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A Case of HeartMate 3 Outflow Graft Twisting with Extraluminal Thrombosis: Is Computed Tomography Angiography Helpful?

Karim Saleb, Marianna Zagurovskaya, Michael Sekela & Maya Guglin
Twists in the outflow graft of the HeartMateTM 3 device (Abbott) have recently been described as a sporadic, late complication. We present a case with a unique combination of external compression of the HeartMate 3 outflow graft by a surgical scar compounded by thrombus formation in the space between the band relief and the outflow graft with associated twist of the outflow graft and severe flow limitation. Computed tomography angiogram (CTA) of the chest was...


Jeffrey Reed
Mentoring relationships have long been identified as a valuable means for supporting identity development in young adults and assisting these individuals in navigating life transitions. The guidance and stability afforded by mentoring relationships can be particularly beneficial to individuals undergoing transitions in their personal or professional lives, or both, and are thus well-suited to play a meaningful role in the lives of emerging adults. Emerging adults are also in a unique developmental stage in which...

Kentucky Geological Survey Landslide Inventory [2021-01]

Matt Crawford
The KGS landslide inventory provides the locations of known landslides and areas susceptible to debris flows. Various types of landslides are represented including slides, flows, rockfalls, and creep. The data are available as ArcGIS geodatabase feature classes. Landslide locations and associated attributes are compiled from Kentucky Geological Survey research, published maps, state and local government agencies, the public, and media reports. A confidence ranking system assigns a value to each feature. A description of the...


Japheth Gado
The world is presently faced with a sustainability crisis; it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the energy and material needs of a growing global population without depleting and polluting our planet. Greenhouse gases released from the continuous combustion of fossil fuels engender accelerated climate change, and plastic waste accumulates in the environment. There is need for a circular economy, where energy and materials are renewably derived from waste items, rather than by consuming limited...

Students, Research, and the Health of Appalachia

F. Douglas Scutchfield
The notion of publication in the peer-reviewed literature out of your doctoral or master’s thesis/dissertation or capstone is a characteristic of those who choose a career in the academy. This paper illustrates my pleasure by reflecting a student taking the additional step in research achievement by publishing results that contribute new knowledge to evidence-driven research and practice.

Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts 2016

KENTUCKY’S TRAFFIC COLLISION FACTS report is based on collision reports submitted to the Kentucky State Police Records Branch. As required by Kentucky Revised Statutes 189.635, “every law enforcement agency whose officers investigate a vehicle accident of which a report must be made...shall file a report of the accident...within ten days after investigation of the accident upon forms supplied by the bureau.” The stated purpose of this requirement is to utilize data on traffic collisions for...

Evidence-Based Music Therapy Treatment to Elevate Mood During Acute Stroke Care

Jessica Rushing
Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. with approximately 795,000 Americans experiencing a stroke each year. In addition to common difficulties with communication and physical impairments following stroke, psychosocial impacts warrant assessment and treatment. Experiencing a stroke can lead to depression, mood disorders, and difficulties with emotion regulation. It is well documented that post-stroke depression (PSD) affects a third of stroke survivors. Higher levels of depression and depressive symptoms are associated...

Discovery of Novel Pharmacotherapeutics for Substance Use Disorders

Na-Ra Lee
Substance use disorders are serious health concerns in the United States. Furthermore, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports a continuous increase in substance use disorders in the United States during the last 10 years. However, there are not many effective pharmacotherapeutics available for substance use disorders. The current dissertation is focused on research aimed at discovering pharmacotherapeutics for substance use disorders. First part of dissertation focused on discovering methamphetamine (METH) use disorder...

Visualizing Barrier Dune Topographic State Space and Inference of Resilience Properties

Li-Chih Hsu
The linkage between barrier island morphologies and dune topographies, vegetation, and biogeomorphic feedbacks, has been examined. The two-fold stability domain (i.e., overwash-resisting and overwash-reinforcing stability domains) model from case studies in a couple of islands along the Georgia Bight and Virginia coast has been proposed to examine the resilience properties in the barrier dune systems. Thus, there is a need to examine geographic variations in the dune topography among and within islands. Meanwhile, previous studies...

Encuentro Con la Precariedad

María Julia de León Hernández
In 2008, Spain’s financial crisis had a great impact on the primary sector on which the nation’s ‘economic miracle’ was founded: housing.Land speculation, the increase in housing construction, and easy loans had become one of the hallmarks of twenty-first-century Spanish identity. The crisis del ladrillo (“brick crisis”) plunged the national economy into chaos and condemned many Spanish citizens to job insecurity, loss of earning power, threat of eviction, and put them at high risk of...

Suicide Attitudes and Terror Mangement Theory

Athena Kheibari
Virtually every mental health problem carries stigma, but suicide appears to run so counter to our accumulative, achievement-oriented society, that it poses even greater threat of stigma. While suicide is inherently troubling in that it opposes the fundamental human instinct for self-preservation, the tendency to stigmatize and reject individuals affected by suicide appears to be counterproductive and excessive. Hence, the purpose of this three-manuscript dissertation is to gain a more nuanced understanding of suicide attitudes...

Determining Rates of Landscape Response to Tectonic Forcing Across a Range of Temporal Scales and Erosional Mechanisms

Meredith Swallom
Understanding how mountain landscapes respond to variations in tectonic forcing over a range of temporal scales in active mountain belts remains as a prominent challenge in tectonic and geomorphological studies. Although a number of empirical and numerical studies have examined this problem, many of them were complicated by issues of scale and climatic variability. More specifically, the relative efficiencies of fluvial and glacial erosion, which are presumably controlled by climate, are difficult to unravel. The...

Intimate Indigeneities

Jacob Neely
This dissertation analyzes six contemporary texts (2008–18) that represent indigenous Mexicans to transnational audiences. Despite being disparate in authorship, genre, and mode of presentation, all address the failings of the Mexican state discourse of mestizaje that exalts indigenous antiquities while obfuscating the racialized socioeconomic hierarchies that marginalize contemporary indigenous peoples. Casting this conflict synecdochally as the national imposing itself on quotidian life, the texts help the reader/viewer come to understand it in personal, affective terms....

Race-Based Discrimination, Occupational Stress, and Depression in Black Registered Nurses

Arica Brandford
The purpose of this dissertation was to examine depression, experiences of work-related racism, and occupational stress among black nurses. Nursing is a highly stressful and demanding profession that can negatively affect health. Underscoring this is the high rate of depression experienced by nurses. In fact, nurses experience depression at a rate twice that of individuals in other occupations. Examining depression in nurses can provide insights that can inform measures addressing the psychological health of this...

A Pilot Study of a Multiple Health Behavior Change Intervention for Smokers

Srihari Seshadri
Background: Being both obese and a smoker increases the probability of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, diseases that impact Kentucky residents disproportionately. Kentucky (KY) has a high incidence of obesity (34.2%) and smoking (24.5 %). Weight gain associated with smoking cessation also can undermine health benefits of quitting, and may lead to smoking relapse. Aim: The aim of the pilot study was to implement and evaluate a Multiple Health Behavioral Change (MHBC)...

The Effects of System Characteristics, Reference Command, and Command-Following Objectives on Human-in-the-Loop Control Behavior

Seyyedalireza Seyyedmousavi
Humans learn to interact with many complex physical systems. For example, humans learn to fly aircraft, operate drones, and drive automobiles. We present results from human-in-the-loop (HITL) experiments, where human subjects interact with dynamic systems while performing command-following tasks multiple times over a one-week period. We use a new subsystem identification (SSID) algorithm to estimate the control strategies (feedforward, feedforward delay, feedback, and feedback delay) that human subjects use during their trials. We use experimental...

Biomechanical Effects of a Hip Orthosis on Lumbo-Pelvic Coordination

Matthew Ballard
Abnormal lumbar movement has been observed in individuals who have a history of low back pain (LBP). Affected individuals display a reduction in lumbar spine rotation during trunk movement tasks, while pelvic rotation increases to compensate. Reduced lumbar contribution to forward bending is associated with increased compressive forces and increased shearing demand of the task on the lower back. This abnormal lumbo-pelvic coordination (LPC) can persist beyond LBP symptom alleviation and may contribute to further...

Morten Lauridsen's Choral Cycle, Nocturnes

Margaret Owens
Morten Lauridsen is one of the most prolific composers of choral music in the 20th and 21st centuries. His characteristic tone is both readily identifiable and timeless. Works such as Lux Aeterna, Les Chansons des Roses, “Sure on this Shining Night” (from Nocturnes) , and “O magnum mysterium” have solidified his place as one of the most important compositional voices in modern choral music. Lauridsen’s most often-performed choral works have been individual movements excerpted from...

Composite Nonparametric Tests in High Dimension

Alejandro Villasante Tezanos
This dissertation focuses on the problem of making high-dimensional inference for two or more groups. High-dimensional means both the sample size (n) and dimension (p) tend to infinity, possibly at different rates. Classical approaches for group comparisons fail in the high-dimensional situation, in the sense that they have incorrect sizes and low powers. Much has been done in recent years to overcome these problems. However, these recent works make restrictive assumptions in terms of the...

Automated Network Security with Exceptions Using SDN

Sergio A. Rivera Polanco
Campus networks have recently experienced a proliferation of devices ranging from personal use devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops, tablets), to special-purpose network equipment (e.g. firewalls, network address translation boxes, network caches, load balancers, virtual private network servers, and authentication servers), as well as special-purpose systems (badge readers, IP phones, cameras, location trackers, etc.). To establish directives and regulations regarding the ways in which these heterogeneous systems are allowed to interact with each other and the network...

Impact pf Conformational Change, Solvation Environment, and Post-Translational Modification on Desulfurization Enzyme 2'Hydroxybiphenyl-2-Sulfinate Desulfinase (DSZB) Stability and Activity

Landon C. Mills
Naturally occurring enzymatic pathways enable highly specific, rapid thiophenic sulfur cleavage occurring at ambient temperature and pressure, which may be harnessed for the desulfurization of petroleum-based fuel. One pathway found in bacteria is a four-step catabolic pathway (the 4S pathway) converting dibenzothiophene (DBT), a common crude oil contaminant, into 2-hydroxybiphenyl (HBP) without disrupting the carbon-carbon bonds. 2’-Hydroxybiphenyl-2-sulfinate desulfinase (DszB), the rate-limiting enzyme in the enzyme cascade, is capable of selectively cleaving carbon-sulfur bonds. Accordingly, understanding...

Rule Mining and Sequential Pattern Based Predictive Modeling with EMR Data

Orhan Abar
Electronic medical record (EMR) data is collected on a daily basis at hospitals and other healthcare facilities to track patients’ health situations including conditions, treatments (medications, procedures), diagnostics (labs) and associated healthcare operations. Besides being useful for individual patient care and hospital operations (e.g., billing, triaging), EMRs can also be exploited for secondary data analyses to glean discriminative patterns that hold across patient cohorts for different phenotypes. These patterns in turn can yield high level...

Targeted Illumincation Strategies for Hydrogen Production from Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria

John Craven
The movement towards a more sustainable energy economy may require not only the generation of cleaner fuel sources, but the conversion of waste streams into value-added products. Phototrophic purple non-sulfur bacteria are capable of metabolizing VFAs (volatile fatty acids)and generate hydrogen as a byproduct of nitrogen fixation using energy absorbed from light. VFAs are easily produced from dark anaerobic fermentation of food, agricultural, and municipal wastes, which could then be fed into photobioreactors of purple...

Advanced Fault Area Identification and Fault Location for Transmission and Distribution Systems

Wen Fan
Fault location reveals the exact information needed for utility crews to timely and promptly perform maintenance and system restoration. Therefore, accurate fault location is a key function in reducing outage time and enhancing power system reliability. Modern power systems are witnessing a trend of integrating more distributed generations (DG) into the grid. DG power outputs may be intermittent and can no longer be treated as constants in fault location method development. DG modeling is also...

Development of a Translational Model of Co-Use of Alcohol and Nicotine for Testing Potential Pharmacotherapies

Sarah Elizabeth Maggio
Co-users of alcohol and nicotine are the largest group of polysubstance users worldwide. Although pharmacotherapies are available for alcohol (EtOH) or tobacco use disorders individually, it may be possible to develop a single pharmacotherapy to treat heavy drinking tobacco smokers through capitalizing on the commonalities in their mechanisms of action. Towards this goal, several models of concurrent access to EtOH and nicotine were explored as potential preclinical models of co-use using female alcohol-preferring (P) rats....

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