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Identify your affiliation with Metadata Schema 4.3

Robin Dasler & Madeleine de Smaele
The DataCite Metadata Schema is the basis for the metadata you submit to DataCite. It tells you the available fields and structure for your metadata records. Many of our members have told us that they’d really like to be able to include affiliation...

Data from: Workshop on reconstruction schemes for magnetic resonance data: summary of findings and recommendations

Esin Ozturk-Isik, Ian Marshall, Patryk Filipiak, Arnold J.V. Benjamin, Valia Guerra Ones, Rafael Ortiz Ramón, Maria Del C. Valdés Hernández & Arnold J. V. Benjamin
The high-fidelity reconstruction of compressed and low-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) data is essential for simultaneously improving patient care, accuracy in diagnosis and quality in clinical research. Sponsored by the Royal Society through the Newton Mobility Grant Scheme, we held a half-day workshop on reconstruction schemes for MR data on 17 August 2016 to discuss new ideas from related research fields that could be useful to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional reconstruction methods that have...

Data from: Seagrass coastal protection services reduced by invasive species expansion and megaherbivore grazing

Rebecca K. James, Marjolijn J. A. Christianen, Marieke Van Katwijk, Jaco De Smit, , Peter Herman & Tjeerd Bouma
1. Seagrasses provide an important ecosystem service by creating a stable erosion-resistant seabed that contributes to effective coastal protection. Variable morphologies and life history strategies, however, are likely to impact the sediment stabilisation capacity of different seagrass species. We question how opportunistic invasive species and increasing grazing by megaherbivores may alter sediment stabilisation services provided by established seagrass meadows, using the Caribbean as a case study. 2. Utilising two portable field-flumes that simulate unidirectional and...

Data from: Numerical simulations of targeted delivery of magnetic drug aerosols in the human upper and central respiratory system: a validation study

Sasa Kenjeres & Jimmy L. Tjin
In the present study, we investigate the concept of the targeted delivery of pharmaceutical drug aerosols in an anatomically realistic geometry of the human upper and central respiratory system. The geometry considered extends from the mouth inlet to the 8th generation of the bronchial bifurcations and is identical to the phantom model used in the experimental studies of [Banko {em et al.} (2015), Exp. Fluids, {bf 56} (117):1-12]. In our computer simulations, we combine the...

Multimodal Molecular Imaging of Human Kidney Tissue From a 66 Year Old White Female Donor

Jeffrey Spraggins, Elizabeth Neumann, Nathan Patterson, David Anderson, Kavya Sharman, Lukasz Migas, Jamie Allen, Maya Brewer, Jennifer Harvey, Haichun Yang, Raymond Harris, Agnes Fogo, Mark deCaestecker, Danielle Gutierrez, Richard Caprioli & Raf Van de Plas
Multimodal molecular imaging data collected from the Left Kidney of a 66 year old White Female donor by the Biomolecular Multimodal Imaging Center (BIOMC) at Vanderbilt University. BIOMIC is a Tissue Mapping Center that is part of the NIH funded Human Biomolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP). Datasets generated by BIOMIC combine MALDI imaging mass spectrometry with various microscopy modalities including autofluorescence and stained microscopy. Support was provided by the NIH Common Fund and National Institute of...

Supporting data - Twenty years of climate policy: G20 coverage increased, but important gaps remain

Leonardo Teodoro Ferreira Nascimento
Policy dataset supporting the manuscript 'Twenty year of climate policy: G20 coverage increased, but important gaps remain.'
Further documentation and the code used to prepare the data is found in the GitHub repository linked below.

More up to date data can be found at www.climatepolicydatabase.org

Culture and value trade-offs for successful entrepreneurship in Africa

J. Otto Kroesen & David J. Ndegwah
In Africa slowly but steadily a transformation is taking place in the management styles of enterprises. There is a trend towards more precise time management, more precision in dealing with increasingly sophisticated technology, more feedback from the bottom to the top in order to manage the processes properly, more professionalism and independence of the individual worker. This contribution makes two points: first, neither cultures nor the so-called mental states of individuals are ever static, but...

Data from observations of the role of water hyacinths in macroplastic transport and accumulation

Tim van Emmerik, Thuy-Chung Kieu-Le, Thanh Luan Nguyen, Anh Phung Ngoc & Louise Schreyers
This dataset presents the observations from a monitoring campaign conducted at Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam, in April-June 2020. The campaign focused on the Saigon river and aimed at quantifying the role of water hyacinths in macroplastic transport and accumulation. The first sheet pertains to the visual counting of floating macroplastic items from the Thu Thiem bridge at HCMC. It details the number of macroplastic items counted within water hyacinths (entangled) and outside (free-floating)....

Template scripts on Google Earth Engine to detect green tides on the foreshores of beaches using Landsat archive

Louise Schreyers
This github data repository gives access to template scripts to detect and monitor green tides on the foreshores of beaches using Landsat archive. The template provide examples for beaches in Northern Brittany, France. Two templates show how to estimate the green tide surfaces using Google Earth Engine Javascript. One template focuses on retrieving spectral signatures for certain point of interest on one image and export them in a chart.

An Overview of Interfaces for Automated Vehicles (inside/outside) (Deliverable D2.1 in the H2020 MSCA ITN project SHAPE-IT)

Natasha Merat, Yue Yang, Yee Mun Lee, Siri Hegna Berge, Nikol Figalova, Sarang Jokhio, Chen Peng, Naomi Mbelekani, Mohamed Nasser, Amna Pir Muhammad, Wilbert Tabone, Liu Yuan-Cheng, Martin Baumann & Jonas Bärgman

The Urbanisation of the Sea: From Concepts and Analysis to Design

Nancy Couling & Carola Hein

Technical Grey Literature at the Delft University of Technology Library

E.F. Gramsbergen
The Delft University of Technology Library (DUTL) plays an important role in the dissemination of GL among industry and research agencies in the Netherlands. Reports are obtained from approx. 150 organizations. Quality criteria have been developed for the further selection of this material. Growing market-awareness recently motivated a survey among major external (outside the Delft University of Technology) clients, regarding their information needs. The clear demand for report literature, which evident from the response, is...

Labelled high resolution point cloud dataset of 15 catenary arches in the Netherlands

Bram Ton
A small dataset containing 15 high resolution point clouds of catenary arches is provided. The number of points per arch ranges from 1.6 M to 11 M points. They have been manually labelled into 14 distinct classes. Please see the README for additional details.

International Symposium on Frontiers of Road and Airport Engineering - IFRAE 2021

DataCite to Dublin Core Mapping v4.4.

On the occasion of the release of v4.4 of the DataCite Metadata Schema its Metadata Working Group has updated the mapping to Dublin Core. This replaces the mapping in the Appendix of the DataCite-MetadataKernel v2.1. The mapping can be used to convert records described following version 4.4 of the DataCite Metadata Schema into records that comply with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Schema.

LIBER 2021: The Evolving Scholar – rethinking publishing

Nicoleta Nastase

Data to generate the figures in the article: Atomic fluctuations lifting the energy degeneracy in Si/SiGe quantum dots

Brian Paquelet Wuetz, Merritt Losert, Sebastian Koelling & Giordano Scappucci
The datasets contains the data necessary to generate figures in the article: Atomic fluctuations lifting the energy degeneracy in Si/SiGe quantum dots, published in Nature Communications. We report both text files containing the data and the script file (python or matlab) that is used to generate figure panels from the data file in the same folder. Specifically, we include experimental data for electrical characterisation of valley splitting in quantum dots from two-dimensional electron gases in...

Ports and Waterways – Navigating the changing world

Mark van Koningsveld

Data of the complete sequence of chloroplast genome of the Dendrobium chrysotoxum

yiwen cao
Among the many available reports on the chloroplast genomes of Dendrobium species, there are few reports on D. chrysotoxum. Therefore, this data reports for the first time the complete sequence of the chloroplast genome of D. chrysotoxum.

Self-Supervised Learning for Visual Obstacle Avoidance

Tom van Dijk van Dijk

Experimental data: Maximum thickness of non-buffer limited electro-active biofilms decreases at higher anode potentials

João Pedro Fontes Pereira, Guanxiong Wang, Bert Hamelers, Tom Sleutels & Annemiek ter Heijne
The data provided in these files have been generated/collected during the study on the effect of buffer on the development of electro-active biofilms (EABfs). These data contain measured current density, acetate concentrations, and biofilm development over time.

ProVerB: Dataset of Tools and Formats for Program Verification

Sophie Lathouwers & Vadim Zaytsev
ProVerB ProVerB, short for Program Verification Book, is a project aimed at explaining program verification tools to practicing software developers, and at helping them to find their way around the available tools, clearly and briefly summarising the main purpose of the tool, its current status, relations to other tools, etc. Notable parts of the artefact: Manually created dataset of semi-structured descriptions of tools and formats in the domain of program verification User-friendly browsable and interlinked...

High temperature aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES) in combination with geothermal heat production on the TU Delft campus: feasibility study and next steps

Stijn Beernink , Martin Bloemendal , Phil Vardon , Auke Barnhoorn & Niels Hartog
One of the most important actions to limit climate change is to decrease worldwide CO2 emissions. A large contributor to worldwide CO2 emissions is the production of heat. Therefore, the recently started transition from fossil based fuels to renewable heat sources is of great importance. Renewable heat sources like geothermal and solar energy often exhibit a temporal mismatch between the availability and demand of heat. Excess heat is available in summer while the heat demand...

Characterization and assessment of the mechanical properties of spruce foundation piles retrieved from bridges in Amsterdam

Giorgio Pagella, Geert Ravenshorst, Wolfgang Gard & Jan Willem van de Kuilen

Service designing for human relationships to positively enable social systemic change

Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer

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