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A fossil-calibrated time-tree of all Australian freshwater fishes

Amy Tims, Simon Ho & Peter Unmack
Australian freshwater fishes are a relatively species-poor assemblage, comprising a small number of Gondwanan lineages and a number of groups derived from repeated freshwater invasions by marine ancestors. In addition to being a comparatively small assemblage, they are both highly endemic and highly threatened. However, a comprehensive phylogeny for these taxa is lacking, which has hampered efforts to study their phylogenetic diversity, distribution of extinction risk, speciation rate, and rates of trait evolution. Here, we...

Rates of attraction of cane toad tadpoles to chemicals

Richard Shine
Chemical cues produced by late-stage embryos of the cane toad (Rhinella marina) attract older conspecific larvae, which are highly cannibalistic and can consume an entire clutch. To clarify the molecular basis of this attraction response, we presented captive tadpoles with components present in toad eggs. As previously reported, attractivity arises from the distinctive toxins (bufadienolides) produced by cane toads, with some toxins (e.g., bufagenins) much stronger attractants than others (e.g., bufotoxins). Extracts of frozen toad...

Avian vampire fly (Philornis downsi) intensity and mortality

Lauren K Common, Petra Sumasgutner, Rachael Y Dudaniec, Diane Colombelli-Negrel & Sonia Kleindorfer
In invasive parasites, generalism is considered advantageous during the initial phase of introduction. Thereafter, fitness costs to parasites, such as host-specific mortality, can drive parasites towards specialism to avoid costly hosts. It is important to determine changes in host specificity of invasive populations to understand host-parasite dynamics and their effects on vulnerable host populations. We examined changes in mortality in the introduced avian vampire fly (Philornis downsi) (Diptera: Muscidae), a generalist myasis-causing ectoparasite, between 2004...

High fire frequency and the impact of the 2019–2020 megafires on Australian plant diversity

Rachael Gallagher, Stuart Allen, Berin MacKenzie, Colin Yates, Gosper Carl, David Keith, Cory Merow, Matthew White, Elizabeth Wenk, Brian Maitner, Kang He, Vanessa Adams, Tony Auld, Rachael V. Gallagher, Berin D. E. Mackenzie, Colin J. Yates, Carl R. Gosper, David A. Keith, Matthew D. White, Brian S. Maitner, Vanessa M. Adams & Tony D. Auld
This dataset details the proportion of the geographic range of 26,062 Australian plant species burnt in the 2019-2020 megafire; threatened listing status on state and Commonwealth threatened species legislation; species endemic status in each state/territory according to the Australian Plant Census; and risk ranking for exposure to high fire frequency (short intervals between fires) and cumulative impacts of fire (populations dominated by immature individuals). Further details are provided in the users should consult and cite...

Evaluating evidence of mitonuclear incompatibilities with the sex chromosomes in an avian hybrid zone

Daniel Hooper, Kelsie A Lopez, Callum S McDiarmid, Simon Griffith & Irby Lovette
The exploration of hybrid zones and the intergenomic conflicts exposed through hybridization provide windows into the processes of divergence and speciation. Sex chromosomes and mitonuclear incompatibilities have strong associations with the genetics of hybrid dysfunction. In ZW sex-determining systems, maternal co-inheritance of the mitochondrial and W chromosomes immediately exposes incompatibilities between these maternal contributions of one species and the Z chromosome of another. We analyze mitochondrial and Z chromosome admixture in the long-tailed finch (Poephila...

Genomic and transcriptomic data for the frog Platyplectrum ornatum

Scott Edwards, Sangeet Lamichhaney, Renee Catullo, Scott Keogh, Simon Clulow & Tariq Ezaz
The diversity of genome sizes across the tree of life is of key interest in evolutionary biology. Various correlates of variation in genome size, such as accumulation of transposable elements or rate of DNA gain and loss, are well known, but the underlying molecular mechanisms that drive or constrain genome size are poorly understood. Here we study one of the smallest genomes among frogs characterized thus far, that of the ornate burrowing frog (Platyplectrum ornatum)...

Population dynamics of the sea snake Emydocephalus annulatus

Richard Shine, Gregory Brown & Claire Goiran
For sea snakes as for many types of animals, long-term studies on population biology are rare and hence, we do not understand the degree to which annual variation in population sizes is driven by density-dependent regulation versus by stochastic abiotic factors. We monitored three populations of turtle-headed sea snakes (Emydocephalus annulatus) in New Caledonia over an 18-year period. Annual recruitment (% change in numbers) showed negative density-dependence: that is, recruitment increased when population densities were...

Individuation and the other-race effect

Daniel Guilbert
This experiment is designed to test social-cognitive explanations for the other-race effect in face recognition. In particular, this study tests whether individuation of other-race faces can effectively reduce the other-race effect.

Cognition of Coding

Irene Graafsma, Serje Robidoux, Eva Marinus, Matthew Roberts, Vince Polito, Judy Zhu & Lyndsey Nickels

Analysis Scripts

Omid Ghasemi & Andrew Roberts


Omid Ghasemi & Andrew Roberts

Psychosocial impacts of endometriosis

Melissa Pehlivan, Kerry Sherman & Viviana Wuthrich
Over half individuals with endometriosis, a chronic gynaecological condition, meet the criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder (see Pope, Sharma, Sharma, & Mazmanian, 2015 for a review), with around 80% reporting symptoms of depression (Sepulcri & Amaral, 2009) and anxiety (González-Echevarría, Rosario, Acevedo, & Flores, 2019). However, chronic pelvic pain, the most common symptom of endometriosis (Bulletti, Coccia, Battistoni, & Borini, 2010), has been inconsistently related to poor mental health in endometriosis (Márki, Bokor,...

Data and Results

Omid Ghasemi, Robert Ross & Simon Handley

Replication of De Neys et al (2013) at Macquarie University

Omid Ghasemi, Robert Ross & Simon Handley
We are a team of researchers at Macquarie University who is attempting to replicate De Neys et al (2013) using a sample of university students

Podcaster Protocols for Flow-State Conversation

Christopher Astill, Nicholas De Michiel, Anthony Nguyen, Robert Gronbeck & Benny Wallington
Methods for maximising flow-state during intentional conversation

Study 2: Defining Constructs

Siska Fitrianie, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Merijn Bruijnes, Kim Baraka, Rianne van den Berghe, Ulysses Bernardet, Tibor Bosse, Frances Brazier, Jacob Browne, , Eva Hudlicka, Ulrich Gnewuch, Franziska Burger, Mathieu Chollet, Leigh Clark, Benjamin Cowan, Salam Daher, Ding Ding, Frank Foerster, Emer Gilmartin, Catholijn Jonker, Mike Ligthart, Jeffrey Sirocki, Andrea Bönsch, David Howcroft … & Cristina;Cristina Zaga;Zaga
A study that involves experts to organize constructs (within seven categories resulted in the Study 1: Defining Categories) into groups.

The relationship between body dissatisfaction and engagement and disengagement bias to low fat bodies

Thea House, Wong Keat, Ian Stephen, Kevin Brooks, Helen Bould, Angela Attwood & Ian Penton-Voak
In this observational study we aim to test the relationship between body dissatisfaction and attentional biases to low fat bodies using the Attentional Response to Distal versus Proximal Emotional Information (ARDPEI) task. Our predictor variables are engagement bias and disengagement bias to low fat bodies and our outcome variable is body dissatisfaction. We are also interested appearance comparisons and eating disorder-specific rumination as possible mediator variables.

Diet shift in a non-anadromous salmon: the effect of length on increased piscivorous feeding and trophic position.

Daniel Johnson & Drew Allen
Trophic ecology via isotope analysis is a functional way to predict the position of a consumer within the ecosystem it inhabits (Post, 2002). For this study, I aim to define trophic position changes and fish predation or piscivorous feeding in relation to size increase in a population of non-anadromous kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), in the Jo-Jo Lake of south-west Alaska. Previous studies have shown these fish to exhibit planktivorous feeding, with some exceptions (Nelson JS,...


Omid Ghasemi

Analysis Scripts

Omid Ghasemi

Neural signatures of vigilance decrements predict behavioural errors before they occur

Hamid Karimi-Rouzbahani, Alexandra Woolgar & Anina Rich
Abstract- There are many monitoring environments, such as railway control, in which lapses of attention can have tragic consequences. Problematically, sustained monitoring for rare targets is difficult, with more misses and longer reaction times over time. What changes in the brain underpin these “vigilance decrements”? We designed a multiple-object monitoring (MOM) paradigm to examine how the neural representation of information varied with target frequency and time performing the task. Behavioural performance decreased over time for...

Mental health literacy of primary school teachers: A scoping review

Jacqueline Frei, Joanne Beames, Aliza Werner-Seidler & Jennie Hudson
The aims of this scoping review are to first, identify the current literature investigating mental health literacy of primary school teachers; second, describe any available evidence-based interventions including how they were designed and by whom; and finally, provide recommendations for future research in this area.

Reward rapidly modulates visual perception

Phillip Cheng, Mike Le Pelley & Anina Rich
This project investigates the influence of reward on the perception of visual information. Previous studies repeatedly show that reward can capture attention even if the reward information is not behaviorally relevant or counterproductive. This indicates that the effect of reward occurs before the information reaches attention. This project explores this idea of reward's impact on early stages of brain's information-processing stream, i.e., perception.

Anxiety and Depression in Youth with Chronic Pain

Joanne Dudeney, Blake Dear, Rachel Aaron, Madelyne Bisby, Lakeya McGill & Taylor Hathway
A comprehensively review of the published literature on anxiety and depression in youth with chronic pain.

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