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Data from: The effect of agriculture on the seasonal dynamics and functional diversity of benthic biofilm in tropical headwater streams

Ricardo H. Taniwaki, Christoph D. Matthaei, Tatima K. M. Cardoso, Silvio F. B. Ferraz, Luiz A. Martinelli & Jeremy J. Piggott
Tropical streams are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world due to the constant pressures from human activities. Among these activities, agriculture represents a land use that is crucial for human development but also a key driver of stream degradation and biodiversity decline in the tropics. Against this background, we investigated indirect effects of agriculture (alterations in stream flow and nutrient availability) and climate characteristics (water temperature) on benthic biofilm communities in tropical...

Data from: An affordable apparatus for fine‐controlled emulation of buzzing frequencies of bees for the testing hypothesis in buzz interactions

Ernani V. Rodrigues, Júlia R. Riguete, Henrique R.C. Pereira, Juliétty A. Tesch & Ary G. Silva
1. The buzzing foraging behavior of female bees for pollen harvesting called the attention of early pollination biologists. Flower-types that demand this buzzing behavior comprise about 20.000 species of different and phylogenetically unrelated plant taxa, suggesting that it had independently evolved many times among the flowering plants. Between the late 70’s and early 80’s, theoretical papers had modeled the energetics of buzz-pollination, but, up to this moment, no hypothesis was experimentally tested concerning the theoretical...

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