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Data from: Effects of land-use change on functional and taxonomic diversity of Neotropical bats

Fábio Z. Farneda, Christoph F. J. Meyer & Carlos E. V. Grelle
Human land-use changes are particularly extensive in tropical regions, representing one of the greatest threats to terrestrial biodiversity and a key research topic in conservation. However, studies considering the effects of different types of anthropogenic disturbance on the functional dimension of biodiversity in human-modified landscapes are rare. Here, we obtained data through an extensive review of peer-reviewed articles and compared 30 Neotropical bat assemblages in well-preserved primary forest and four different human-disturbed habitats in terms...

Data from: Biodiversity assessment of tropical shelf eukaryotic communities via pelagic eDNA metabarcoding

Owen S. Wangensteen, Judith Bakker, Stefano Mariani, Charles Baillie, Dayne Buddo, Demian D. Chapman, Austin J. Gallagher, Tristan L. Guttridge & Heidi Hertler
Our understanding of marine communities and their functions in an ecosystem relies on the ability to detect and monitor species distributions and abundances. Currently, the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding is increasingly being applied for the rapid assessment and monitoring of aquatic species. Most eDNA metabarcoding studies have either focused on the simultaneous identification of a few specific taxa/groups or have been limited in geographical scope. Here we employed eDNA metabarcoding to compare beta...

Establishing an evidence-base for erect pelvis radiography : positioning, radiation dose and image quality

Kholoud Alzyoud
Purpose: Pelvic radiography using X-ray imaging has traditionally been used for the identification of hip joint changes, including the identification of pathologies such as osteoarthritis. For patients suffering from hip pain, the supine pelvis X-ray examination is one of the initial diagnostic steps. Despite this, many recent studies have recommended that the position should now be undertaken erect and not supine to reflect the functional appearances of the hip joint. This thesis aims to establish...

The impact of traumatic childhood experiences on cognitive and behavioural functioning in children with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders

Alan Price
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) can cause lasting physical damage to the developing foetus including the brain. This brain damage can manifest as cognitive dysfunction and behavioural difficulties, which can be diagnosed as foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). FASD is thought to be common in the UK, with estimates ranging from 3.24% up to 17% of the population affected, although rates of diagnosis are much lower than this. Children with FASD are at increased risk of...

Growth, biomass allocation and tissue nutrient concentrations of subtropical and tropical tree seedlings in response to experimental manipulation of soil phosphorus pools

D Burslem, X. Liu, D. Johnson, A. Taylor, J. Taylor, T. Helgason, Y. Chen & M. Liang
This dataset reports metrics of plant growth, including height, total biomass and the biomass of component plant parts, and percentage root colonisation by mycorrhizas, for tree seedlings of eight tropical and seven subtropical growing in pots of soil that had been amended by addition of various sources of phosphorus (inorganic phosphate, adenosine monophosphate, phytic, or a mixture of all three) plus an unfertilized control treatment with no P additions. The aim of the experiment was...

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