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Eddy covariance flux measurements during Arctic cruises JR18006 and JR18007 in summer 2019

Thomas G Bell, Mingxi Yang & Yuanxu Dong
This is the high frequency (10 Hz) eddy covariance (EC) measurements which mainly contain the wind data, ship motion data, gas concentration data and the underway measurements. These data were measured on summer 2019 during two Arctic cruises JR18006 (from and to Aberdeen, UK and visited the Barents Sea ) and JR18007 (from Harwich, UK to Svalbard and visited the Greenland Sea). These EC data can be used to directly calculate the air-sea CO2 and...

Ladybird beetles' life history traits

Jean Louis RGM Hemptinne, Emilie Lecompte, Arnaud Sentis, Anthony F. G. Dixon & Alexandra Magro
1. The balance between risk and benefit of exploiting resources drives life history evolution in organisms. Predators are naturally recognized as major drivers of the life history evolution of their prey. Although prey may also influence the life history evolution of their predators in the context of an evolutionary arms race, there is far more evidence of the role of predators than of prey. 2. The goal of this study was to investigate the role...

Genetic and thermal variation influences adaptation to fluctuating temperature in the seed beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus

Edward Ivimey-Cook, Claudio Piani, Wei-Tse Hung & Elena Berg
The impacts of climate change on biological systems are notoriously difficult to measure, and laboratory studies often do not realistically represent natural fluctuations in environmental conditions. To date, most experimental studies of thermal adaptation test populations at constant temperatures, or they make incremental changes to an otherwise constant mean background state. To address this, we examined the long-term effects of stressful fluctuating daily temperature on several key life history traits in two laboratory populations of...

Parasite counts for Corydoras maculifer and Corydoras araguaiaensis

Ellen Bell & Martin Taylor
The evolutionary impacts of whole genome duplication events are still unclear. We collected parasite count data and immune gene molecular data for Toll like receptor (TLR) 1 and TLR2 in two catfish species; Corydoras maculifer (diploid) and Corydoras araguaiaensis (putative allotetraploid). Our aim was to compare parasite load and immune gene diversity between these two species.

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