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Effects of SLCO1B1 on elimination and toxicities of high-dose methotrexate in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia - Supplementary Material

Fei-Fei Yang, Tian-Lin Xue, Chao Gao, Ying Wu, Wei Lin, Jun Li, Rui-Dong Zhang, Hu-Yong Zheng & Shu-Guang Liu
Supplementary Table S1. Treatment elements of consolidation therapy in CCLG-ALL-2018. Supplementary Table S2. Leucovorin rescue and MTX concentration

Three new cytotoxic annonaceous acetogenins from the seeds of Annona squamosa

Chengyao Ma, Yue Li, Jiahui Lu, Maolin Wang, Xiang Li, Jianwei Chen, Yong Chen & Wenzheng Ju
Three new annonaceous acetogenins, annotemoyin L (1), annotemoyin Y (2) and annotemoyin X, (3) were isolated from the seeds of Annona squamosa Linn. Their structures were ascertained by chemical methods and spectral data. The cytotoxic activities of compounds against three multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines were evaluated, and compound 3 exerted strong cytotoxicity against SMMC 7721/ADR (IC50 0.163 μM), A549/T (IC50 0.064 μM) and MCF-7/ADR (IC50 0.057 μM).

Experiences of the Data Monitoring Committee for the RECOVERY trial, a large-scale adaptive platform randomised trial of treatments for patients hospitalised with COVID-19

Peter A. G. Sandercock, Janet Darbyshire, David DeMets, Robert Fowler, David G. Lalloo, Mohammed Munavvar, Natalie Staplin, Adilia Warris, Janet Wittes & Jonathan R. Emberson
Abstract Aim To inform the oversight of future clinical trials during a pandemic, we summarise the experiences of the Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) for the Randomised Evaluation of COVID therapy trial (RECOVERY), a large-scale randomised adaptive platform clinical trial of treatments for hospitalised patients with COVID-19. Methods and findings During the first 24 months of the trial (March 2020 to February 2022), the DMC oversaw accumulating data for 14 treatments in adults (plus 10 in...

Ecological quality assessment and monitoring using a time-series remote sensing-based ecological index (ts-RSEI)

Chao Sun, Jialin Li, Yongchao Liu, Luodan Cao, Jiahao Zheng, Zhenjie Yang, Junwei Ye & Yue Li
Ecological quality assessment is fundamental to revealing changes in ecological environments before the development of effective ecological conservation policies. The complex ecological environment can be assessed more reliably when multiple remote sensing indices are integrated, such as in the use of the prevalent Remote Sensing-based Ecological Index (RSEI). However, for effective ecological quality assessment, the requirement of acquisition time consistency for images has become an outstanding issue for broadening the application of the RSEI. In...

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