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Multimodal Molecular Imaging of Human Kidney Tissue From a 58 Year Old White Female Donor

Jeffrey Spraggins, Elizabeth Neumann, Nathan Patterson, David Anderson, Kavya Sharman, Lukasz Migas, Jamie Allen, Maya Brewer, Jennifer Harvey, Haichun Yang, Raymond Harris, Agnes Fogo, Mark deCaestecker, Danielle Gutierrez, Richard Caprioli & Raf Van de Plas
Multimodal molecular imaging data collected from the Right Kidney of a 58 year old White Female donor by the Biomolecular Multimodal Imaging Center (BIOMC) at Vanderbilt University. BIOMIC is a Tissue Mapping Center that is part of the NIH funded Human Biomolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP). Datasets generated by BIOMIC combine MALDI imaging mass spectrometry with various microscopy modalities including autofluorescence and stained microscopy. Support was provided by the NIH Common Fund and National Institute of...

The Horizon 2020 project SURE: Deliverable 7.6 - Report on Optimal Design for Application of RJD

Elisabeth Peters, Olwijn Leeuwenburgh, D. Troost & Thomas Reinsch

Geothermie-Ressourcen unter vulkanischen Seen mit neuen Methoden erkunden

Maren Brehme
Geothermie wird als alternative Energiequelle immer wichtiger. Allerdings sind Erkundungsbohrungen aufwändig und damit teuer. Mit neuen Erkundungsmethoden lässt sich die Treffsicherheit dieser Bohrungen erhöhen und der Betrieb von Geothermie-Anlagen wirtschaftlicher und sicherer gestalten.

Fractures, fluids and hypogenic karsts: key features in carbonate reservoirs and aquifers

Giovanni Bertotti & Stephan de Hoop
Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands (1); Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil (2)

Karsts have been documented in a large number of hydrocarbon reservoirs but their origin has generally been attributed to meteoric processes. In the last years, however, it has been increasingly recognized that many of them have a hypogenic origin which implies that the CO2 and/or H2S responsible for carbonate dissolution come from deep sources transport being favoured...

DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation for the Publication and Citation of Research Data and Other Research Outputs v4.4

1 Introduction 1.1 The DataCite Consortium 1.2 DataCite Community Participation 1.3 The Metadata Schema 1.4 Version 4.4 Update 2 DataCite Metadata Properties 2.1 Overview 2.2 Citation 2.3 DataCite Properties 3 XML Example 4 XML Schema 5 Other DataCite Services Appendices Appendix 1: Controlled List Definitions Appendix 2: Earlier Version Update Notes Appendix 3: Standard values for unknown information Appendix 4: Version 4.1 Changes in support of software citation Appendix 5: FORCE11 Software Citation Principles Mapping

What's in a name: the release of Metadata Schema 4.4

Madeleine de Smaele & Isabel Bernal
Many things have happened since the DataCite Metadata Working Group last released a new version of its schema in the summer of 2019. Indeed, amongst a long list of transformations brought about by the ongoing global pandemic, the paramount importance...

A Manifesto for the Just City

Roberto Rocco

Stations as Nodes

Manuela Triggianese , Roberto Cavallo , Nacima Baron & Joran Kuijper

Mapping Wuhan

Henco Bekkering, Jiaxiu CAI, Joran Kuijper, Ke ZHANG & Wei CHEN

Middle Eocene terrestrial paleoweathering and climate evolution in the midlatitude Bohai Bay Basin of Eastern China

Di Chen, Xiongqi Pang, Kun Zhang, Guoyong Liu, Fujie Jiang, Liang Li, Youwei Wang, Min Li & Yang Liu
The middle Eocene is a key time period for understanding Cenozoic cooling of the global climate. In eastern Asia, this time period was marked by deposition of extensive mudstones, shales and interbedded siltstones, especially in the midlatitude Bohai Bay Basin. Still, midlatitude terrestrial records of climate evolution during the middle Eocene are rare. Here, we analyze a continuous, high-resolution record of this period using samples of the shales in the fourth submember of the third...

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