Data from: Invertebrate biodiversity in cold groundwater fissures in Iceland

Jónína H. Ólafsdóttir, Jóhann G. Þorbjörnsson, Bjarni K. Kristjánsson & Jón S. Ólafsson
Iceland has an abundance of fissures that are parallel to the Mid-Atlantic ridge where bedrock cracks as a result of continental rifting. Some fissures penetrate the aquifer and expose the groundwater within the bedrock, becoming springs. As such, groundwater fissures have uniform and constant physical and chemical environment but they can differ greatly in morphology. In addition, there is often great variation in depth within fissures and substrate types contrast between vertical rock wall and...

Registration Year

  • 2019

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  • Dataset


  • Hólar University College
  • Marine Research Institute