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Data from: Vertical sexual habitat segregation in a wintering migratory songbird

Nathan Cooper, Mark Thomas & Peter Marra
Sexual habitat segregation during the wintering period is a widespread phenomenon and has important implications for the ecology and conservation of migratory birds. We studied Black-and-white Warblers (Mniotilta varia) wintering in second-growth scrub and old-growth mangrove forest in Jamaica to quantify sexual habitat segregation and explore whether patterns of habitat occupation have consequences on physical condition. We then used this information along with a body size analysis and simulated territorial intrusions to assess whether behavioral...

Valuing Cooperation and Constructive Controversy: A Tribute to David W. Johnson

Dean Tjosvold, Daniel Druckman, Roger Johnson, Karl Smith & Cary Roseth

Climate Matters in the Newsroom: A 2020 Census Survey of Society of Environmental Journalists Members

Edward W. Maibach, William A. Yagatich, Amanda C. Borth, Eryn Campbell, Shaelyn M. Patzer, Kristin Timm, Richard T. Craig &

Data from: Long-term change in the avifauna of undisturbed Amazonian rainforest: Ground-foraging birds disappear and the baseline shifts

Cameron Rutt, Philip Stouffer, Vitek Jirinec, Richard Bierregaard, Angélica Hernández-Palma, Erik Johnson, Stephen Midway, Luke Powell, Jared Wolfe & Thomas Lovejoy
How are rainforest birds faring in the Anthropocene? We use bird captures spanning >35 years from 55 sites within a vast area of intact Amazonian rainforest to reveal reduced abundance of terrestrial and near-ground insectivores in the absence of deforestation, edge effects, or other direct anthropogenic landscape change. Because undisturbed forest includes far fewer terrestrial and near-ground insectivores than it did historically, today’s fragments and second growth are more impoverished than shown by comparisons with...


Clark Kent

How Do You Pay? The Role of Incentives at the Point-of-Sale

Carlos Arango, Kim Huynh & Leonard Sabetti
This paper uses discrete-choice models to quantify the role of consumer socioeconomic characteristics, payment instrument attributes, and transaction features on the probability of using cash, debit card, or credit card at the point-of-sale. We use the Bank of Canada 2009 Method of Payment Survey, a two-part survey among adult Canadians containing a detailed questionnaire and a three-day shopping diary. We find that cash is still used intensively at low value transactions due to speed, merchant...

The Impact of Retail Payment Innovations on Cash Usage

Ben S. C. Fung, Kim Huynh & Leonard Sabetti
Many predict that innovations in retail payment may render cash obsolete. We investigate this possibility in the context of recent payment innovations such as contactless-credit and stored-value cards. We apply causal inference methods on the 2009 Bank of Canada Method of Payment survey, a representative sample of adult Canadians’ shopping behaviour for retail consumption over a three-day period. We find that using contactless credit cards and stored-value cards lead to a reduction in average cash...

Data from: Acoustic adaptation to city noise through vocal learning by a songbird

Dana Lynn Moseley, Graham Earnest Derryberry, Jennifer Nicole Phillips, Julie Elizabeth Danner, Raymond Michael Danner, David Andrew Luther & Elizabeth Perrault Derryberry
Anthropogenic noise imposes novel selection pressures, especially on species that communicate acoustically. Many animals – including insects, frogs, whales, and birds – produce sounds at higher frequencies in areas with low-frequency noise pollution. Although there is support for animals changing their vocalizations in real time in response to noise (i.e., immediate flexibility), other evolutionary mechanisms for animals that learn their vocalizations remain largely unexplored. We hypothesize that cultural selection for signal structures less masked by...

Datacite test

Eric Olson
Datacite test

Interoperability Intersection: Partnerships in Open Science Infrastructure

Eric Olson
Enabling interoperability throughout the research lifecycle often aligns with or is a key component of the missions of open source tool providers. Even before the introduction of the FAIR framework, open source tools and infrastructure have emphasized opportunities to connect the systems and workflows that researchers rely on so that research communication can be faster, more efficient, and more secure. OSF, like many of our friends in the open science infrastructure space, is strengthened both...

The Nature of Rehabilitation Programs to Improve Selected Musculoskeletal, Biomechanical, Functional, and Patient-reported Outcome Measures in Adult and Pediatric Athletes with ACL reconstruction: A Scoping Review

Joel Martin, Nelson Cortes, Nicholas Clark, Eddo Oladipo, Kelly Poretti & Navid Ghoddosi
Following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, patients commonly undergo prolonged rehabilitation (e.g., 9-12 months), but only a small proportion of individuals actually return to pre-injury sports activities. Therefore, research is needed to evaluate the nature and contribution of different components of rehabilitation programs. The purpose of this scoping review is to understand the variety of exercise prescriptions in rehabilitation programs that improve musculoskeletal, biomechanical, functional, or patient-reported outcome measures in athletes with ACL reconstruction. In...

OSF API Member Webinar

Eric Olson, Daniel Steger & Gretchen Gueguen
Webinar for OSFI Members on the OSF API and the potential for interoperability.

Literature Review

Olivia Miske, Zachary Loomas, Nicole Pfeiffer & Eric Olson

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Eric Olson & Kevin Schroeder

Banner Health OSF Playground

Amy Nadell, Angela Allen, Candice VaughanGriffin, Karen Johnson, Sara Knight, Noelle Trinder, Bryan Nugent, Carla Clark & Lopa Patel
The OSF is an open source project management tool that supports researchers throughout their entire project lifecycle. As a collaboration tool, OSF helps research teams work on projects privately or make the entire project publicly accessible for broad dissemination. As a workflow system, OSF enables connections to the many scientific tools researchers already use, streamlining their process and increasing efficiency. You may even use OSF as a portfolio tool for sharing your work with potential...

Supporting Open Science Data Curation, Preservation, and Access by Libraries

Eric Olson, Nicole Pfeiffer, Claire Riss, Jefferson Bailey & Lori Donovan
In this webinar, attendees will learn about both the technical and practical aspects of this collaborative project connecting the researcher tool OSF and the preservation system of Internet Archive. We will demonstrate how researchers can improve the openness and reproducibility of their research through preregistration, and how those preregistrations are preserved with Internet Archive. We will answer questions and seek to learn your needs and use cases for how this powerful workflow can support library...

Impact of target’s race and gender on judgments of social and moral norm violations.

Bertram Malle, Malik Boykin, Vincent Rice, Boyoung Kim & Salomi Aladia
We would like to document two small deviations to the original registration, before we look at the data that were collected two days ago.

Innovative Mechanisms for Marketing Health Insurance: A Three-Phase Study that Includes a Randomized Field Experiment

Wendy Epstein, Christopher Robertson, Hansoo Ko, Matthew Lyddon, Kevin Wilson & David Yokum
This study, conducted in partnership with Health Insurance Exchanges in Maryland and Rhode Island, will test the effectiveness of marketing messages with a 'generosity framing' as a market-based mechanism for increasing insurance uptake among eligible uninsured populations in those states. We will test a variety of messages involving a generosity framing (encompassing a range of related concepts including responsibility and social norming). The study will include three phases. First, we will conduct qualitative exploratory work...

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Eric Olson

Blame & Punishment Study

Boyoung Kim & Bertram Malle
Examine how illegality, severity, and intentionality of norm violations influence blame and punishment judgments.

Open Science and Reproducibility

Eric Olson


Eric Olson


Eric Olson

Literature Review

Eric Olson

Working Together: Bridging the Researcher-Practitioner Gap

William A Donohue & Daniel Druckman
In this article we share our professional experiences in bridging the gap between research and practice. These experiences are discussed from the standpoint of the roles of analyst-consultant and mediator-conciliator. Five research-practice areas are viewed through the lens of the former role: alliance dynamics, issue re-framing, sources of conflict, procedural justice, and turning points. Three areas are discussed from the latter perspective: goals and motivations, cognitive and motivational biases, and relationship development.Each theme is organized...

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