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Topography strongly affects drought stress and xylem embolism resistance in woody plants from a karst forest in Southwest China

Qi-Wei Zhang, Shi-Dan Zhu, Steven Jansen & Kun-Fang Cao
1. Xylem resistance to drought-induced embolism is an important trait determining plant distribution. In the karst hills of Southwest China, with a relatively small variation in altitude, soil depth and water availability strongly decrease from the foot towards the top, and woody plant species display distinct spatial distribution. 2. For testing the hypothesis that embolism resistance of leaf and stem xylem reflects the spatial distribution across species along a topographical gradient of the karst hills,...

Genetic structures across a biogeographical barrier reflect dispersal potential of four Southeast Asian mangrove plant species

Alison Wee, Annika Noreen, Junya Ono, Koji Takayama, Prakash Kumar, Hugh Tan, Mohd Saleh, Tadashi Kajita, Edward Webb, Alison K. S. Wee, Annika M. E. Noreen, Prakash P. Kumar, Hugh T. W. Tan, Mohd N. Saleh & Edward L. Webb
Aim Biogeographic barriers restrict the movement of individuals, resulting in population divergence, genetic differentiation, endemism and speciation. Yet, some barriers demonstrate unequal effect across species depending on species dispersal, which manifests in varying genetic structure. We test the hypotheses that the genetic structure of four coastal mangrove species would reflect differences in dispersal potential across the Malay Peninsula, a major biogeographic barrier in the Indo-West Pacific region. Location Twelve sites from the east and west...

Museomics for reconstructing historical floristic exchanges: Divergence of Stone Oaks across Wallacea

Joeri Strijk, Hoang Thi Bin Thi Bin, Ferry Slik, Rahayu Sukri, Yoshihisa Suyama, Shuichiro Tagane, Jan Wieringa, Tetsukazu Yahara & Damien Hinsinger
Natural history collections and tropical tree diversity are treasure troves of biological and evolutionary information, but its accessibility is impeded by several properties. DNA in historical specimens generally occurs in a highly fragmented state, complicating the recovery of high-grade genetic material for scientific studies. Our understanding of hyperdiverse, wide-spread tree assemblages suffers from patchy information on distributions, phenology and paucity of diagnostic characters. This prohibits rapid identification and the strengthening of taxonomic frameworks and in...

Structural defence is coupled with the leaf economic spectrum across saplings of spiny species

Mohammed Armani, Uromi M. Goodale, Tristan Charles-Dominique, Kasey E. Barton, Xin Yao & Kyle W. Tomlinson
Given that the rate of resource capture constrains plant growth and defence, understanding the linkage between the leaf economic spectrum (LES) and defence and how it contributes to growth is central to predicting species performance. In spite of the prevalence of spiny plants in many plant communities, little is known about how the LES relates to defence and growth rate across these species. We grew 42 spiny species, from diverse environments, under common garden conditions...

The dataset of the BCZT ceramic characterizations

Lingyu Wan, Yaohui Chen, Daihua Chen, Liufang Meng, Huilu Yao, Junyi Zhai, Changlai Yuan, Devki N Talwar & Zhe Chuan Feng
All original data used in figures and tables of the manuscript are available in the dataset, which includes the XRD, variable temperature dielectric, room temperature frequency spectrum and ferroelectric performance measurements.A sol-gel method is employed for preparing high quality lead-free glass-ceramic samples (1-x) BCZT-x BBS – incorporating Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3 (BCZT) powder and Bi2O3-B2O3-SiO2 (BBS) glass doped additives with different values of x (x = 0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15). With the increase of BBS content, the polarization...

Seasonal changes in mixed-species bird flocks and anti-predator information

Eben Goodale & Demeng Jiang
Animals acquire information produced by other species to reduce uncertainty and avoid predators. Mixed-species flocks (MSFs) of birds are ubiquitous in forest ecosystems and structured, in part, around interspecific information transfer, with ‘nuclear’ species providing information that other species eavesdrop on. We hypothesized that in a seasonal tropical forest, the amount of information produced by birds about predation would be dynamic, and particularly would decrease inside MSFs when the nuclear species leave MSFs to breed....

Combined cues of male competition influence spermatozoal investment in a moth

Junyan Liu, Yujing Zhang, Xia-Lin Zheng, Xiong Zhao He & Qiao Wang
Male animals usually raise their sperm allocation after detecting sperm competition risk. To date, only a few studies have investigated the cues used by males to sense and respond to rivals. Yet, it is still largely unknown whether males respond to single or combined cues and whether they can increase their lifetime spermatozoal investment after a perception of rival cue(s). Here we postulate that males increase ejaculation and production of sperm after detecting combined cues...

Significant changes in bacterial communities associated with Pocillopora ingestion by CoTS: an important factor affecting the coral’s health state

Kefu Yu, Zhenjun Qin, Kefu Yu, Shuchang Chen, Biao Chen, Qiucui Yao, Xiaopeng Yu & Zhiheng Liao
Coral ingestion by crown-of-thorns starfish (CoTS) is an important cause of coral reef degradation, although the impacts of CoTS feeding on coral-associated communities are not well understood. Therefore, in this study, we analyzed the zooxanthellae density (ZD), bacterial community composition, and microbial-metagenomic functional capacities associated with Pocillopora corals in healthy portions and feeding scars, following CoTS feeding. The ZDs were significantly lower in the feeding scars, and the ZD-loss rate was 92.05% ± 2.12%. The...

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