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Sessile Drop and Micro-CT Data for Six Sandstone Formations

Laura Dalton

DRP Visualization Challenge: Contact Angle Evolution

Laura Dalton
The figure displays the visual evolution of scCO2 ganglion, the average geometric contact angle along different grain surfaces, and the change in strain between two drainage-imbibition (D-I) cycles for three separate ganglion trapped in different pore spaces. These plots show the scCO2 trapped in a Bentheimer sandstone core (A) advanced along the pore network, decreased in volume, and initially was in contact with six surfaces which reduced to four surfaces after the second D-I cycle....

Micro-CT scans of Mt. Simon sandstone at residual conditions used for contact angle measurements and analyzing the influence of clay regions

Laura Dalton, Dustin Crandall, James McClure, Min Fang & Ryan Armstrong
Micro-computed tomography tiff stacks of a Mt. Simon core at residual conditions. The core is from a depth of 6,926 ft, the sub-sample tested is 0.25 inch diameter by 1 inch length. This data was used to complete contact angle measurements and analyze the influence of clay-rich regions in the pore space on residual trapping efficiency.

Micro-CT images of a heterogeneous Mt. Simon sandstone sample

Amir Hossein Kohanpur, Valocchi Albert & Dustin Crandall
The sample porous medium is from Mt. Simon sandstone at a depth of 6700 feet. The formation is located at verification well number 2 of a study site in Decatur, Illinois where Illinois State Geological Survey carried out a pilot injection study to better understand the feasibility of full-scale carbon capture and storage (Finley, 2014). A core plug from the formation was scanned by micro-CT imaging technique at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) of...

Mt. Simon Sandstone with Mineral Map

James McClure, Ryan Armstrong, Ming Fan, Dustin Crandall & Laura Dalton

Micro-CT scCO2-Brine Data

Laura Dalton & Dustin Crandall
These files are Berea and Mt. Simon sandstone micro-CT data sets at residual conditions from the paper Methods to Measure Contact Angles in scCO2-Brine-Sandstone Systems. They are 16-bit image stacks cropped from one larger sandstone micro-CT scans and are being provided for additional researchers to use manual and automated contact angle measurement methods to measure contact angles for a comparison to the paper results.

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