelia Ayisi

Building resilience of roofing technologies in a changing climate

Patrick James, Massimiliano Manfren &
This research project, undertaken by the University of Southampton, investigates the impact that climate change will have on roofs covering the existing stock of buildings across the UK. It was commissioned by the NFRC Charitable Trust under the Trust's 'Sustainability' charitable aim.

Removing understory vegetation in oil palm agroforestry reduces ground-foraging ant abundance but not species richness

Amelia S.C. Hood, Andreas D. Advento, Jake Stone, Tom M. Fayle, Alice L.M. Fairnie, Helen S. Waters, William A. Foster, Jake L. Snaddon, Sudharto Ps, Jean-Pierre Caliman, Mohammad Naim & Edgar C. Turner
Ants are known to provide valuable ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes, including oil palm plantations. Their communities are less diverse and more uneven in oil palm compared with forest, and this may increase their vulnerability to disturbance. This study quantifies ant communities in oil palm agroforestry and experimentally tests their robustness to a common-practice high-disturbance management intervention: removing understory vegetation. Fieldwork was based at the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture (BEFTA) Understory Vegetation...

Protecting wellbeing and resilience in BAME families and communities during a public health emergency

Iyiola Solanke, florence ayisi, Claudia Bernard, Gargi Bhattacharyya, Anna Gupta, Raminder Kaur, Monica Lakhanpaul, Sabu Padmadas, Shirin Rai & Maria Stokes
Ignoring race, gender and class when tackling a pandemic can undermine not only wellbeing across Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic families and communities (BAME FC) but also their levels of trust in government. A framework to protect wellbeing and resilience in BAME FC during public health emergencies was developed by Co-POWeR to ensure that laws and guidance adopted are culturally competent.

Dataset supporting a thesis: Nano-scale Frictional Properties of 2D Materials

Ales Rapuc, Kosta Simonovic, Egor Ukraintsev & Tomas Polcar
Dataset to support the Southampton Doctoral thesis entitled Nano-scale Frictional Properties of 2D Materials This dataset contains: AFM scans (topography, friction), Raman maps, 3D profilometry The dataset is divided into specific chapters where the data was used. Most files are in *.txt or *.xyz format and can be opened by any programming language (MATLAB, Python). AFM scans in *.gwy or *.mi format can be opened by Gwyddion.

Dataset for 'Potential for biomethanisation of CO2 from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes in the UK'

Sonia Heaven, Yue Zhang, Angela Bywater & Charles Banks
This dataset contains the literature data and supporting calculations used to generate Tables S1-S4 in the associated publication: AUTHORS Bywater, A., Heaven, S., Zhang, Y., Banks, C.J. TITLE Potential for Biomethanisation of CO2 from Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Wastes in the United Kingdom JOURNAL Processes PAPER DOI 10.3390/pr10061202

In-conference citation data ACM Hypertext & ECHT

Mark Anderson
This data consists of node and edge tables allowing analysis of in-conference citations in proceedings of ACM Hypertext 1987-2021, plus ECHT 1990/92/94. This is Version 3 of the data and the most up to date version

In-conference citation data ACM Hypertext & ECHT (version1)

Mark Anderson
This dataset has been updated. please use the dataset at https://doi.org/10.5258/SOTON/D1870 VERSION 1 This data consists of node and edge tables allowing analysis of in-conference citations in proceedings of ACM Hypertext 1987-2021, plus ECHT 1990/92/94.

Dataset supporting the journal article \"Pragmatic Memory-System Support for Intermittent Computing using Emerging Non-Volatile Memory\"

Sivert Tvedt Sliper, Geoff Merrett, Alex Weddell, Nikos Nikoleris, William Wang, Pranay Prabhat & Anand Savanth
Sivert T. Sliper, William Wang, Nikos Nikoleris, (2022) Pragmatic Memory-System Support for Intermittent Computing using Emerging Non-Volatile Memory. (Accepted/In press) In: IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems. 14 p All files are in csv or ods format, both of which can be opened in spreadsheet programs like Libre Office Sheet or proprietary alternatives such as Microsoft Excel.

Broad-scale patterns of geographic avoidance between species emerge in the absence of fine-scale mechanisms of coexistence

Roberto Novella-Fernandez, Javier Juste, Carlos Ibanez, Hugo Rebelo, Danilo Russo, Antton Alberdi, Andreas Kiefer, Laura Graham, Patrick Doncaster, Hynek Paul & Orly Razgour
Aim: The need to forecast range shifts under future climate change has motivated an increasing interest in better understanding the role of biotic interactions in driving diversity patterns. The contribution of biotic interactions to shaping broad-scale species distributions is however, still debated, partly due to the difficulty of detecting their effects. We aim to test whether spatial exclusion between potentially competing species can be detected at the species range scale, and whether this pattern relates...

Role of Innate Immune Function in the Neurobiological Substrates of Hearing Loss

Kate Hough
Macrophages are the most abundant immune cell within the cochlea. Their role in the pathophysiology of hearing loss is not well understood despite a body of work studying human and animal cochleae. The aim of this research was to investigate the role of innate immune function in the cochlea. A multi-method approach, using analysis of mouse and human tissue to investigate the role of macrophages in cochlear health, was carried out. The current evidence for...

Extending fatigue life of industrial low-pressure FV566 turbine blades: efficacy of a lifetime extension strategy to extend service life

Benjamin Michael David Cunningham
The fir-tree-root-fillets of turbine blades are prone to fatigue cracking on the notch surfaces and pose a potential risk of fatigue failure before expected service life due to increasing exposure to start-stop fatigue loading conditions. Turbine systems are additionally subjected to 10 % over-speed testing annually. Turbine blades are being replaced at high cost due to the serious safety risk in the case of catastrophic failure. The efficacy of a proposed lifetime-extension strategy involving grinding...

AI3SD Video: Learning to Control Quantum Systems Robustly

Frank Langbein
Quantum control provides methods to steer the dynamics of quantum systems. The robustness of such controls, in addition to high fidelity, is important for practical applications due to the presence of uncertainties arising from limited knowledge about system and control Hamiltonians, initial state preparation errors, and interactions with the environment leading to decoherence. We introduce a novel robustness measure based on the Wasserstein distance, and discuss structured singular value analysis and log-sensitivity approaches from classical...

AI3SD Video: Hyperparameter Optimisation for Graph Neural Networks

Traditional deep learning has made significant progress on various problems, from computer vision to natural language processing. For graph problems, there are still many challenges. Graph neural networks (GNNs) have been proposed for a wide range of learning tasks in the graph domain. In particular, in recent years, an increasing number of GNN models were applied to model molecular graphs and predict the properties of the corresponding molecules. However, a direct impediment to achieve good...

Bubble dynamics in the presence of lipid crystallisation

Jack Youngs & Peter Birkin
This dataset file includes the data underpinning the work conducted for the second results chapter of the thesis (Chapter 4). This includes data pertaining to monitoring the lipid crystallisation kinetics, the physicochemical properties and acoustic emission measurements in the presence of high-intensity ultrasound treatments within an all-purpose shortening sample.

Exploring the Factors Contributing to Fidelity in Literacy Interventions Data

Claudia, Mary Stubington, Colin Woodcock, Leanne Morrison & Beth Warner
Precision teaching is an evidence-based intervention designed to support learners to reach fluency in a target skill. While precision teaching has been shown to be effective in supporting the development of a range of core academic skills there is evidence to suggest that it is often delivered without intervention fidelity. The current mixed methods study collected both quantitative data, from questionnaires related to the fidelity of intervention delivery, and qualitative data, from participants' responses in...

Dataset for \"Long range Raman-amplified distributed acoustic sensor based on spontaneous Brillouin scattering for large strain sensing\"

Shahab Bakhtiari Gorajoobi, Ali Masoudi & Gilberto Brambilla
This dataset supports the publication: Bakhtiari Gorajoobi, Shahab et al (2022) , "Long range Raman-amplified distributed acoustic sensor based on spontaneous Brillouin scattering for large strain sensing", Senors Vol22(5). Data of all figures are given in excel files, and labeled according to the content of the article. Please refer to the README.txt file for detailed description of the dataset.

HoneyPot Data for PhD Thesis - A Multi-Level Governance Framework for Increasing Awareness and Reducing Cyber Misuse in Next Generation Cross Border Voice Communication Networks & IoT

Nathaniel, Robert David McInnes & Gary Wills
Dataset to support University of Southampton Doctoral Thesis " Multi-Level Governance Framework for Increasing Awareness and Reducing Cyber Misuse in Next Generation Cross Border Voice Communication Networks & IoT. Data is csv files. There are two datasets, one is restricted to researchers, please use this link to request the data. https://library.soton.ac.uk/datarequest

Dataset for Southampton Doctoral Thesis entitled 'Control of 3D Sound Scattering based on Decomposition into Spherical Harmonic Components'

Mihai Orita
This dataset is associated with the Southampton University Doctoral Thesis 'Control of 3D Sound Scattering based on Decomposition into Spherical Harmonic Components', authored by Mihai Orita. This contains the programming code used for this thesis, in the form of 27 files, format ".m", written in MATLAB, version R2019a.

Development of 3D x-ray phase-contrast Imaging and analysis tools for tubular and branching structures with applications in colorectal cancer research.

Charalambos Rossides
X-ray micro-computed tomography is a non-destructive imaging technique used to capture the internal three-dimensional (3D) structure of small samples at high spatial resolutions. As it requires a certain level of knowledge in engineering, material science, mathematics and physics, it and can quickly become challenging to follow for readers with diverse academic backgrounds. In particular, biological tissues can have irregular internal structures, with convoluted shapes and orientations. In such cases, structural quantification becomes remarkably difficult as...

Micro-mechanisms of fatigue and corrosion in a laser shock peened aerospace aluminium alloy.

Alvaro Sanchez
A laser shock peening treatment with ablative layer (LSP), and one without an ablative layer (LSPwC) were performed on AA7075-T651 (UNS A97075) to investigate their effects on the micro-mechanisms of fatigue, corrosion and fatigue of pre-corroded pits. Surface and microstructural characterisation techniques (micro-hardness, SEM-EBSD, contactprofilometry, incremental hole drilling, X-ray diffraction) showed the laser shock peening treatments generated high residual stress fields of up to -400 MPa, with LSPwC having 14% higher subsurface compressive residual stresses...

AI3SD Video: Data-Driven Molecular Design in Computational Toxicology

Barbara Zdrazil
Timely drug discovery and toxicology approaches have seen a rise in strategies which use data as a basis for decisions at various stages. Such approaches include (automated) data integration and curation efforts, predictive machine learning approaches, as well as structure-based molecular design strategies that make use of the wealth of publicly available data sources and data types. In this talk, various computational workflows which have been developed in my lab for addressing research questions related...

AI3SD Video: Organising your Networks & Projects

Samantha Kanza & Nicola Knight
This talk will cover tips and tricks for how to organise your networks and projects, including how to set up your communication methods, how to structure and organise all of the different types of data that you collect and best practices for project management.

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