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Data from: Combining niche-shift and population genetic analyses predicts rapid phenotypic evolution during invasion

Erik E. Sotka, Aaron W. Baumgardner, Paige M. Bippus, Claude Destombe, Elizabeth A. Duermit, Hikaru Endo, Ben A. Flanagan, Mits Kamiya, Lauren E. Lees, Courtney J. Murren, Masahiro Nakaoka, Sarah J. Shainker, Allan E. Strand, Ryuta Terada, Myriam Valero, Florian Weinberger, Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield & Christophe Destombe
Rapid evolution of non-native species can facilitate invasion success, but recent reviews indicate that such microevolution rarely yields expansion of the climatic niche in the introduced habitats. However, because some invasions originate from a geographically restricted portion of the native species range and its climatic niche, it is possible that the frequency, direction and magnitude of phenotypic evolution during invasion has been underestimated. We explored the utility of niche-shift analyses in the red seaweed Gracilaria...

Data from: Effects of partial selfing on the equilibrium genetic variance, mutation load and inbreeding depression under stabilizing selection

Diala Abu Awad & Denis Roze
The mating system of a species is expected to have important effects on its genetic diversity. In this paper, we explore the effects of partial selfing on the equilibrium genetic variance Vg, mutation load L and inbreeding depression δ under stabilizing selection acting on a arbitrary number n of quantitative traits coded by biallelic loci with additive effects. When the U/n ratio is low (where U is the total haploid mutation rate on selected traits)...

Data from: A new tealliocaridid crustacean from the Late Carboniferous of North China and its biogeographic implications

Qiang Yang, Pierre Gueriau, Sylvain Charbonnier, Dong Ren, Olivier Béthoux & Sylvain Charbonner
A new tealliocaridid eumalacostracan is described from the Late Carboniferous Tupo Formation (Ningxia, China). Laevitealliocaris xiaheyanensis gen. et sp. nov. is represented by a single specimen, characterised by the possession of a short rostrum without dorsal spine, a short postcervical carina and only one weak branchial carina, both tuberculate, and a short sixth pleonal somite. This is the first unequivocal record of tealliocaridids outside Euramerica, which occurrence along the eastern inner margin of the Palaeotethys...

Parkinson’s disease propagation using MRI biomarkers and partial least squares path modeling

Nadya Pyatigorskaya, Lydia Yahia Cherif, Romain Valabregue, Rahul Gaurav, Fatma Gargouri, Claire Ewenczyk, Cecile Gallea, Sara Fernandez-Vidal, Isabelle Arnulf, Marie Vidailhet & Stephane Lehericy
Objectives: The classical Braak neuropathological staging model in Parkinson's disease (PD) suggests that brain lesions progress from the medulla oblongata to the cortex. An alternative model in which neurodegeneration first occurs in the cortex has also been proposed. These two models may correspond to different patient phenotypes. To test these two models and investigate if they were influenced by the presence of rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD) we used multimodal MRI and Partial...

Data from: The sex chromosome system can influence the evolution of sex-biased dispersal

Thomas Brom, Manuel Massot & David Laloi
Sex-biased dispersal is a much-discussed feature in literature on dispersal. Diverse hypotheses have been proposed to explain the evolution of sex-biased dispersal, a difference in dispersal rate or dispersal distance between males and females. An early hypothesis has indicated that it may rely on the difference in sex chromosomes between males and females. However, this proposal was quickly rejected without a real assessment. We propose a new perspective on this hypothesis by investigating the evolution...

Data from: Embryonal life histories: desiccation plasticity and diapause in the Argentinean pearlfish Austrolebias bellottii

Tom J.M. Van Dooren, Irma Varela-Lasheras & Tom J. M. Van Dooren
Embryos of annual killifish diapause in soil egg banks while ponds are dry. Their rates of development and survival in different developmental stages determine the numbers and stages of embryos at rewetting. In the Argentinean pearlfish Austrolebias bellottii, we investigated plasticity for desiccation in such embryonal life history components across phases of mild desiccation and rewetting and also effects of life history on hatching. In comparison to non-annuals, our data suggest that incidences of diapause...

Data from: Serial homology and correlated characters in morphological phylogenetics: modeling the evolution of dental crests in placentals

Guillaume Billet & Jérémie Bardin
Accurate modeling of the complexity of morphological evolution is crucial for morphological phylogenetics and for performing tests on a wide variety of evolutionary scenarios. In this context, morphological integration and the problem of correlated categorical characters represent a major challenge. In particular, the magnitude and implications of correlations among serially homologous structures such as teeth have been much debated but were never tested statistically within a broad phylogenetic context. Here, we present a large-scale empirical...

Data from: Exceptional preservation requires fast biodegradation: thylacocephalan specimens from La Voulte‐sur‐Rhône (Callovian, Jurassic, France)

Clément Jauvion, Sylvain Bernard, Pierre Gueriau, Cristian Mocuta, Sylvain Pont, Karim Benzerara & Sylvain Charbonnier
Konservat-Lagerstätten are seen as snapshots of past biodiversity for a given location and time. Yet, processes leading to the exceptional morphological preservation of fossils in these deposits remain incompletely understood. This results in the deficient assessment of taphonomic biases and limits the robustness/relevance of palaeobiological reconstructions. Here, we report the mineralogical characterization of crustacean fossils preserved within carbonate-rich concretions from the Jurassic Konservat-Lagerstätte of La Voulte-sur-Rhône (Ardèche, France). The combination of SEM-EDS, TEM, synchrotron-based XRF,...

Data from: Transparency improves concealement in cryptically coloured moths

Mónica Arias, Marianne Elias, Christine Andraud, Serge Berthier & Doris Gomez
Predation is a ubiquitous and strong selective pressure on living organisms. Transparency is a predation defence widespread in water but rare on land. Some Lepidoptera display transparent patches combined with already cryptic opaque patches. A recent study showed that transparency reduced detectability of aposematic prey with conspicuous patches. However, whether transparency has any effect at reducing detectability of already cryptic prey is still unknown. We conducted field predation experiments with free avian predators where we...

Data from: Beyond dispersal versus philopatry? Alternative behavioural tactics of juvenile roe deer in a heterogeneous landscape

Delphine Ducros, Nicolas Morellet, Rémi Patin, Kamal Atmeh, Lucie Debeffe, Bruno Cargnelutti, Yannick Chaval, Bruno Lourtet, Aurélie Coulon & A. J. Mark Hewison
Although inter-individual heterogeneity in many aspects of dispersal behaviour is widely reported, this key life-history trait is predominantly modelled as a dichotomous state of philopatry vs. dispersal. The increasing body of evidence for dispersal syndromes (i.e. a suite of correlated morphological, behavioural, and life-history traits associated with dispersal) implies substantial but, to date, undocumented individual heterogeneity in behavioural tactics during dispersal. Using a large sample (N = 154) of GPS monitored juvenile roe deer (Capreolus...

Data from: Developmental constraints and resource environment shape early emergence and investment in spines in saplings

Mohammed Armani, Tristan Charles-Dominique, Kasey E. Barton & Kyle W. Tomlinson
Abstract Background and Aims Herbivory by large mammals imposes a critical recruitment bottleneck on plants in many systems. Spines defend plants against large herbivores and how early they emerge in saplings may be one of the strongest predictors of sapling survival in herbivore-rich environments. Yet little effort has been directed at understanding the variability in spine emergence across saplings. Methods We present a multi-species study examining whether and how sapling size,spine type and species’ environmental...

Data from: Kin relationships in cultural species of the marine realm: case study of a matrilineal social group of sperm whales off Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean

Jean-Luc Jung, François Sarano, Justine Girardet, Véronique Sarano, Hugues Vitry, Axel Preud'homme, René Heuzey, Ana Maria Garcia Cegarra, Bénédicte Madon, Fabienne Delfour, Hervé Glotin & Olivier Adam
Understanding the organization and dynamics of social groups of marine mammals through the study of kin relationships is particularly challenging. Here we studied a stable social group of sperm whales off Mauritius, using underwater observations, individual-specific identification, non-invasive sampling, and genetic analyses based on mitochondrial sequencing and microsatellite profiling. Twenty-four sperm whales were sampled between 2017 and 2019. All individuals except one adult female shared the same mtDNA haplotype—one that is rare in the Western...

L’élection présidentielle en Argentine et les défis de l’alternance (Les Études du CERI, n°245-246)

Dario Rodriguez
L’alternance, consacrée par la victoire d’Alberto Fernández, candidat du Front de tous (FdT) lors de l’élection présidentielle du 27 octobre 2019, confirme que la consolidation de la démocratie argentine poursuit son cours. Dans un contexte national marqué par une profonde crise économique, une situation sociale de plus en plus alarmante et une scène régionale caractérisée par des crises institutionnelles récurrentes, le déroulement de cette élection est la preuve – une fois de plus – de...

IASI-FT Sea Surface Temperature (from IASI/Metop-C)

Ana Claudia Parracho & Sarah Safieddine
The IASI Sea Surface Temperature (SST) product is a monthly (level L3), 1×1 degree global dataset of skin temperatures over the sea derived from the IASI satellite radiances data. The dataset consists of monthly mean TXT files. Each file is a grid organized by latitude (-90 to 89 °N) and longitude (-180 to 180 °E). The land and sea ice grid points are filled using NaN. Size of the grid: 180 lines and 361 columns....

IASI Atmospheric Temperature Profiles (ATP) from IASI/Metop-B

Marie Bouillon
The IASI atmospheric temperature profiles product (IASI ATP) is a daily 1°x1° global dataset of atmospheric temperatures derived from all IASI radiance observations. The temperatures profiles are given on 11 static pressure levels from 750 to 2 hPa. The method used to retrieve atmospheric temperatures from IASI radiances is detailed in Bouillon et al., 2021 (to be submitted very soon). It relies on an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) trained with 450 000 observations (IASI observations...

SOLAR-v: A new solar spectral irradiance dataset based on SOLAR/SOLSPEC observations during Solar Cycle 24

Mustapha Meftah
Variations of solar spectral irradiance are the most important natural factor in the terrestrial climate and as such, the time dependent spectral solar irradiance is a crucial input to any climate modelling. A better understanding of the long-term solar variations over timescales of the 11-year solar activity cycle and longer is very important. Thus, each new solar spectral irradiance dataset based on long-term observations represents a major interest and can be used for further investigations...

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Origin, diversity, and biogeography of Antarctic scale worms (Polychaeta: Polynoidae): a wide-scale barcoding approach

Dominique Cowart, Stefano Schiaparelli, Maria Chiara Alvaro, Matteo Cecchetto, Anne-Sophie Le Port, Didier Jollivet & Stéphane Hourdez
Aim: The Antarctic marine environment hosts diversified and highly endemic benthos owing to its unique geologic and climatic history. Current warming trends have increased the urgency of understanding Antarctic species history to predict how environmental changes will impact ecosystem functioning. Antarctic benthic lineages have traditionally been examined under three hypotheses: 1) high endemism and local radiation, 2) emergence of deep-sea taxa through thermohaline circulation, 3) species migrations across the Polar Front. In this study, we...

Plant root growth against a mechanical obstacle: The early growth response of a maize root facing an axial resistance is consistent with the Lockhart model

Evelyne Kolb, Manon Quiros, Marie-Béatrice Bogeat-Triboulot & Etienne Couturier
Plant root growth is dramatically reduced in compacted soils, affecting the growth of the whole plant. Through a model experiment coupling force and kinematics measurements, we probed the force-growth relationship of a primary root contacting a stiff resisting obstacle, that mimics the strongest soil impedance variation encountered by a growing root. The growth of maize roots just emerging from a corseting agarose gel and contacting a force sensor (acting as an obstacle) was monitored by...

Paleohistological inferences of thermometabolic regimes in Notosuchia

Jorge Cubo, Paul Aubier, Mathieu Faure-Brac, Gaspard Martet, Romain Pellarin, Idriss Pelletan & Mariana Sena
Notosuchia is a group of mostly terrestrial crocodyliforms. The presence of a prominent crest overhanging the acetabulum, slender straight-shafted long bones with muscular insertions close to the joints, and a stable knee joint, suggests that they had an erect posture. This stance has been proposed to be linked to endothermy because it is present in mammals and birds, and it contributes to the efficiency of their respiratory systems. However, a bone paleohistological study unexpectedly suggested...

Regression modelling of interval censored data based on the adaptive ridge procedure

Olivier Bouaziz, Eva Lauridsen & Grégory Nuel
A new method for the analysis of time to ankylosis complication on a dataset of replanted teeth is proposed. In this context of left-censored, interval-censored and right-censored data, a Cox model with piecewise constant baseline hazard is introduced. Estimation is carried out with the expectation maximisation (EM) algorithm by treating the true event times as unobserved variables. This estimation procedure is shown to produce a block diagonal Hessian matrix of the baseline parameters. Taking advantage...

Retrospective analysis of SARS-CoV-2 omicron invasion over delta in French regions in 2021–22: a status-based multi-variant model

Thomas Haschka, Elisabeta Vergu, Benjamin Roche, Chiara Poletto & Lulla Opatowski
Abstract Background SARS-CoV-2 is a rapidly spreading disease affecting human life and the economy on a global scale. The disease has caused so far more then 5.5 million deaths. The omicron outbreak that emerged in Botswana in the south of Africa spread around the globe at further increased rates, and caused unprecedented SARS-CoV-2 infection incidences in several countries. At the start of December 2021 the first omicron cases were reported in France. Methods In this...

Additional file 2 of Parallel evolution of amphioxus and vertebrate small-scale gene duplications

Marina Brasó-Vives, Ferdinand Marlétaz, Amina Echchiki, Federica Mantica, Rafael D. Acemel, José L. Gómez-Skarmeta, Diego A. Hartasánchez, Lorlane Le Targa, Pierre Pontarotti, Juan J. Tena, Ignacio Maeso, Hector Escriva, Manuel Irimia & Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Additional file 2: Figure S1. BraLan3 genome assembly and annotation quality comparison. Drer, Ggal, Mmus, Hsap, Bflo and Bbel correspond to the latest available genome assemblies for zebrafish, chicken, mouse, human, Florida amphioxus (B. floridae) and an Asian amphioxus (B. belcheri), respectively (see Methods). Blan2 corresponds to the latest genome reference for the European amphioxus previous to this publication [8] and Blan3 corresponds to BraLan3, the genome reference for the European amphioxus presented in this...

Additional file 3 of Parallel evolution of amphioxus and vertebrate small-scale gene duplications

Marina Brasó-Vives, Ferdinand Marlétaz, Amina Echchiki, Federica Mantica, Rafael D. Acemel, José L. Gómez-Skarmeta, Diego A. Hartasánchez, Lorlane Le Targa, Pierre Pontarotti, Juan J. Tena, Ignacio Maeso, Hector Escriva, Manuel Irimia & Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Additional file 3. Supplementary Note 1.

Additional file 4 of Parallel evolution of amphioxus and vertebrate small-scale gene duplications

Marina Brasó-Vives, Ferdinand Marlétaz, Amina Echchiki, Federica Mantica, Rafael D. Acemel, José L. Gómez-Skarmeta, Diego A. Hartasánchez, Lorlane Le Targa, Pierre Pontarotti, Juan J. Tena, Ignacio Maeso, Hector Escriva, Manuel Irimia & Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Additional file 4. Review history.

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