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Data from: SSR Markers for Filago subgen. Filago (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae) and cross-amplification in three other subgenera

David Gutiérrez-Larruscain, Teresa Malvar Ferreras, M. Montserrat Martínez-Ortega, Enrique Rico, Santiago Andrés-Sánchez & Davi Larruscain
• Premise of the study: Microsatellite primers were developed for the first time in the genus Filago (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae). These markers will facilitate low-scale phylogenetic, phylogeographic and population genetics studies within the genus Filago. • Methods and Results: Nine pairs of microsatellite primers were identified and optimized on two species of Filago using a microsatellite-enrichment library method and 454 GS-FLX technique. The set of primers amplified tri- to hexanucleotide repeats, and showed one to six...

Data from: Facilitation beyond species richness

Julia Vega-Álvarez, José Antonio García Rodríguez & Luis Cayuela
1. Facilitation studies have previously focused on the effects of plant-plant interactions on species richness and, more recently, on functional traits or phylogenetic aspects. Little is known, however, about the simultaneous effects that facilitation have on overall biodiversity, jointly considering taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity. 2. In this study, we investigated shrub facilitation on herb communities in a Mediterranean grassland over a 9-year period (2007-2015), each year representing different water availability conditions. Taxonomic, functional and...

Data from: Input matters matter: bioclimatic consistency to map more reliable species distribution models

Jennifer Morales-Barbero & Julia Vega-Álvarez
1. Accuracy of global bioclimatic databases is essential to understand biodiversity-environment relationships. Many studies have explored biases and uncertainties related to species distribution models (SDMs) but the effect of choosing a specific database among the different alternatives has not been previously assessed. 2. The lack of bioclimatic congruence (degree of agreement) between different databases is a main concern in distribution modelling and it is critical in single-source models, for which the database choice is decisive....

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  • 2018

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