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Data from: Soil organic matter quantity and quality shape microbial community compositions of subtropical broadleaved forests

Junjun Ding, Yuguang Zhang, Mengmeng Wang, Xin Sun, Jing Cong, Ye Deng, Hui Lu, Tong Yuan, Joy D. Van Nostrand, Diqiang Li, Jizhong Zhou & Yunfeng Yang
As two major forest types in the subtropics, broadleaved evergreen and broadleaved deciduous forests have long interested ecologists. However, little is known about their belowground ecosystems despite their ecological importance in driving biogeochemical cycling. Here, we used Illumina MiSeq sequencing targeting 16S rRNA gene and a microarray named GeoChip targeting functional genes to analyse microbial communities in broadleaved evergreen and deciduous forest soils of Shennongjia Mountain of Central China, a region known as ‘The Oriental...

Data from: A database to enable discovery and design of piezoelectric materials

Maarten De Jong, Wei Chen, Henry Geerlings, Mark Asta & Kristin Persson
Piezoelectric materials are used in numerous applications requiring a coupling between electrical fields and mechanical strain. Despite the technological importance of this class of materials, for only a small fraction of all inorganic compounds which display compatible crystallographic symmetry, has piezoelectricity been characterized experimentally or computationally. In this work we employ first-principles calculations based on density functional perturbation theory to compute the piezoelectric tensors for nearly a thousand compounds, thereby increasing the available data for...

Data from: Agricultural intensification and the functional capacity of soil microbes on smallholder African farms

Stephen A. Wood, Mark A. Bradford, Jack A. Gilbert, Krista L. McGuire, Cheryl A. Palm, Katherine L. Tully, Jizhong Zhou & Shahid Naeem
1. Fertilization may impact ecosystem processes that sustain agriculture, such as nutrient cycling, by altering the composition of soil microbial communities that regulate such processes. These processes are crucial to low-input, smallholder tropical agriculture, which supports 900 million of the world's poorest people. Yet little is known about how efforts to increase crop yield on such farms will affect the capacity of soil microbial communities to carry out ecosystem processes. 2. We studied the diversity...

Data from: Charting the complete elastic properties of inorganic crystalline compounds

Maarten De Jong, Wei Chen, Thomas Angsten, Anubhav Jain, Randy Notestine, Anthony Gamst, Marcel Sluiter, Chaitanya Krishna Ande, Sybrand Van Der Zwaag, Jose J. Plata, Cormac Toher, Stefano Curtarolo, Gerbrand Ceder, Kristin A. Persson & Mark Asta
The elastic constant tensor of an inorganic compound provides a complete description of the response of the material to external stresses in the elastic limit. It thus provides fundamental insight into the nature of the bonding in the material, and it is known to correlate with many mechanical properties. Despite the importance of the elastic constant tensor, it has been measured for a very small fraction of all known inorganic compounds, a situation that limits...

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