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Data from: The intraspecific relationship between wood density, vessel diameter and other traits across environmental gradients

Alex Fajardo
This data is about several traits measured on branches of 3 wide-niche breadth tree species--Embothrium coccineum (Proteaceae, Nothofagus antarctica (Nothofagaceae) and N. pumilio--growing across environmental gradients in southern Chile. The traits involve leaf, wood anatomy, including wood density, growth, carbon reserves and wood isotopes.

Non-structural carbohydrates predict survival in saplings of temperate trees under carbon stress

Frida Piper, Paulo Moreno & Alex Fajardo
1. Non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs) mediate plant survival when the plant’s carbon (C) balance is negative, suggesting that NSCs could predict plant survival under C stress. To examine this possibility, we exposed saplings of six temperate tree species to diverse levels of C stress created by the combination of two light conditions (full light availability and deep shade) and two defoliation levels (severe defoliation and non-defoliation). We then measured survival, biomass, and total NSCs and soluble...

Phenotypic plasticity and the leaf economics spectrum: plasticity is positively associated with specific leaf area

Gisela C. Stotz, Gisela Stotz, Cristian Salgado-Luarte, Víctor Escobedo, Fernando Valladares & Ernesto Gianoli
Phenotypic plasticity is a key mechanism by which plants respond to changing or heterogeneous conditions. Efforts to predict phenotypic plasticity across plant species have mainly focused on environmental variability or abiotic conditions, i.e., site characteristics. However, the considerable variation in phenotypic plasticity within sites calls for alternative approaches. Different functional groups are thought to differ in their plasticity levels. Further, traits such as leaf specific area (SLA), leaf area (LA) and maximum photosynthetic rate (Amax)...

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  • 2022

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  • University of Talca
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