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Data from: Canopy tree preference by insectivorous birds in shade-coffee farms: implications for migratory bird conservation

Desirée L. Narango, Douglas W. Tallamy, Kerry J. Snyder & Robert A. Rice
Land converted to coffee agriculture occupies >5 million hectares of what was once prime overwintering natural habitat in the American Neotropics for migrating birds. When tree canopy is retained or restored (i.e. shade-grown), coffee farms can serve as habitat refuge for wildlife. Yet few studies have examined whether canopy tree identity impacts habitat quality for biodiversity. Specifically, whether or not certain tree species are disproportionately important for foraging insectivorous birds remains unclear. In this study,...

Data from: The genomic basis for short-term evolution of environmental adaptation in maize

Randall Wisser
Quality control genotype data (45,718 variant sites) for samples from Hallauer's Tusón. Tab delimited file. A header row is included. The first column ("label") lists sample names, the second column ("popdata") lists the generation to which each sample belongs, and the remaining columns correspond to the genotype data. Unphased diploid genotype calls are recorded in the following format: 1/1. Variant encoding: 1=A, 2=C, 3=G, 4=T, 5=deletion, 6=insertion (5 and 6 are used for the ZmCCT10_CACTA...

PrioritEvac: An Agent-Based Model of Evacuation from Building Fires

Eileen Young
This simulation is of the 2003 Station Nightclub Fire and is part of the Interdependencies in Community Resilience (ICoR) project (http://www-personal.umich.edu/~eltawil/icor.html). The git contains the simulation as well as csvs of data about the fire, smoke, building, and people involved.

Data from: Meta-analytic and economic approaches for evaluation of pesticide impact on Sclerotinia stem rot control and soybean yield in the North Central U.S.

Jaime F. Willbur, Paul Mitchell, Mamadou L. Fall, Adam M. Byrne, Scott Chapman, Crystal M. Floyd, Carl A. Bradley, Keith Ames, Martin I. Chilvers, Nathan Kleczewski, Dean Malvick, Brian Mueller, Daren Mueller, Mehdi Kabbage, Shawn P. Conley & Damon Smith
As complete host resistance in soybean has not been achieved, Sclerotinia stem rot (SSR) caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum continues to be of major economic concern for farmers. Thus, chemical control remains a prevalent disease management strategy. Pesticide evaluations were conducted in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin from 2009 to 2016, for a total of 25 site-years (n = 2057 plot-level data points). These studies were used in network meta-analyses to evaluate the...

Data and numerical methods for determining the dynamics and kinematics of Newark Bay, NJ

W. Bryce Corlett, W. Rockwell Geyer, Robert Chant, David Ralston & Christopher K. Sommerfield
These observational data and numerical methods were used to investigate the subtidal salt balance of Newark Bay, a sub-estuarine network connected to the Hudson River estuary through New York Harbor. The moored data were collected in 2008 by Chant and Sommerfield, and in 2016 by Corlett, Geyer, and Ralston. Corlett devised the included numerical methods. Shipboard measurements of the vertical salinity profile near each mooring were used to reconstruct the tidally-varying vertical salinity profile from...

Anisotropy of the effective toughness of layered media

Stella Brach, Zubaer Hossain, Blaise Bourdin & Kaushik Bhattacharya
We use the variational phase-field model and the surfing boundary condition to propagate a crack macroscopically in various layered materials. We study two idealized situations, the first where the elastic modulus is uniform while the toughness alternates and a second where the toughness is uniform and elastic modulus alternates. We find that in the first case of toughness heterogeneity the effective toughness displays 'anomalous isotropy' in that it is independent of propagation direction and equal...

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