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Data from: Migratory behavior of birds affects their coevolutionary relationship with blood parasites

Tania Jenkins, Gavin Huw Thomas, Olof Hellgren & Ian P. F. Owens
Host traits, such as migratory behavior, could facilitate the dispersal of disease causing parasites, potentially leading to the transfer of infections both across geographic areas and between host species. There is however, little quantitative information on whether variation in such host attributes do indeed affect the evolutionary outcome of host-parasite associations. Here, we employ Leucocytozoon blood parasites of birds, a group of parasites closely related to avian malaria, to study host-parasite coevolution in relation to...

Data from: The effect of a competitor on a model adaptive radiation

Quan-Guo Zhang, Richard Ellis & H. Charles J. Godfray
The ecological forces shaping adaptive radiations are of great interest to evolutionary ecologists. Here we experimentally test the hypothesis that the diversification of a lineage should be limited in the presence of competition from another taxon. We do this by studying a model microbial adaptive radiation (the generation of phenotypic diversity in asexual lineages of the bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens) in the presence or absence of a competitor (Pseudomonas putida). In a spatially heterogeneous environment, the...

Data from: Biogeography of avian blood parasites (Leucocytozoon spp.) in two resident hosts across Europe: phylogeographic structuring or the abundance-occupancy relationship?

Tania Jenkins & Ian P. F. Owens
Relationships between hosts and parasites represent complex co-evolving systems that can vary both temporally and spatially. This variation may contribute to different co-evolutionary outcomes, ranging from highly geographically structured parasite populations comprised of specialist lineages that are locally abundant but have restricted global occupancy, to geographically unstructured parasite populations comprised of abundant generalists with broad global occupancy. Here, we present results from a large biogeographic study of the avian blood parasites of two sedentary host...

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  • 2011

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