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Data from: Alongshore variation in barnacle populations is determined by surfzone hydrodynamics

Alan L. Shanks, Steven G. Morgan, Jamie MacMahan, Ad J.H.M. Reniers & Ad J. H. M. Reniers
Larvae in the coastal ocean are transported toward shore by a variety of mechanisms. Crossing the surf zone is the last step in a shoreward migration and surf zones may act as semipermeable barriers altering delivery of larvae to the shore. We related variation in the structure of intertidal barnacle populations to surfzone width (surfzone hydrodynamics proxy), wave height, alongshore wind stress (upwelling proxy), solar radiation, and latitude at 40 rocky intertidal sites from San...

Culture and value trade-offs for successful entrepreneurship in Africa

J. Otto Kroesen & David J. Ndegwah
In Africa slowly but steadily a transformation is taking place in the management styles of enterprises. There is a trend towards more precise time management, more precision in dealing with increasingly sophisticated technology, more feedback from the bottom to the top in order to manage the processes properly, more professionalism and independence of the individual worker. This contribution makes two points: first, neither cultures nor the so-called mental states of individuals are ever static, but...

Data from: Numerical simulations of targeted delivery of magnetic drug aerosols in the human upper and central respiratory system: a validation study

Sasa Kenjeres & Jimmy L. Tjin
In the present study, we investigate the concept of the targeted delivery of pharmaceutical drug aerosols in an anatomically realistic geometry of the human upper and central respiratory system. The geometry considered extends from the mouth inlet to the 8th generation of the bronchial bifurcations and is identical to the phantom model used in the experimental studies of [Banko {em et al.} (2015), Exp. Fluids, {bf 56} (117):1-12]. In our computer simulations, we combine the...

Data from: Workshop on reconstruction schemes for magnetic resonance data: summary of findings and recommendations

Esin Ozturk-Isik, Ian Marshall, Patryk Filipiak, Arnold J.V. Benjamin, Valia Guerra Ones, Rafael Ortiz Ramón, Maria Del C. Valdés Hernández & Arnold J. V. Benjamin
The high-fidelity reconstruction of compressed and low-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) data is essential for simultaneously improving patient care, accuracy in diagnosis and quality in clinical research. Sponsored by the Royal Society through the Newton Mobility Grant Scheme, we held a half-day workshop on reconstruction schemes for MR data on 17 August 2016 to discuss new ideas from related research fields that could be useful to overcome the shortcomings of the conventional reconstruction methods that have...

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