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The Influence Law of Eccentric Load on the Performance of Yielding Bolt

Yang Tai, Hongchun Xia, Shaopin Huang, Jie Meng & Wei Li
In order to adapt high stress and large deformation of roadways, the prestressed yielding bolt has been developed. However, borehole deviation makes the boreholes out of perpendicular to the roadway surface, and the prestressed yielding bolt will be under eccentric load. In order to reveal the influence laws of eccentric load on the performance of the prestressed yielding bolt, the numerical simulation was carried out in this paper. Then, the influence of eccentric load on...

Research on stress release for gob-side roadway using roof-cutting technology with chainsaw arm

Yang Tai, Bin Yu, Binwei Xia, Zhao Li & Hongchun Xia
The narrow pillar mining technology is usually adopted for workface in coal mines. However, in case of overlying hard roof, a suspended triangle roof palte or a cantilever will be formed near the goaf. At this point, the coal pillars will be extruded and serious deformation for gob-side roadway will occur. In order to solve the problem, the roof-cutting technology with chainsaw arm and its equipment has been developed. In this paper, the deformation and...

An investigation on the effect of high energy storage anchor on surrounding rock conditions

Xiangyu Wang, Bowen Wu, Jianbiao Bai, Wenda Wu, Ningkang Meng & Huasheng Lin
High pre-tension bolt is an effective strata control technique and is the key to ensure the stability of anchorage and roadway. Based on the performances of high energy storage tension rock bolts in different rock properties, this study proposed a constitutive model to describe the energy balance of anchor under uniaxial compression. UDEC was used to simulate the behaviour of anchor in coal under uniaxial compression and the results were analysed to study the rock...

The sustainable development of coal mines by new cutting roof technology

Yang Tai, Bin Yu, Rui Gao, Qiangling Yao, Zhao Li & Hongchun Xia
China consumes more than 3.6 billion tons of coal every year, accounting for over 60% of the energy consumption. Therefore, the sustainable development of coal mine is a problem needed to be solved by the Chinese government. During the coal resources recovery, the protective coal pillars between the adjacent working faces cause the serious loss for coal resources. In order to solve the problem, it was put forward that the new technology of roof cutting...

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