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O vaqueiro como personagem no documentário brasileiro: do caráter pedagógico à construção de uma memória do deslocamento

Gustavo Souza & Joyce Cury

Data from: Partitioning multiple facets of beta diversity in a tropical stream macroalgal metacommunity

Ciro Branco, Pitágoras Bispo, Cleto Peres, Aurélio Tonetto, Rogério Krupek, Michael Barfield & Robert Holt
Aim: We evaluated different dimensions of beta diversity (taxonomic, phylogenetic, and functional), and its components (spatial turnover and nestedness), of a stream macroalgal metacommunity, as well as the effect of local environmental variables, types of biome, and spatial factors on these dimensions and components. Location: Ten natural areas of southern Brazil, covering the main biomes represented in the region. Methods: We analyzed a data set collected in 105 stream segments using a dissimilarity partitioning approach...

Data from: Savannas after afforestation: assessment of herbaceous community responses to wildfire versus native tree planting

Thaís M. Haddad, Ricardo A. G. Viani, Mário G. B. Cava, Giselda Durigan & Joseph V. Veldman
Afforestation and fire exclusion are pervasive threats to tropical savannas. In Brazil, laws limiting prescribed burning hinder the study of fire in the restoration of Cerrado plant communities. We took advantage of a 2017 wildfire to evaluate the potential for tree cutting and fire to promote the passive restoration of savanna herbaceous plant communities after destruction by exotic tree plantations. We sampled a burned pine plantation (Burned Plantation); a former plantation that was harvested and...

Data from: Drivers of assemblage-wide calling activity in tropical anurans and the role of temporal resolution

Larissa Sayuri Sugai, Thiago Silva, Diego Llusia & Tadeu Siqueira
1. Temporal scale in animal communities is often associated with seasonality, despite the large variation in species activity during a diel cycle. A gap thus remains in understanding the dynamics of short-term activity in animal communities. 2. Here we assessed calling activity of tropical anurans and addressed how species composition varied during night activity in assemblages along gradients of local and landscape environmental heterogeneity. 3. We investigated 39 anuran assemblages in the Pantanal wetlands (Brazil)...

Data from: Show me you care: female mate choice based on egg attendance rather than male or territorial traits

Anyelet Valencia-Aguilar, Kelly R. Zamudio, Célio F.B. Haddad, Steve M. Bogdanowicz & Cynthia P.A. Prado
Female mate choice is often based on male traits, including signals or behaviors, and/or the quality of a male’s territory. In species with obligate paternal care, where care directly affects offspring survival, females may also base their mate choices on the quality of a sire’s care. Here, we quantified male reproductive success in a natural population of the glassfrog Hyalinobatrachium cappellei, a species with male parental care, to determine the influence of territory quality, male...

Host diversity outperforms climate as a global driver of symbiont diversity in the bird-feather mite system

Reginaldo Gusmão, Fabio Hernandes, Mauricio Vancine, Luciano Naka, Jorge Doña & Thiago Gonçalves-Souza
Aim: The simultaneous influence of abiotic and biotic factors as main drivers of global species distributions remains poorly understood, especially in host-dependent groups. In this study, we diverge from traditional macroecological approaches by considering both biotic (avian species diversity) and abiotic (climatic) factors in determining the global distribution pattern of feather mite species richness, one of the most abundant and diverse bird ectosymbionts. Location: Global. Methods: We used a global dataset of feather mite-bird interactions...

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