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Carbon allocation to the rhizosphere is affected by drought and nitrogen addition

Ruzhen Wang, Timothy Cavagnaro, Yong Jiang, Claudia Keitel, Feike Dijkstra, Timothy R. Cavagnaro & Feike A. Dijkstra
Photosynthetic carbon (C) allocated below-ground can be shared with mycorrhizal fungi in exchange for nutrients, but also added into soil as rhizodeposits that potentially increases plant nutrient supply by supporting microbial nutrient mineralization from organic matter. How water and nitrogen (N) availabilities affect plant C allocation to the rhizosphere, including both arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) symbionts and rhizodeposits, remains largely unknown. We used a 13CO2 pulse labelling experiment to assess effects of drought and N...

Community functional structure modulates the responses of net primary productivity to application of various N compounds in a meadow steppe

Jiangping Cai, Wentao Luo, Xue Feng, Guojiao Yang, Xiao-Tao Lü, Mai-He Li, Yong Jiang & Xingguo Han
1. Increasing atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition influences grassland productivity. The deposited N contains various N forms with different ecological effects on community functions. However, how grassland primary productivity responds to community functional structure in relation to different N compounds remains largely unclear. 2. In this study, we examined the responses of aboveground primary productivity (ANPP) and community function composition to addition of three different N compounds (NH4NO3, (NH4)2SO4, and CO(NH2)2) at the rates of 0,...

Stability of elemental content correlates with plant resistance to soil impoverishment

Ruzhen Wang, Linyou Lü, Yanzhuo Cao, Jordi Sardans, Heyong Liu, Yuge Zhang, Josep Peñuelas, Feike Dijkstra & Yong Jiang
Aims We investigated whether plant resistance to soil impoverishment would depend on their flexibility in taking up nutrients and on maintaining elemental stoichiometry. Methods We mixed sand with grassland soil in mass proportions of 0, 10, 30, 50 and 70% to simulate soil impoverishment as caused by a gradient of desertification intensity and examined how plant nitrogen (N) uptake (15NH4NO3 and NH415NO3 labelling) and nutrient stoichiometry were associated with plant growth responses of a sedge...

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