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Coronavirus drives US beef imports from Amazon

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Trase analysis reveals sharp upward rise in beef imports to the United States of America linked to deforestation risk in the Brazilian Amazon

La géographie aéroportuaire sud-africaine contemporaine, entre la dynamique récente du marché et les incertitudes du futur

Jacques Charlier
Le poids de l’Afrique dans le transport aérien mondial est modeste en dépit de la progression soutenue des trafics aéroportuaires de passagers qui s’y observe ces dernières années. L’Afrique du Sud, où se situe le principal aéroport du continent, Johannesbourg, fut une des locomotives de ce développement, en international comme pour les trafics domestiques. Ces derniers y ont un relief très important, sous l’impulsion principalement des compagnies à bas tarifs qui prennent désormais à leur...

(Optimal) Monetary Policy with and without Debt

Boris Chafwehé, Rigas Oikonomou, Romanos Priftis & Lukas Vogel
How should policy be designed at high debt levels, when fiscal authorities have little room to adjust taxes? Assigning the monetary authority a role in achieving debt sustainability makes it less effective in stabilizing inflation and output.

Fine phonetic details for DM disambiguation in French: a corpus-based investigation

Yaru Wu, Mathilde Hutin, Ioana Vasilescu, Lori Lamel, Martine Adda-Decker & Liesbeth Degand
In this study we examine phonetic variation of discourse markers in French, using for this purpose the 4-hour richly annotated LOCAS-F corpus. Both linguistic factors and stylistic variables are considered: speech style, part-of-speech category, mean phone duration and vowel formant distributions with respect to the word status. The results show that the use of discourse markers increases with the degree of spontaneity of the speech. Coordinating conjunctions are the part-of-speech which is most frequently used...

Choosing a Group Representative: The Impact of Perceived Organizational Support on the Preferences for Deviant Representatives in Work Negotiations

Stephanie Demoulin, Catia Pinto Teixeira, Celine Gillis, Edwine Goldoni & Florence Stinglhamber

Les Rectifications de l'orthographe dans les discours de l'Académie française Un arrière-gout d'Ancien Régime

Tiago Joseph
Résumé : Cet article analyse les déclarations officielles de l'Académie française et celles – davantage officieuses – de ses membres au sujet des Rectifications de l'orthographe de 1990. Après avoir brièvement exposé l'état de l'orthographe 'rectifiée' aujourd'hui, l'article interprète la rhétorique de l'Académie française à partir des trois outils suivants : une lecture contextuelle par le biais de la politique linguistique ; une analyse discursive des déclarations de l'institution (1986-2018) qui met en évidence leurs...

Le droit des coopératives en Afrique

Willy Tadjudje

Defining and quantifying effective connectivity of landscapes for species' movements

Bram Van Moorter, Ilkka Kivimäki, Manuela Panzacchi & Marco Saerens
Demonstration of the workflow and supplementary information on the randomized shortest paths framework for "Defining and quantifying effective connectivity of landscapes for species’ movements" by Van Moorter B, Kivimäki I, Panzacchi M, Saerens M. (2021) in Ecography 44(6):1–15. Ecosystem functioning depends on multiple successful interactions, many supported by individual movements. The degree to which the landscape allows these interactions to take place has been referred to as ‘effective connectivity' (EC). Many of the cumulative impacts...

Kinematics and EMG to show integration of proprioceptive and visual feedback during online control of reaching

Shoko Kasuga, Frédéric Crevecoeur, Kevin Cross & Stephen Scott
Visual and proprioceptive feedback both contribute to optimal perceptual decisions, but it remains unknown how these feedback signals are integrated together or consider factors such as delays and variance during online control. We investigated this question by having participants reach to a target with randomly applied mechanical and/or visual disturbances. We observed that the presence of visual feedback during a mechanical disturbance did not increase the size of the muscle response significantly but did decrease...

Redox controls RecA protein activity via reversible oxidation of its methionine residues

Benjamin Ezraty, Camille Henry, Frederic Barras, Laurent Loiseau, Alexandra Vergnes, Didier Vertommen, Angela Mérida-Floriano, Sindhu Chitteni-Pattu, Elizabeth Anne Wood, Josep Casadesús & Michael M. Cox
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) cause damage to DNA and proteins. The RecA protein plays a central role in the bacterial response to DNA damage. Here we report that RecA itself is also targeted by ROS. In vivo consequences of RecA oxidation include defects in SOS induction, DNA repair efficiency, and P1 transduction. In vitro, oxidized RecA fails to display ATPase activity, DNA strand exchange capacity and formation of nucleofilaments. Consistently, mass spectrometry analysis of oxidized...

Perceptual correlates of homosynaptic long term potentiation in human nociceptive pathways: a replication study

Emanuel Van Den Broeke, Tessa Vanmaele, André Mouraux, Alexandre Stouffs, José Biurrun Manresa & Diana Torta
Animal studies have shown that high-frequency stimulation (HFS) of peripheral C-fibers induces long-term potentiation (LTP) within spinal nociceptive pathways. The aim of this replication study was to assess if a perceptual correlate of LTP can be observed in humans. In 20 healthy volunteers we applied HFS to the left or right volar forearm. Before and after applying HFS we delivered single electrical test stimuli through the HFS electrode while a second electrode at the contralateral...

Vers l’humanisation des figures animales la place des émotions dans « Cabo de Hornos » de F. Coloane

Florine Deveseleer

Mélodrame et tragédie. Regards croisés entre le cinéma et le théâtre hispano-américains contemporains (Mexique – Argentine) Introduction

Sophie Dufays & Françoise Heitz

Connectivity Matrices from biophysical modelling studies for A. millepora coral larvae in the Great Barrier Reef (Australia); present day and future scenarios

Christopher Thomas, Joana Figueiredo, Eric Deleersnijder, Jonathan Lambrechts, Andrew Baird, Sean Connolly & Emmanuel Hanert
These data contain connectivity matrices from biophysical modelling simulations of the dispersal of Acropora millepora coral larvae in the southern Great Barrier Reef (Australia), under present-day and future climate scenarios. The connectivity matrices represent modelled strength of larval transfer from one reef to another, and were obtained using a coupled reef-scale, high-resolution, depth-integrated finite element hydrodynamic model (SLIM) of water currents in the Great Barrier Reef, and Individual-Based particle tracking module. Biological parameters to model...

Towards an inclusive system for the annotation of (dis)fluency in typical and atypical speech

Ivana Didirková, Ludivine Crible, Christelle Dodane, Loulou Kosmala, Aaliyah Morgenstern, Berthille Pallaud, Marie-Claude Monfrais-Pfauwadel & Fabrice Hirsch

Mapping cocoa exports from Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana

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New Trase data reveals the companies which export cocoa from Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, and the countries which import it

Effects of sexual dimorphism on pollinator behaviour in a dioecious species

Isabelle De Cauwer, Laura Moquet, Anne-Laure Jacquemart & Mathilde Dufay
Floral traits often display sexual dimorphism in insect-pollinated dioecious plant species, with male individuals typically being showier than females. While this strategy is theorized to be optimal when pollinators are abundant, it might represent a risk when they become scarce, because the disproportionately high number of visits on the most attractive sex, males, might preclude efficient pollen transfer from males to females. Here, the effect of sexual dimorphism on pollination efficiency was assessed in experimental...

Chocolate companies face deforestation risks from unknown cocoa supplies

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A lack of transparency about deforestation in the cocoa supply chain is creating reputational and regulatory risks for commodity traders and chocolate manufacturers.

Data from: Occasional long-distance dispersal may not prevent inbreeding in a threatened butterfly

Annelore De Ro, An Vanden Broeck, Leen Verschaeve, Ilf Jacobs, Filiep T'Jollyn, Hans Van Dyck & Dirk Maes
Background: To set up successful conservation measures, detailed knowledge on the dispersal and colonization capacities of the focal species and connectivity between populations is of high relevance. We developed species-specific nuclear microsatellite molecular markers for the grayling (Hipparchia semele), a butterfly endemic to Europe and of growing conservation concern in North-West Europe, and report on its population genetics, in a fragmented, anthropogenic landscape in Belgium. Our study included samples from 23 different locations nested in...

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