23 Works

Introduction to Colloid Science

Claire Chassagne

Circular Composites

Jelle Joustra & Riel Bessai

Solid Earth applications of global gravity data: from submarines to satellites

Bart Root
Prof. Vening Meinesz opened up the oceans for high precision gravimetric observations. Today, his submarine adventures are an inspiration to my science and education in gravimetric research. We will follow him along his voyage aboard the K18, along which I will discuss several applications using global gravity field models. The theory of isostasy allows us the use the static gravity field to study GIA processes in Fennoscandia and North America. Also, observed crustal structure from...

Print on demand by TU Delft OPEN Publishing

Justus de Leeuwe

A Manifesto for the Just City

Roberto Rocco

Complex Coastal Systems

Jill H. Slinger & Susan Taljaard

Living Stations

Manuela Triggianese , Olindo Caso & Yagiz Söylev

TU Delft OPEN Publishing | 2021 Highlights

Frederique Belliard

Evolution and Modeling of the Carbonate-Clastic Permian system in the Jeffara Basin, Central Tunisia

Christos Kougioulis, Pierre-Olivier Bruna , Allard Willem Martinius , Ahmed Nasri , Ghofrane Laouini & Giovanni Bertotti
Permian deposits are found in outcrops and in the subsurface of Central Tunisia. Their sedimentary and stratigraphic characteristics and origin are not fully understood and represents the main focus of this work. Base level changes, location of the palaeo-coastline and stratigraphic architecture and sandstone connectivity of formations are insufficiently known. Answering these questions will impact future hydrocarbon exploration and improve the geological understanding of Tunisia. Seismic lines and well data of the Jeffara Basin have...

Urban Oases

Willemijn Wilms Floet

Recommendations for a minimal metadata set to aid harmonised discovery of learning resources

Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich, Katarzyna Biernacka, Michelle Brazas, Leyla Jael Castro, Nicola Fiore, Margareta Hellström, Emma Lazzeri, Ellen Leenarts, Paula Maria Martinez Lavanchy, Elizabeth Newbold, Amy Nurnberger, Esther Plomp, Lucia Vaira, Celia W.G. van Gelder & Angus Whyte
As part of the Education And Training On Handling Of Research Data IG activities, the Minimal Metadata for Learning Resources Focus Group recommends a minimal set of metadata for learning resources. By comparing and analyzing existing learning resource-related metadata schemas to find the overlaps, the group provides guidance on metadata elements that should be minimally required for purposes of learning resource discovery to those concerned with supporting or providing training resources. This set includes a...

Feasibility Study of Monitoring Delft Geothermal Project Using Land Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Method

Mahmoud Eltayieb , Dieter Werthmüller , Guy Drijkoningen & Evert Slob
Delft geothermal project (DAPwell) is a planned geothermal well doublet, where relatively cold water is going to be injected through one well into a low enthalpy geothermal reservoir to produce hot water from the other well. The volume of the cold water around the injection well will increase over time and, in the end, result in a thermal breakthrough. Thus, it is essential to trace the time-lapse change in the volume of the cold water...

Towards Improved Flood Defences

Matthijs Kok, Juliette Cortes Arevalo & Martijn Vos

Spatial Building Typology (Volume 2)

Hielkje Zijlstra , Lucca Fischer, Noah van Asselt & Tjeu de Gouw

Inclusive Stations

Manuela Triggianese & Yagiz Söylev

Stations as Nodes

Manuela Triggianese , Roberto Cavallo , Nacima Baron & Joran Kuijper

Mapping Wuhan

Henco Bekkering, Jiaxiu CAI, Joran Kuijper, Ke ZHANG & Wei CHEN

Characterization and assessment of the mechanical properties of spruce foundation piles retrieved from bridges in Amsterdam

Giorgio Pagella, Geert Ravenshorst, Wolfgang Gard & Jan Willem van de Kuilen

High temperature aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES) in combination with geothermal heat production on the TU Delft campus: feasibility study and next steps

Stijn Beernink , Martin Bloemendal , Phil Vardon , Auke Barnhoorn & Niels Hartog
One of the most important actions to limit climate change is to decrease worldwide CO2 emissions. A large contributor to worldwide CO2 emissions is the production of heat. Therefore, the recently started transition from fossil based fuels to renewable heat sources is of great importance. Renewable heat sources like geothermal and solar energy often exhibit a temporal mismatch between the availability and demand of heat. Excess heat is available in summer while the heat demand...

Service designing for human relationships to positively enable social systemic change

Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer

Self-Supervised Learning for Visual Obstacle Avoidance

Tom van Dijk van Dijk

Faludi Blogging: Chasing Territorialism

Andreas Faludi

Emergent behaviour in the energy transition

E.J.L. Chappin & R. Blomme

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