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Data for ‘On-chip density-based sorting of supercooled droplets and frozen droplets in continuous flow’

Grace Porter, Sebastien Sikora, Jung-uk Shim, Benjamin Murray & Mark Tarn
The freezing of supercooled water to ice and the materials which catalyse this process are of fundamental interest to a wide range of fields. At present, our ability to control, predict or monitor ice formation processes is poor. The isolation and characterisation of frozen droplets from supercooled liquid droplets would provide a means of improving our understanding and control of these processes. Here, we have developed a microfluidic platform for the continuous flow separation of...

How bulk and surface properties of Ti4SiC3, V4SiC3, Nb4SiC3 and Zr4SiC3 tune reactivity: a computational study - data

Matthew Quesne, Nora H De Leeuw & C Richard A Catlow
The bulk and surface properties of early transition metal silicon carbides as well as their activity towards the reduction of CO2 is examined in this first principles DFT study. Data for basal (0001) planes of Ti4C3Si, V4C3Si, Nb4C3Si & Zr4C3Si is stored in one .xlsx file. The first sheet gives formation energies for each silicon carbide as related to the parent monocarbide material. Sheet 2 gives the density of states for each material. Sheet 3...

COVID-19 patient data from a study in Singapore curated for input into an in silico infection model

Farzad Fatehi, Richard J. Bingham, Eric C. Dykeman, Peter G. Stockley & Reidun Twarock
Within-host models of COVID-19 infection dynamics enable the merits of different forms of antiviral therapy to be assessed in individual patients. A stochastic agent-based model of COVID-19 intracellular dynamics is introduced here, that incorporates essential steps of the viral life cycle targeted by treatment options. Integration of model predictions with an intercellular ODE model of within-host infection dynamics, fitted to patient data, generates a generic profile of disease progression in patients that have recovered in...

Iron-Nickel-Sulfide Characterisation and Catalytic Testing Data

Claire Mitchell, David Santos-Carballal, Andrew M Beale, Wilm Jones, Sankar Meenakshisundaram & Nora H De Leeuw
Catalytic data describing the production of formate from the hydrogenation of CO2 using iron-sulfide, iron-nickel-sulphide and nickel-sulfide catalysts prepared with different heat treatments under a range of reaction conditions. Catalyst characterisation of these materials include XRD analysis, giving an understanding of the violarite phase and crystallinity. XPS analysis gains understanding of the iron, nickel and sulphur species, and how sulphide and oxide species change under thermal oxidation. XAS analysis employed is vital to gain more...

Supplementary Data - Regional policies targeting residential solid fuel and agricultural emissions can improve air quality and public health in the Greater Bay Area and across China

Luke Conibear, Carly Reddington, Ben Silver, Christoph Knote, Steve Arnold & Dominick Spracklen
Air pollution exposure is a leading public health problem in China. The majority of the air pollution disease burden is from fine particulate matter (PM2.5) exposure, with smaller contributions from ozone (O3) exposure. Recent emission reductions have reduced PM2.5 exposure. However, levels of exposure and the associated risk remain high, some pollutant emissions have increased, and some sectors lack effective emission control measures. We quantified the potential impacts of policy scenarios on ambient air quality...

Supplementary: Global continental and marine detrital εNd: an updated compilation for use in understanding marine Nd cycling

Suzanne Robinson, Ruza Ivanovic, Tina van de Flierdt, Cecile Blanchet, Kazuyo Tachikawa, Ellen E. Martin, Carys Falko, Trevor Williams, Lauren Gregoire, Yves Plancherel, Catherine Jeandel & Thomas Arsouze
Understanding the role of sediment-water interactions in the oceanic cycling of neodymium (Nd) isotopes is essential for its reliable use as a modern and palaeoceanographic tracer of ocean circulation. However, the exact processes that control Nd cycling in the ocean are poorly defined and require an up-to-date knowledge of the sources, sinks and transformation of this tracer to and within the ocean (e.g. as per the GEOTRACES core mission). We propose a considerable improvement of...

Evolving grain-size distributions - dataset

Sven Van Loo
Data associated with the paper 'Evolving grain-size distributions embedded in gas flows'.

De Novo Designed Peptide and Protein Hairpins Self-assemble into Sheets and Nanoparticles

Johanna Galloway, Harriet E. V. Bray, Deborah K. Shoemark,, Lorna R. Hodgson, Jennifer Coombs, Judith M. Mantell, Ruth S. Rose, James F. Ross,, Caroline Morris, Robert L. Harniman, Christopher W. Wood, Christopher Arthur, Paul Verkade & Derek N. Woolfson
AFM, TEM, fluorescence microscopy image files and spectral data published in DOI:10.1002/smll.202100472. Preprint of this is available at bioRxiv DOI:10.1101/2020.08.14.251462

Dataset associated with \"Terahertz Magnetoplasmon Resonances in Coupled Cavities Formed in a Gated Two-dimensional Electron Gas\"

SaeJune Park, John Cunningham & Rowan Parker-Jervis
The results on terahertz magnetoplasmon resonances in coupled cavities formed in a gated two-dimensional electron gas

Data to support study of The Flexibility of Long Chain Substituents Influences Spin-Crossover in Isomorphous Lipid Bilayer Crystals

Malcolm Halcrow, Iurii Galadzhun, Rafal Kulmaczewski, Namrah Shahid & Oscar Cespedes
Two iron complexes are isomorphous but show different spin-state behaviour on cooling. This may be influenced by the packing of alkyl vs alkynyl chains in the solid state.

In-silico trial of intracranial flow diverters replicates and expands insights from conventional clinical trials

Ali Sarrami-Foroushani, Toni Lassila, Michael MacRaild, Joshua Asquith, Kit C.B. Roes, James V. Byrne, & Alejandro Frangi
Source data for Tables 1-6 and raw simulation outputs

Consumer Healthy Eating and Wellbeing 2020 dataset

Peter Ho & Eliza Yeardley
Healthy Eating, EatWell guide, Food Wellbeing, questionnaire

Consumer Healthy Eating 2020 dataset

Peter Ho & Jade Fathy
This dataset contains data on perceived compliance to the UK Eatwell guide (19 items) from a survey in 2020 of UK consumers (n=565) . Demographic data (Type of Diet, Ethnicity, Gender and Age), Food consumption frequency (6 items) and Diet and diet choice ( 2 items) were also collected.

Model input data for 'Energy system requirements of fossil-free steelmaking using hydrogen direct reduction'

Andrew Pimm, Tim Cockerill & Gale William
Input data for a techno-economic model of hydrogen-based steelmaking, combining a thermodynamic process model of hydrogen-based steel production comprising hydrogen direct reduction of iron and electric arc furnaces with an energy system planning tool.

In situ protein unfolding defines network architecture and mechanics of protein hydrogels - Results and Analysis

Matt Hughes & Benjamin Hanson
A dataset containing the raw data and analysis results of a simulation series designed to investigate the structural characteristics of (BSA) protein-based hydrogels.

Dataset associated with “Understanding the Physics of the Auxetic Response in a Liquid Crystal Elastomer”.

Thomas Raistrick, Devesh Mistry, Zhaopeng Zhang, Johan Mattsson & Helen Gleeson
Contains polarised Raman spectroscopy of a liquid crystal elastomer known to display an auxetic response and a mechanical Fréedericksz transition as a function of strain. Files include full evolution of the uniaxial and biaxial order parameters as a function of strain parallel and perpindicular to the director. Depolarization data is provided for various bond vibrations to determine the director behaviour as a function of strain.

GCRF African SWIFT Testbed 1 Report

Jennifer K. Fletcher, Douglas Parker, Andrew Hartley, Elias Nkiaka, Elijah Adefisa, Sam Clarke, Thorwald Stein, , David Koros & Berth Woodhams
This document describes the activities and outcomes of the GCRF African Science for Weather Information and Forecasting Techniques (SWIFT) Weather Forecasting Testbed 1. Testbed 1 was conducted in the first part of 2019, from an operational forecasting office at IMTR Nairobi, at the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD). Other centres connected to the Testbed by video-conference. The Testbed was designed to support SWIFT’s programme of research capability-building in the science of weather prediction. New forecasting and...

Dataset for the study of Ultrafast energy transfer between lipid-linked chromophores and plant Light-Harvesting Complex II

Ashley Hancock, Minjung Son, Muath Nairat, Tiejun Wei, Lars Jeuken, Christopher Duffy, Gabriela Schlau-Cohen & Peter Adams
This dataset shows the raw data, analysed data and documentation related to figures and tables from the study “Ultrafast energy transfer between lipid-linked chromophores and plant Light-Harvesting Complex II". This includes: absorbance and fluorescence spectra; molecular dynamics images and associated files; calculations of excitation energy transfer; other graphical analyses; tabulated numerical data.

Data to support study of The Spin States of Diastereomeric Iron(II)/Bis[2,6-Di(thiazolin-2-yl)-pyridine] (ThioPyBox) Complexes, and a Comparison with the Corresponding PyBox Derivatives

Malcolm Halcrow, Namrah Shahid, Kay Burrows, Mark Howard, Christopher Pask, Oscar Cespedes & Patrick C. McGowan, Patrick C.
Diastereomeric [Fe(L1R)2][ClO4]2 (R = Ph, iPr) iron(II)/ThioPyBox derivatives show a larger discrimination of their spin states than the corresponding [Fe(L2R)2][ClO4]2 PyBox complexes

Adverse loading effects on tribocorrosive degradation of 28 mm metal-on-metal hip replacement bearings - Supporting Data

Andrew Beadling, Michael Bryant, Duncan Dowson & Anne Neville
Raw OCP, LPR and Anodic Polarisation Data for a 28mm Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Replacement Bearing articulated under an ISO Walking Profile at different levels of acetabular inclination and retroversion.

Third Lockdown Crime Effects in England and Wales

Anthony Dixon, Graham Farrell & Shane Johnson
The third national lockdown began early January 2021 and started to ease on 8th March when schools and limited outdoor social contact resumed. Police-recorded crime rates per 10,000 population (in orange) are here compared to expected rates (black lines, with confidence intervals in grey). Crime effects in January and February 2021 were similar to first lockdown (Apr-Jun 2020) but with notable differences. Acquisitive crime except bike theft fell sharply but began to increase in March....

Data for Time-temperature superposition of the dissolution of silk fibres in the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate

Michael Ries
This study investigated the dissolution of silk multifilament fibres in the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate. The dissolution process was found to create a silk composite fibre, comprising undissolved silk multi-filaments surrounded by a coagulated silk matrix. The dissolution procedure was carried out for a range of temperatures and times. The resulting composite fibres were studied using a combination of optical microscopy, wide angle X-ray diffraction (XRD) and tensile testing. An azimuthal (alpha) XRD scan enabled...

Freeze-dried therapeutic microbubbles: stability and gas exchange

Radwa Abou-Saleh, Aileen Delaney, Nicola Ingram, Benjamin Johnson, RICHARD BUSHBY, Sally Peyman, Louisa P. Colletta, Alexander Markham & Stephen Evans
Microbubbles (MBs) are widely used as contrast agents for ultrasound imaging and have been shown to enhance therapeutic delivery. However, they are only stable in solution for a few hours after production, which limits their potential application. Freeze-drying provides long term storage, ease of transport and consistency for therapeutic preparations thereby facilitating their use in clinical settings. The ability to freeze-dry therapeutic MBs is an important development in the translation of therapeutic MBs for clinical...

Global Review on Safer End of Engineered Life

Ed Cook & Costas Velis
In this Global Review on Safer End of Engineered Life, we take a long overdue and systematic look at the scientific evidence around waste and resources management and the impact on human health and life. Surprisingly, this research appears to be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. We offer suggestions for immediate corrective action that should be taken and identify where engineering solutions could mitigate and prevent harm to human life and...

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