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Carbon allocation to the rhizosphere is affected by drought and nitrogen addition

Ruzhen Wang, Timothy Cavagnaro, Yong Jiang, Claudia Keitel, Feike Dijkstra, Timothy R. Cavagnaro & Feike A. Dijkstra
Photosynthetic carbon (C) allocated below-ground can be shared with mycorrhizal fungi in exchange for nutrients, but also added into soil as rhizodeposits that potentially increases plant nutrient supply by supporting microbial nutrient mineralization from organic matter. How water and nitrogen (N) availabilities affect plant C allocation to the rhizosphere, including both arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) symbionts and rhizodeposits, remains largely unknown. We used a 13CO2 pulse labelling experiment to assess effects of drought and N...

Data from: Exacerbated nitrogen limitation ends transient stimulation of grassland productivity by increased precipitation

Haiyan Ren, Zhuwen Xu, Forest Isbell, Jianhui Huang, Xingguo Han, Shiqiang Wan, Shiping Chen, Ruzhen Wang, De-Hui Zeng, Yong Jiang & Yunting Fang
Given that plant growth is often water-limited in grasslands, it has been proposed that projected increases in precipitation could increase plant productivity and carbon sequestration. However, the existing evidence for this hypothesis comes primarily from observational studies along natural precipitation gradients or from short-term manipulative experiments. It remains unclear whether long-term increased precipitation persistently stimulates grassland productivity. In the world's largest remaining temperate grassland, we found that experimentally increased precipitation enhanced net primary production, soil...

Data from: Isotopic evidence for oligotrophication of terrestrial ecosystems

Joseph M. Craine, Andrew J. Elmore, Lixin Wang, Julieta Aranibar, Marijn Bauters, Pascal Boeckx, Brooke E. Crowley, Melissa A. Dawes, Sylvain Delzon, Alex Fajardo, Yunting Fang, Lei Fujiyoshi, Alan Gray, Rossella Guerrieri, Michael J. Gundale, David J. Hawke, Peter Hietz, Mathieu Jonard, Elizabeth Kearsley, Tanaka Kenzo, Mikhail Makarov, Sara Marañón-Jiménez, Terrence P. McGlynn, Brenden E. McNeil, Stella G. Mosher … & Katarzyna Zmudczyńska-Skarbek
Human societies depend on an Earth System that operates within a constrained range of nutrient availability, yet the recent trajectory of terrestrial nitrogen (N) availability is uncertain. Examining patterns of foliar N concentrations ([N]) and isotope ratios (15N) from more than 42,000 samples acquired over 37 years, here we show that foliar [N] declined by 8% and foliar 15N declined by 0.8 – 1.9 ‰. Examining patterns across different climate spaces, foliar 15N declined across...

Natural 15N abundance of bulk soil N, ammonium, and nitrate in soil profiles

Geshere Abdisa Gurmesa, Erik A Hobbie, Shasha Zhang, Ang Wang, Feifei Zhu, Weixing Zhu, Keisuke Koba, Muneoki Yoh, Chuankuan Wang, Qiuliang Zhang & Yunting Fang
Assessment of nitrogen (N) saturation of forests is critical to evaluate how ecosystems will respond to current and future global changes such as N deposition. However, quantifying N saturation remains a challenge. We developed a conceptual model of N saturation stages in forest ecosystems based on i) a hypothetical relative rate of ammonification, nitrification, and denitrification, ii) concentrations of ammonium and nitrate in the soil, and iii) 15N enrichment pattern of bulk soil N, ammonium,...

Xylem hydraulics and non-structural carbohydrate contents in 15 temperate tree species

Xiaohan Yin, Guang-You Hao & Frank Sterck
In humid temperate forests, the occurrence of frequent freeze-thaw cycles (FTC) is a main factor limiting tree growth, as xylem embolism induced by FTC poses a serious threat to the hydraulic integrity of trees. A high resilience to hydraulic dysfunction involves the enhancement of embolism resistance and/or extra non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) inputs for restoration of an impaired hydraulic system. However, potentially negative implications of such NSC allocation on tree growth have not yet been explored....

Retention fraction of 15N-labelled deposited ammonium and nitrate in forests

Geshere Abdisa Gurmesa, Ang Wang, Shanlong Li, Shushi Peng, Wim De Vries, Per Gundersen, Philippe Ciais, Oliver L Phillips, Erik Hobbie, Weixing Zhu, Knute Nadelhoffer, Yi Xi, Edith Bai, Tao Sun, Dexiang Chen, Wenjun Zhou, Yiping Zhang, Yingrong Guo, Jiaojun Zhu, Lei Duan, Dejun Li, Keisuke Koba, Enzai Du, Guoyi Zhou, Xingguo Han … & Yunting Fang
The impacts of enhanced nitrogen (N) deposition on global forest carbon (C) sink and other ecosystem services may depend on whether N is deposited in reduced (mainly as ammonium) or oxidized forms (mainly as nitrate) and the subsequent fate of each. However, the fates of the two key reactive N forms and its contribution to forest C sink is unclear. We conducted ecosystem-scale paired 15N-labelling experiments in nine forests across China to quantify N retention...

Data from: Environmental changes drive the temporal stability of semi-arid natural grasslands through altering species asynchrony

Zhuwen Xu, Haiyan Ren, Mai-He Li, Jasper Van Ruijven, Xingguo Han, Shiqiang Wan, Hui Li, Qiang Yu, Yong Jiang & Lin Jiang
Stability is an important property of ecological systems, many of which are experiencing increasing levels of anthropogenic environmental changes. However, how these environmental changes influence ecosystem stability remains poorly understood. We conducted an 8-year field experiment in a semi-arid natural grassland to explore the effects of two common environmental changes, precipitation and nitrogen enrichment, on the temporal stability of plant above-ground biomass. A split-plot design, with precipitation as the main plot factor and nitrogen as...

Data from: Plant functional diversity modulates global environmental change effects on grassland productivity

Zhuwen Xu, Mai-He Li, Niklaus E. Zimmermann, Shaopeng Li, Hui Li, Haiyan Ren, Hao Sun, Xingguo Han, Yong Jiang, Lin Jiang & Shao-Peng Li
1. Although much research has explored changes in ecosystem functions associated with global environmental changes, the mechanistic pathways behind the observed changes remain poorly understood. 2. Using an 11-year experiment that increased growing season precipitation and nitrogen deposition in a temperate steppe, we explored the relative importance of direct and indirect environmental change effects on plant primary productivity. 3. We show that increases in water and nitrogen availability influenced plant productivity via both direct and...

Stability of elemental content correlates with plant resistance to soil impoverishment

Ruzhen Wang, Linyou Lü, Yanzhuo Cao, Jordi Sardans, Heyong Liu, Yuge Zhang, Josep Peñuelas, Feike Dijkstra & Yong Jiang
Aims We investigated whether plant resistance to soil impoverishment would depend on their flexibility in taking up nutrients and on maintaining elemental stoichiometry. Methods We mixed sand with grassland soil in mass proportions of 0, 10, 30, 50 and 70% to simulate soil impoverishment as caused by a gradient of desertification intensity and examined how plant nitrogen (N) uptake (15NH4NO3 and NH415NO3 labelling) and nutrient stoichiometry were associated with plant growth responses of a sedge...

Community functional structure modulates the responses of net primary productivity to application of various N compounds in a meadow steppe

Jiangping Cai, Wentao Luo, Xue Feng, Guojiao Yang, Xiao-Tao Lü, Mai-He Li, Yong Jiang & Xingguo Han
1. Increasing atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition influences grassland productivity. The deposited N contains various N forms with different ecological effects on community functions. However, how grassland primary productivity responds to community functional structure in relation to different N compounds remains largely unclear. 2. In this study, we examined the responses of aboveground primary productivity (ANPP) and community function composition to addition of three different N compounds (NH4NO3, (NH4)2SO4, and CO(NH2)2) at the rates of 0,...

Phosphorus supply increases nitrogen transformation rates and retention in soil: a global meta-analysis

Ruzhen Wang, Bahareh Bicharanloo, Enqing Hou & Yong Jiang
Interactions between nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are important for plant growth and ecosystem carbon (C) sequestration. While effects of N supply on P dynamics have been much studied, much less is known about the opposite (P-effect on N). We conducted a meta-analysis by compiling a total of 1734 individual experimental observations from 116 peer-reviewed publications to assess P-addition effects on soil N dynamics. Globally, P additions increased the soil total N (TN) pool, potentially...

Species co-occurrence shapes spatial variability in plant diversity–biomass relationships in natural rangelands under different grazing intensities

Anvar Sanaei, Emma J. Sayer, Hugo Saiz, Zuoqiang Yuan & Arshad Ali
Grazing can alter plant species interactions in natural rangelands, which in turn might influence the productivity of the ecosystem but we do not fully understand how spatial variability in plant diversity-biomass relationships are modulated by grazing intensity. Here, we hypothesized that plant species co-occurrence in rangelands is mainly driven by niche segregation due to grazing and heterogeneity in local resources, and that grazing therefore modulates diversity–biomass relationships. We tested our hypothesis across 35 rangeland sites...

The adaptive capacity of alien and endangered plants in China

Zhiming Xin & Quanlai Zhou
The datasets used in the article includes of “Endangered plants.csv” and “Alien plants.csv”. The dataset of “Endangered plants” contains data from the list of the National Key Protected Wild Plants (the first and second batches) officially approved by the State Council, 1898 plants were recorded in the information system of the Chinese Rare and Endangered Plants. The dataset of “Alien plants” contains data from The Checklist of the Chinese Invasive Plants and 562 alien plants...

Environmental factors, habitats and density of rare and endangered plants

Quanlai Zhou & Yongcui Wang
This dataset contains data from the list of the National Key Protected Wild Plants (the first and second batches) officially approved by the State Council, 1898 plants were recorded in the information system of the Chinese Rare and Endangered Plants. The dataset includes: name of species (Latin Name), Place (counties in China), Latitude and Longitude (coordinates of the Place), MAP (Mean annual precipitation), MAT (Mean annual temperature) and MAH (Mean annual humidity), Altitude (Vertical distribution...

Large-scale homogenization of soil bacterial communities in response to agricultural practices in paddy fields, China

Hang Wang, Sheng-En Liu, Zhi-Jian Zhang, Hao-Cai Wang, Xing-Hua Tao, Xian-Zhe Wang, Hong-Yi Li & Chen-Li Wang
This dataset contains data from 257 sites in four typical rice-growing regions across a 4,000-km transect in China, including geographic location data and environment factors data. The study was conducted across a 4,000-km transect of China’s rice-growing areas, from Heilong Jiang province to Yunnan province (100°55′ E to 134°08′° E, 22°46′ N to 48°02′ N, Table S1). Four typical rice-growing regions were selected along this transect: Sanjiang Plain (modern mechanical farming), Taihu Plain (mechanical plus...

Data from: Impacts of species richness on productivity in a large-scale subtropical forest experiment

Yuanyuan Huang, Yuxin Chen, Nadia Castro-Izaguirre, Martin Baruffol, Matteo Brezzi, Anne Lang, Ying Li, Werner Härdtle, Werner Von Oheimb, Xuefeu Yang, Xiaojuan Liu, Kequan Pei, Sabine Both, Bo Yang, David Eichenberg, Thorsten Assmann, Jürgen Bauhus, Thorsten Behrens, François Buscot, Xiao-Yong Chen, Douglas Chester, Bing-Yang Ding, Walter Durka, Alexandra Erfmeier, Jingyun Fang … & Bernhard Schmid
Biodiversity experiments have shown that species loss reduces ecosystem functioning in grassland. To test whether this result can be extrapolated to forests, the main contributors to terrestrial primary productivity, requires large-scale experiments. We manipulated tree species richness by planting more than 150,000 trees in plots with 1 to 16 species. Simulating multiple extinction scenarios, we found that richness strongly increased stand-level productivity. After 8 years, 16-species mixtures had accumulated over twice the amount of carbon...

Data from: Divergence in strategies for coping with winter embolism among co-occurring temperate tree species: the role of positive xylem pressure, wood type and tree stature

Cun-Yang Niu, Frederick C. Meinzer & Guang-You Hao
1. In temperate ecosystems, freeze-thaw events are an important environmental stress that can induce severe xylem embolism (i.e. clogging of conduits by air bubbles) in overwintering organs of trees. However, no comparative studies of different adaptive strategies among sympatric tree species for coping with winter embolism have examined the potential role of the presence or absence of embolism refilling by positive xylem pressure. 2. We evaluated the degree of winter embolism and hydraulic architecture traits...

Data from: Contrasting effects of ectomycorrhizal and arbuscular mycorrhizal tropical tree species on soil nitrogen cycling: the potential mechanisms and corresponding adaptive strategies

Guigang Lin, Dali Guo, Liang Li, Chengen Ma & De-Hui Zeng
While it is increasingly recognized that ectomycorrhizal (ECM) and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) tree species vary in their effects on soil nitrogen (N) cycling, little is known about the mechanisms causing and how ECM and AM trees adapt to this variation. Using monoculture plots of six ECM and eight AM tropical trees planted in a common garden, we examined whether the contrasting effects of ECM and AM trees on soil N cycling could be explained by...

Universal temperature sensitivity of denitrification nitrogen losses in forest soils

Haoming Yu, Yihang Duan, Jan Mulder, Peter Dörsch, Ronghua Kang, Kai Huang, Dongwei Liu, Chao Wang, Zhoutao Zheng, Zhi Quan, Feifei Zhu, Shushi Peng, Weixing Zhu, Yangjian Zhang & Yunting Fang
Soil nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen gas (N2) produced from denitrification are crucial components of the global nitrogen cycle and contribute to nitrogen limitation in terrestrial ecosystems. However, the temperature sensitivity of these gaseous N losses and their underlying processes in forest soils are poorly constrained, limiting our ability to predict nitrogen cycling responses to global warming. Here, we quantify temperature sensitivities (expressed as Q10) of denitrification N2O and N2 production in 18 forest soils...

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