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Debate about Scientific Popularization in Russian Public Sphere (Based on Grey Literature Material)

Yuliya Balashova

Памяти Павла Леоновича Гроховского // MONGOLICA. Caнкт-Петербургский журнал монголоведных исследований, Том XXII, 2019, №1

Владимир Леонидович Успенский

On a configurational force driving surface growth of solids

A.B. Freidin & Y.O. Izmaylova
Surface growth of solids includes a wide variety of processes starting from additive manufacturing technologies and ending with plenty of biological problems. Model of surface growth based on the expression of the configurational force, derived from fundamental laws and entropy inequality, is offered in the present paper. A new expression for the configurational force called surface growth force, which controls growth and resorption, is used. Analysis of the applicability of the developed model was carried...

Data from: White shark genome reveals ancient elasmobranch adaptations associated with wound healing and the maintenance of genome stability

Nicholas J. Marra, Michael J. Stanhope, Nathaniel K. Jue, Minghui Wang, Qi Sun, Paulina P. Bitar, Vincent P. Richards, Aleksey Komissarov, Mike Rayko, Sergey Kliver, Bryce J. Stanhope, Chuck Winkler, Stephen J. O'Brien, Agostinho Antunes, Salvador J. Jorgensen & Mahmood S. Shivji
The white shark (Carcharodon carcharias; Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii) is one of the most publicly recognized marine animals. Here we report the genome sequence of the white shark and comparative evolutionary genomic analyses to the chondrichthyans, whale shark (Elasmobranchii) and elephant shark (Holocephali), as well as various vertebrates. The 4.63-Gbp white shark genome contains 24,520 predicted genes, and has a repeat content of 58.5%. We provide evidence for a history of positive selection and gene-content enrichments regarding...

Dynamic fracture of ceramic plates due to impact loading. Numerical investigation

V.A. Bratov & N.A. Kazarinov
The paper presents comparative numerical analysis of two ceramic materials subjected to impact loading. ZrO2(Y2O3) and Al2O3 ceramics are studied. The main objective of the work is to study influence of various material parameters on ballistic performance of ceramic materials and on characteristics of the dynamic fragmentation process. The applied numerical scheme is based on finite element method and incubation time fracture criterion. Results on fracture surface area, residual impactor velocity, fragment size distribution are...


Антон Николаевич Гвоздецкий, Наталия Николаевна Петрова & Игорь Михайлович Акулин
Цель - оценить влияние когнитивных нарушений на качество жизни пациентов с рекуррентной депрессией в фазе ремиссии. Материалы и методы. У 60 пациентов была оценена депрессивная симптоматика по шкале Монтгомери - Асберг, ремиссия считалась полной при итоговой оценке < 10 баллов, неполной - 11-18 баллов. Когнитивные функции оценивались с помощью «Краткой батареи для оценки когнитивных функций при аффективных расстройствах» (BAC-A). Для оценки качества жизни использовалась краткая шкала для оценки качества жизни (SF-36). Результаты. Связи между физическим...

Data from: Time-keeping programme can explain seasonal dynamics of leukocyte profile in a migrant bird

Irina Demina, Arseny Tsvey, Olga Babushkina & Julia Bojarinova
It has been proposed that immune functioning in wild animals is shaped by the trade-off between a probability of encountering pathogens and an availability of resources for maintaining immune system in active state. Due to resources’ seasonality one can expect that immune functioning, e.g., absolute and relative counts of white blood cells, WBC (leukocyte profile) also follows an annual cycle. However, dynamics of the seasonal changes of leukocyte profile are controversial and specific inquiries so...

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