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Data from: Immunomics of the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus )

Kendra C. Abts, Jamie A. Ivy & J. Andrew DeWoody
The study of the koala transcriptome has the potential to advance our understanding of its immunome—immunological reaction of a given host to foreign antigens—and to help combat infectious diseases (e.g., chlamydiosis) that impede ongoing conservation efforts. We used Illumina sequencing of cDNA to characterize genes expressed in two different koala tissues of immunological importance, blood and spleen. We generated nearly 600 million raw sequence reads, and about 285 million of these were subsequently assembled and...

Data from: A genome-wide analysis of MADS-box genes in peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch]

Christina E. Wells, Elisa Vendramin, Sergio Jimenez Tarodo, Ignazio Verde & Douglas G. Bielenberg
BACKGROUND: MADS-box genes encode a family of eukaryotic transcription factors distinguished by the presence of a highly-conserved ~58 amino acid DNA-binding and dimerization domain (the MADS-box). The central role played by MADS-box genes in peach endodormancy regulation led us to examine this large gene family in more detail. We identified the locations and sequences of 79 MADS-box genes in peach, separated them into established subfamilies, and broadly surveyed their tissue-specific and dormancy-induced expression patterns using...

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  • 2015

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