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TIER Protocol 4.0: Template

Norm Medeiros, Richard Ball & Teresa N Bui
This project is designed to support Haverford College economics majors who produce empirical theses. The structure is based on the TIER Documentation Protocol, version 4.0. Additional information about Project TIER is available at http://projecttier.org

Supporting Open Science Data Curation, Preservation, and Access by Libraries

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Bryan Newbold, Reid Boehm, Emily Bongiovanni, Courtney Butler, Brian Cain, Matthew Chandler, Anna Dabrowski, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Carolyn Jackson, Agnes Jasinska, Courtney Kearney, Neggin Keshavarzian, Russell Koonts, Ali Krzton, Young-Joo Lee, Lora Lennertz, Mary Leverance, Laniece Miller, Rohit Patil, Jennifer Patino, Abigail Pennington, Sara Sacks, Mara Sedlins … & Amy Yarnell
Openness in research can lead to greater reproducibility, an accelerated pace of discovery, and decreased redundancy of effort. In addition, open research ensures equitable access to knowledge and the ability for any community to assess, interrogate, and build upon prior work. In order for research to succeed, openness and reproducibility are required. In turn, this requires open infrastructure and distributed access; but few institutions can provide all of these services alone. Providing a trustworthy network...

Calcineurin inhibitors in the treatment of primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis: a protocol of systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Enlai Dai, , Bao Dan & Shuwen Li
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a leading cause of kidney diseases worldwide. The prevalence of FSGS, relative to other glomerular disease diagnoses, seems to be increasing worldwide, and it is a major contributor to end-stage renal disease (ESRD). In 2011, McGrogan et al. reported an annual incidence rates of FSGS as 0.2 to 1.8/100, 000 population per year by reviewing literature worldwide.

Cortical Thickness in Bilingual and Monolingual Children: Relationships to Language Use and Language Skill

Kelly Vaughn, My Nguyen & Juliana Ronderos

Analysis Scripts

Olivia Miske, Zachary Loomas, Nicole Pfeiffer & Eric Olson

Managing, Registering, and Sharing Data with OSF

Roberto Herrejon

TOP Guidelines and TOP Factor

Daniel Steger, Eric Olson, Mark Call, Nicole Pfeiffer, Amanda Staller & Alexis Rice
The Transparency and Open Promotion (TOP) Guidelines are eight modular recommendations and standards (with varying levels of stringency) for journals and funders to incentivize open science practices. TOP Factor is a transparent evaluation rubric showing the degree of a journal or funder's implementation of and compliance with TOP Guidelines. Visit cos.io/top to view the TOP Guidelines and for more resources for implementing TOP.

Lightning Talk Session E

Nicholas Fox, Keven Joyal-Desmarais, Pranujan Pathmendra, Dominique Roche, Simon Schwab & Joshua Wallach

Cross-Group Threat Transfer

Karina Korostelina
This research seeks to develop a new theory of cross-group threat transfer, which conceptualizes how threats attributed to an outgroup can be transferred to other groups or to a broader social category. To test and further develop this theory, research will be conducted in the United States (U.S.) on two cases. The first case will examines the extent to which symbolic and realistic threats attributed to rioters who engaged in violence surrounding the summer 2020...

Impact of target’s race and gender on judgments of social and moral norm violations.

Malik Boykin, Bertram Malle, Vincent Rice, Boyoung Kim & Salomi Aladia
We are preregistering an initial study intended to start a new research program. This study will help us determine how long the designed study takes, whether stimuli and measures are well received and show reasonable inter-judge agreement, what potential effect sizes might be for questions of interest and therefore what sample sizes are suitable for the first primary study. We are documenting the basic features of the study, some research questions of interest, some hypotheses,...

METHODS Toolmakers, 04/08/2021

Eric Olson

nlrl project

Boyoung Kim

Mammals adjust diel activity across gradients of urbanization

Travis Gallo, Mason Fidino, Brian Gerber, Adam Ahlers, Julia Angstmann, Max Amaya, Amy Concilio, David Drake, Danielle Gray, Elizabeth Lehrer, Maureen Murray, Travis Ryan, Colleen St. Clair, Carmen Salsbury, Heather Sander, Theodore Stankowich, Jaque Williamson, Amy Belaire, Kelly Simone & Seth Magle
Time is a fundamental component of ecological processes. How animal behavior changes over time has been explored through well-known ecological theories like niche partitioning and predator-prey dynamics. Yet, changes in animal behavior within the shorter 24-hour light-dark cycle have largely gone unstudied. Understanding if an animal can adjust their temporal activity to mitigate or adapt to environmental change has become a recent topic of discussion and is important for effective wildlife management and conservation. While...

Does colour impact responses to images in geckos?

Ylenia Chiari, Nathan Katlein, Miranda Ray, Anna Wilkinson, Julien Claude, Maria Kiskowski, Bin Wang & Scott Glaberman
Animals are exposed to different visual stimuli that influence how they perceive and interact with their environment. Visual information such as shape and colour can help the animal detect, discriminate and make appropriate behavioural decisions for mate selection, communication, camouflage, and foraging. In all major vertebrate groups, it has been shown that certain species can discriminate and prefer certain colours and that colours may increase the response to a stimulus. However, since colour is often...

Data from: Maintenance of local adaptation despite gene flow in a coastal songbird

Jonathan D. Clark, David A. Luther, Phred M. Benham, Jesus E. Maldonado & Haw Chuan Lim
Adaptation to local environments is common in widespread species and the basis of ecological speciation. The song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) is a widespread, polytypic passerine that occurs in shrubland habitats throughout North America. We examined the population structure of two parapatric subspecies that inhabit different environments: the Atlantic song sparrow (M. m. atlantica), a coastal specialist; and the eastern song sparrow (M. m. melodia), a shrubland generalist. These populations lacked clear mitochondrial population structure, yet...

Peak-End Rule Meta-Analysis

Balca Alaybek, Reeshad Dalal & Shea Fyffe
This project includes the data files and the code that were used to conduct the meta-analysis entitled "All’s Well That Ends (and Peaks) Well? A Meta-Analysis of the Peak-End Rule and Duration Neglect." The "Peak-End Meta-Analysis Description of Files" document provides detailed information about the files included in this OSF project.

Analysis Scripts

Eric Olson

OSF New Member Resources

Eric Olson
Resources to enable open science and OSF practices for institutions, projects, and scholars.

Hybridization and low genetic diversity in the endangered Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle (Pseudemys alabamensis)

Ylenia Chiari, Nickolas Moreno, Andrew Heaton, Kaylin Bruening, Emma Milligan, David Nelson & Scott Glaberman
Pseudemys alabamensis is one of the most endangered freshwater turtle species in the United States due to its restricted geographic distribution in coastal Alabama and Mississippi. Populations of P. alabamensis are geographically isolated from one another by land and salt water, which could act as barriers to gene flow. It is currently unknown how differentiated these isolated populations are from one another and whether they have experienced reductions in population size. Previous work found morphological...

OSF Overview, Charleston Conference 2022

Eric Olson
OSF: A free, open source online research platform, designed to support researchers to openly, and transparently share their work at all stages of the research lifecycle.

Trust under pressure

Can Zhang, Yulei Rao, Jianxin Wang & Daniel Houser
The impact of time-pressure on pro-social decisions has received substantial recent attention ( Rand et al., 2014, 2012). While the impact of time pressure on trusting decisions has not yet been studied. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the role of time pressure on trust.

Additional file 2 of Phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) and sand fly-borne pathogens in the Greater Mekong Subregion: a systematic review

John Hustedt, Didot Budi Prasetyo, Jodi M. Fiorenzano, Michael E. von Fricken & Jeffrey C. Hertz
Additional file 2: Table S2. Bartonellosis reported in animals.

Additional file 3 of Phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) and sand fly-borne pathogens in the Greater Mekong Subregion: a systematic review

John Hustedt, Didot Budi Prasetyo, Jodi M. Fiorenzano, Michael E. von Fricken & Jeffrey C. Hertz
Additional file 3: Table S3. Data extracted from the entomology papers included in this review.

Territoriality varies across elevation in a Hawaiian songbird

Gabrielle R. Names, Thomas P. Hahn, John C. Wingfield & Kathleen E. Hunt
Reproductive territoriality can be influenced by external and internal variables. Trade-offs between reproductive behaviors and other costly biological processes, such as immunity, exist across taxa, but the effects of novel diseases on these trade-offs remain poorly understood. Since the introduction of avian malaria to Hawaii in the early 1900s, low elevation Hawaii Amakihi (Chlorodrepanis virens) populations, which have undergone strong selection by the disease, have evolved increased malaria resilience. However, the effects of malaria selection...

The need for larval source management accompanying urban development projects in malaria endemic areas: a case study on Bioko Island

Guillermo A. García, Godwin Fuseini, Olivier Tresor Donfack, Rachel N. Wofford, Jose Antonio Mba Nlang, Prudencio Bibang Efiri, Valeriano Oluy Nsue Maye, Thomas A. Weppelmann, David Galick, Wonder Philip Phiri, Kylie DeBoer, Jordan M. Smith, Jeremias Nzamio Mba Eyono, Matilde Riloha Rivas, Carlos A. Guerra & Michael E. von Fricken
Abstract Background In 2017, several new housing districts were constructed on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. This case study assessed the impact construction projects had on mosquito larval habitats and the effectiveness of larval source management in reducing malaria vector density within the surrounding area. Methods Anopheline larval presence was assessed at 11 new construction sites by the proportion of larval habitats containing Anopheline pupae and late instar larval stages. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) larvicide was...

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