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Data from: Onshore-offshore gradient in metacommunity turnover emerges only over macroevolutionary time scales

Adam Tomašových, Stefano Dominici, Martin Zuschin & Didier Merle
Invertebrate lineages tend to originate and become extinct at a higher rate in onshore than in offshore habitats over long temporal durations (more than 10 Myr), but it remains unclear whether this pattern scales down to durations of stages (less than 5 Myr) or even sequences (less than 0.5 Myr). We assess whether onshore–offshore gradients in long-term turnover between the tropical Eocene and the warm-temperate Plio-Pleistocene can be extrapolated from gradients in short-term turnover, using...

Data from: Genetic architecture of inbreeding depression and the maintenance of gametophytic self-incompatibility

Camille Elsa Gervais, Diala Abu Awad, Denis Roze, Vincent Castric, Sylvain Billiard & Camille Gervais
Gametophytic self-incompatibility is a widespread genetic system, which enables hermaphroditic plants to avoid self-fertilization and mating with close relatives. Inbreeding depression is thought to be the major force maintaining self-incompatibility; however, inbreeding depression is a dynamical variable that depends in particular on the mating system. In this paper we use multilocus, individual based simulations to examine the co-evolution of self-incompatibility and inbreeding depression within finite populations. We focus on the conditions for the maintenance of...

Data from: Contrasting genetic diversity patterns in two sister kelp species co-distributed along the coast of Brittany, France

Marine Robuchon, Line Le Gall, Stéphane Mauger & Myriam Valero
We investigated patterns of genetic structure in two sister kelp species to explore how distribution width along the shore, zonation, latitudinal distribution and historical factors contribute to contrasting patterns of genetic diversity. We implemented a hierarchical sampling scheme to compare patterns of genetic diversity and structure in these two kelp species co-distributed along the coasts of Brittany (France) using a total of 12 microsatellites, 9 for Laminaria hyperborea and 11 for Laminaria digitata, of which...

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  • 2014

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  • Sorbonne University
  • French National Centre for Scientific Research
  • Georgia Tech-CNRS Laboratory
  • Adaptation and Diversity in the Marine Environment
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • University of Vienna