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Data from: Phylogenetic analyses unravel the evolutionary history of NAC proteins in plants

Tingting Zhu, Eviatar Nevo, Dongfa Sun & Junhua Peng
NAC (NAM/ATAF/CUC) proteins are one of the largest groups of transcription factors in plants. Although many NAC proteins based on Arabidopsis and rice genomes have been reported in a number of species, a complete survey and classification of all NAC genes in plant species from disparate evolutionary groups is lacking. In this study, we analyzed whole-genome sequences from nine major lineages of land plants in order to unveil the relationships between these proteins. Our results...

Data from: Islands and streams: clusters and gene flow in wild barley populations from the Levant

Sariel Hübner, Torsten Günther, Andrew Flavell, Eyal Fridman, Andreas Graner, Abraham Korol & Karl J. Schmid
The domestication of plants frequently results in a high level of genetic differentiation between domesticated plants and their wild progenitors. This process is counteracted by gene flow between wild and domesticated plants because they are usually able to inter-mate and to exchange genes. We investigated the extent of gene flow between wild barley Hordeum spontaneum and cultivated barley Hordeum vulgare, and its effect on population structure in wild barley by analyzing a collection of 896...

Data from: Desiccation resistance and mating behavior in laboratory populations of Drosophila simulans originating from the opposing slopes of Lower Nahal Oren (Israel)

Eran Gefen & Orit Brendzel
Lower Nahal Oren in Northern Israel, often referred to as "Evolution Canyon", has been proposed as a microscale model site for ecological evolution. However, conflicting mating assay and stress-resistance contribute to controversy over the Nahal Oren model. In this study we further tested the Nahal Oren model, while extending its focus from Drosophila melanogaster to its sister species, D. simulans. Using fly populations derived from the opposing canyon slopes and acclimated to laboratory conditions for...

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  • 2011

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  • University of Haifa
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  • Huazhong Agricultural University
  • Wuhan Botanical Garden
  • Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research
  • University of Dundee
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