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How the Middle East used Social Media in 2020

Damian Radcliffe & Hadil Abuhmaid

Woody encroachment happens via intensification, not extensification, of species ranges in an African savanna

Yong Zhou, Morgan Tingley, Madelon Case, Corli Coetsee, Gregory Kiker, Rheinhardt Scholtz, Freek Venter & Carla Staver
Widespread woody encroachment is a prominent concern for savanna systems as it is often accompanied by losses in productivity and biodiversity. Extensive ecosystem-level work has advanced our understanding of its causes and consequences. However, there is still debate over whether local management can override regional and global drivers of woody encroachment, and it remains largely unknown how encroachment influences woody community assemblages. Here, we examined species-level changes in woody plant distributions and size structure from...

Germination and epiphytic seed fungi on Festuca roemeri and Danthonia californica

Bitty Roy, Hunter C. Mackin & Tiffany E Thornton
Demographic studies measure drivers of plant fecundity such as seed production and survival, but few address environmental drivers of seed viability, such as germination and dormancy. Variation in climate and seed type may both directly and indirectly alter seed germination via altered fungal pathogen abundance. We examined seed germination and microbial communities of seeds of Danthonia californica, which are either chasmogamous (external, wind-pollinated) or cleistogamous (internal, self-fertilized) and Festuca roemeri, which are solely chasmogamous. Seed...

The Publisher's Guide to eCommerce

Damian Radcliffe

The Impact of COVID-19 on Journalism in Emerging Economies and the Global South

Damian Radcliffe

Social Media in the Middle East: The Story of 2016: Top trends and data from the past 12 months

Damian Radcliffe

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