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Data associated with 'A comparison of porewater chemistry between intact, afforested and restored raised and blanket bogs'

Tim Howson
The abstract is for the dataset rather than the publication. The abstract of the paper based on this dataset can be found at https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.144496.

Supporting data for \"Tuning the rate of aggregation of hIAPP into amyloid using small-molecule modulators of assembly\"

Yong Xu, Roberto Carlos Maya Martinez, Nicolas Guthertz, George R Heath, Iain Manfield, Alexander Breeze, Frank Sobott, Richard Foster & Sheena Radford

Dataset associated with 'Controlling the Optical Properties of Gold Nanorods in One-Pot Syntheses'

Lucien Roach, Louise Coletta, Kevin Critchley & Stephen Evans
Raw data for all figures in the associated paper 'Controlling the Optical Properties of Gold Nanorods in One-Pot Syntheses'

Ice-nucleating particle data from the cruise to the North Pole on board the Oden Icebreaker

Grace Porter, Benjamin Murray, Michael Adams, Ian Brooks, Paul Zieger & Linn Karlsson
We report a time series of ice-nucleating particle concentration spectra measured on a cruise to the North Pole.

A community and functional comparison of coral and reef fish assemblages between four decades of coastal urbanisation and thermal stress.

Katie Cook, Hirotaka Yamagiwa, Maria Beger, Giovanni Masucci, Stuart Ross, Hui Yian Lee, Rick Stuart-Smith & James Reimer
Urbanised coral reefs experience anthropogenic disturbances caused by coastal development, pollution and nutrient runoff, resulting in turbid, marginal conditions in which only certain species can persist. Mortality effects are exacerbated by increasingly regular thermal stress events, leading to shifts towards novel communities dominated by habitat generalists and species with low structural complexity. There is limited data on the turnover processes that occur due to this convergence of anthropogenic stressors, and how novel urban ecosystems are...

Facebook content policies and international freedom of expression

Konstantinos Stylianou, Nicolo Zingales, Stefania di Stefano & Nick Queffurus
Collection of international treaties, covenants, guidelines, and reports on freedom of expression 1947-2020, and of Facebook's content policies on freedom of expression 2005-2020

Prospects of temperature performance enhancement through higher resonant phonontransition designs in GaAs-based terahertz quantum-cascade lasers dataset

Aleksandar Demić, Zoran Ikonic, Paul Dean & Dragan Indjin
Data repository that corresponds to figures associated with publication “Prospects of temperature performance enhancement through higher resonant phonon transition designs in GaAs-based terahertz quantum-cascade lasers” and the corresponding Supplementary document

Supplementary Data: Sensitivity of Air Pollution Exposure and Disease Burden to Emission Changes in China using Machine Learning Emulation

Luke Conibear, Carly Reddington, Ben Silver, YING CHEN, Christoph Knote, Steve Arnold & Dominick Spracklen
The trained emulators per grid cell in China that support the findings of this study. The emulators predict ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ozone (O3) concentrations from emission changes in five anthropogenic sectors. The README.txt file explains how to open and use these emulators.

Multi-Scale Simulations Identify A Conserved Anionic Membrane Fingerprint for mPPases

Alexandra Holmes, Adrian Goldman & Antreas Kalli
Trajectory data from simulations of Tm-PPase, Vr-PPase and Cp-PPase in model bilayers performed under coarse-grained and atomistic conditions to define the interactions between these proteins and relevant bilayers.

Using geothermal mine water energy for food production in Leeds

Paola Sakai, Franca Hoffmann & Benjamin Carver
Using geothermal energy from unused coal mines for food production in vertical farms or glasshouses may increase food resilience in a low carbon way. An action plan to establish a pilot in Leeds was developed with stakeholders. There is an opportunity for Leeds to spearhead this approach for the UK and internationally.

AuCo nanoparticles: ordering, magnetisation, and morphology trends predicted by DFT - data

Barbara Farkas & Nora H De Leeuw
Magnetism achieved at the nano-level has been successfully employed in many diverse applications ranging from catalysis, over magnetic data storage, to recently discovered novel biomedical MRI and hyperthermia approaches. In this quest, nanoparticles combining highly magnetic cobalt and inert gold offer many application-specific advantages, such as strong magnetic anisotropy, where the relationship between the nanoparticle morphology and its magnetic properties plays a crucial role. It is therefore important to establish connection between the size, shape,...

FRG-SMRG Coastal rivers avulsion dataset

Luca Colombera
The dataset includes: (1) measures of avulsion frequency based on the avulsion histories of 57 coastal-plain river systems, based on numbers of avulsion events, active or abandoned channel courses, and delta lobes, all considered per unit time; additional sets of avulsion-frequency proxies are based on normalization of these numbers relative to the size of study areas and to the number of distinct river systems that drain into them. (2) variables detailing some of the environmental...

Mary Swan (18 December 1963–19 October 2020)

John Anderson, Alaric Hall, Hill Joyce & Treharne Elaine
Mary Swan (18 December 1963–19 October 2020) was Director of Studies in the Leeds Institute for Medieval Studies from 1996 to 2011. Mary’s path into Medieval Studies began with her matriculation at Keele University in 1981, where she took a BA in French and English. Mary was thrilled by the works she encountered during these studies, among them Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. She spent her third year working in Brittany, where she made...

Review of Representing War and Violence 1250–1600, ed. by Joanna Bellis and Laura Slater. Woodbridge: Boydell, 2016. x + 219 pp. ISBN 9781783271559

James Titterton
Representing War and Violence 1250–1600, edited by Joanna Bellis and Laura Slater, brings together nine essays from a range of disciplines, from literary criticism to art history, together with a scholarly introduction. The introduction grapples with the philosophical and epistemological problems associated with ‘representing’ historical phenomena, and violence in particular, as well as introducing the essays themselves. The volume is divided into three, loosely thematic sections: Ethics and Aesthetics; Debating and Narrating; Experiencing, Representing and...

Impedimetric biosensor based on extracellular matrix protein-adhesin binding

Juan Leva, Ina Meuskens, Dirk Linke, Paul Millner & Sally Peyman
Data about ECM protein-adhesin based biosensor for whole pathogen detection. The information found in the data corresponds to the most relevant findings of the research aimed to be published.

Physical and geochemical properties of saltmarsh soils from wide diameter gouge cores in UK saltmarshes collected between 2018 and 2021

C. Smeaton, C.J.T. Ladd, G.M. Havelock, L.C. Miller, E. Garrett, W. Hiles, L. McMahon, R.T.E. Mills, A. Radbourne, L. Rees-Hughes, S. Riegel, N.L.M. Barlow, M.W. Skov, R. Gehrels & W.E.N. Austin
The dataset comprises of physical and biogeochemical measurements of saltmarsh soils from across 19 UK saltmarshes. The data provides a quantitative measure of soil dry bulk density, organic carbon content, nitrogen content, CN ratio, N/C ratio, δ13Corg and δ15N across varies substrate and marsh types. Between 2018 and 2021, 33 wide diameter gouge cores (60 mm in diameter) were collected as part of the Carbon Storage in Intertidal Environments (C-SIDE) project to facilitate the calculation...

Data associated with 'Comparison of oral tribological performance of proteinaceous microgel systems with protein-polysaccharide combinations'. [Dataset].

Siavash Soltanahmadi, brent murray & Anwesha Sarkar
Raw data for all figures in the associated paper 'Comparison of oral tribological performance of proteinaceous microgel systems with protein-polysaccharide combinations'

UK Families Experiences of Film and TV during COVID and Beyond

Rafe Clayton, Carmen Lau Clayton & M Potter
Due to government restrictions, cinemas were closed in March 2020 and this rapidly accelerated the advancing trend of moving-image consumption taking place online (Gupta & Singharia 2021). Living under lockdown conditions and with the majority of British people [and many worldwide] having no option to watch movies other than within the home, the movie industry was unable to release its films through the normal theatrical channels (Sterritt 2020), leading to a significant pause in global...

Scripts associated with 'Identifying Shared Pathways Across Multiple Muscle Groups of the Human Upper Limb'

Thomas Christopher Richards, Amey Desai & Samit Chakrabarty
This dataset contains the scripts used to conduct Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of my PhD thesis 'Identifying Shared Pathways Across Multiple Muscle Groups of the Human Upper Limb'. In Chapter 3, I describe a pipeline which enables the time at peak response to stimulation to be marked in EMG data, and then measurements of instantaneous power spectral density to be taken at marked time points using the wavelet synchro-squeezed transform. In Chapter 4, I...

Under Pressure: The Structure of Water in Compressed Aqueous Trimethylamine N-Oxide - dataset

Harrison Laurent, Tristan Youngs, Thomas Headen, Alan Soper & Lorna Dougan
The following data are produced by using “empirical potential structure refinement” (EPSR) to analyse neutron scattering data on pressurised water and aqueous trimethylamine N-oxide. Experimental data are corrected for multiple scattering, attenuation, and inelasticity effects prior to EPSR. This produces a simulated box of atoms whose structure is consistent with the corrected experimental scattering data. This box is further analysed using custom analysis routines provided to calculate hydrogen bonding interaction energies between pairs of molecules.

Synoptic Forecasting Standard Operating Procedure for African SWIFT Testbed 3

Samantha Clarke & Samuel Owusu-Ansah
The following schedule was developed to match as closely as possible with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) currently used by the SWIFT partner countries operational forecasting centres (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal). The SOP is for both East and West Africa forecasts however the times are different for each and so have been reflected in the timings given. East Africa shift timings are in blue and West Africa shift timings in red.

Semantic Approach to Model Diversity in a Social Cloud: Sample Input Files for SeDDAT

Entisar Nassr Abdulati Abolkasim
Datasets associated with the PhD thesis "Semantic Approach to Model Diversity in a Social Cloud". Sample Input Files for SeDDAT.

Supplementary: Simulating neodymium isotopes in the ocean component of the FAMOUS general circulation model (XPDAA): sensitivities to reversible scavenging efficiency and benthic source distributions

Suzanne Robinson, Ruza Ivanovic, Lauren Gregoire, Julia Tindall, Tina van de Flierdt, Yves Plancherel, Frerk Pöppelmeier, Kazuyo & Paul Valdes
The neodymium (Nd) isotopic composition of seawater is a widely used ocean circulation tracer. However, uncertainty in quantifying the global ocean Nd budget, particularly constraining elusive non-conservative processes, remains a major challenge. A substantial increase in modern seawater Nd measurements from the GEOTRACES programme coupled with recent hypotheses that a seafloor-wide benthic Nd flux to the ocean may govern global Nd isotope distributions (εNd) presents an opportunity to develop a new scheme specifically designed to...

Dataset: Local hydrological conditions influence tree diversity and composition across the Amazon basin

Manuel J. Marca-Zevallos, Gabriel M. Moulatlet, Thaiane R. Sousa, Juliana Schietti, Luiz De Souza Coelho, José Ferreira Ramos, Diogenes De Andrade Lima Filho, Iêda Leão Amaral, Francisca Dionízia De Almeida Matos, Lorena M. Rincón, Juan David Cardenas Revilla, Marcelo Petratti Pansonato, Rogerio Gribel, Edelcilio Marques Barbosa, Ires Paula De Andrade Miranda, Luiz Carlos De Matos Bonates, Juan Ernesto Guevara, Rafael P. Salomão, Leandro Valle Ferreira, Dário Dantas Do Amaral, Nigel C.A. Pitman, Corine Vriesendorp, Tim R. Baker, Roel Brienen, Marcelo De Jesus Veiga Carim … & Flávia R.C. Costa
Tree diversity and composition in Amazonia are known to be strongly determined by the water supplied by precipitation. Nevertheless, within the same climatic regime, water availability is modulated by local topography and soil characteristics (hereafter referred to as local hydrological conditions), varying from saturated and poorly drained to well-drained and potentially dry areas. While these conditions may be expected to influence species distribution, the impacts of local hydrological conditions on tree diversity and composition remain...

Subchondral bone cysts in the ankle: patient-specific finite element study data

Harriet Talbott & Marlène Mengoni
Data derived from finite element models of 18 haemophilic ankles to assess the statistical significance of subchondral bone cyst characteristics such as volume, depth, and location. Also included is a supplementary sensitivity study on the influence of subchondral bone cysts properties; and examples of stress redistribution with the addition of subchondral bone cysts presenting in the tibia alone, talus alone, and both tibia and talus.

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