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yongchao wang
Heavy ethanol use causes neurodegeneration manifested by neuronal loss and dysfunction. It is becoming imperative to delineate the underlying mechanism to promote the treatment of ethanol-induced neurodegeneration. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress is a hallmark and an underlying mechanism of many neurodegenerative diseases. This study aims to investigate the role of ER stress in ethanol-induced neurodegeneration. In experimental design, adult mice were exposed to binge ethanol drinking by daily gavage for 1, 5, or 10 days...

Modulation of Inflammatory Cytokine, Chemokine, and Toll-Like Genes and Transcriptome Analysis of Equine Endothelial Cells Following Infection with Equid Herpesvirus-1, and Equine Arteritis Virus.

Saranajith Wangisa Dunuwille
EHV-1 is a double-stranded DNA virus whereas EAV is a positive sense, single-stranded RNA virus. Therefore, genetically, they are very different from one another. However, both these viruses are endotheliotropic and thus, infect and replicates in equine endothelial cells resulting in vasculitis. Vasculitis is central to the pathogenesis of these two viruses. Thus, the main objective of this thesis was to investigate the inflammatory and innate immune responses of EECs that contribute towards the development...

Truss Bridge Rehabilitation Prioritization

Abheetha Peiris & Issam E. Harik
Kentucky’s inventory of historic steel truss bridges is declining rapidly. There are more than 150 historic truss bridges in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s (KYTC) bridge inventory. Most of these bridges require maintenance to avoid replacement. However, prioritizing the rehabilitation of these bridges based on their historic importance is challenging. While AASHTO’s Guidelines for Historic Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement contain guidance on selecting bridges for preservation, currently there is no guidance on how to prioritize those...

US 31W Jefferson County Pavement Surface Treatment Evaluation

Tim C., Jr. Scully
Reflective cracking inevitably occurs when asphaltic concrete (AC) is placed over an existing unfractured Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement. However, manufacturers state their products will mitigate reflective cracking, therefore extending the pavement life cycle. To evaluate the performance of each manufacturer’s product, an experimental test section consisting of a southbound and northbound segment was established on US 31W in Louisville, Kentucky. The funding for this project will help track the performance of each product from...

Language Dysfunction in Motor Neuron Disease

Natasha Garcia-Willingham
Motor neuron disease (MND) is a set of neuromuscular diseases that affect the upper and/or lower motor neurons, resulting in progressive disability. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) are two forms of MND that both involve upper motor neuron degeneration, which can also accompany extra-motor changes in cognitive, behavioral, and/or emotional functioning for some individuals. Characterization of the cognitive profile of MND is still evolving, with growing interest in cognitive subtypes. The...

Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts 2000 Report

KENTUCKY’S TRAFFIC COLLISION FACTS report for 2000 is based on collision reports submitted to the Kentucky State Police Records Branch. As required by Kentucky Revised statutes 189.635, “every law enforcement agency whose officers investigate a vehicle accident of which a report must be made...shall file a report of the accident...within ten days after investigation of the accident upon forms supplied by the bureau.” The stated purpose of this requirement is to utilize data on traffic...

Kentucky Traffic Collision Facts 2002 Report

KENTUCKY’S TRAFFIC COLLISION FACTS report for 2002 is based on collision reports submitted to the Kentucky State Police Records Branch. As required by Kentucky Revised statutes 189.635, “every law enforcement agency whose officers investigate a vehicle accident of which a report must be made...shall file a report of the accident...within ten days after investigation of the accident upon forms supplied by the bureau.” The stated purpose of this requirement is to utilize data on traffic...

I Remember Myself

Laura Clewett
“I Remember Myself” is a hybrid memoir told through poetry and prose. It tells the story of a young woman struggling to establish herself as an adult whose life is interrupted by chronic pain. The reader follows her relationships, along with her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys through illness and grief. The work explores identity, the nature of the self, and the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Calibrated Short TR Recovery MRI for Rapid Measurement of Brain-Blood Partition Coefficient and Correction of Quantitative Cerebral Blood Flow

Scott Thalman
The high prevalence and mortality of cerebrovascular disease has led to the development of several methods to measure cerebral blood flow (CBF) in vivo. One of these, arterial spin labeling (ASL), is a quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique with the advantage that it is completely non-invasive. The quantification of CBF using ASL requires correction for a tissue specific parameter called the brain-blood partition coefficient (BBPC). Despite regional and inter-subject variability in BBPC, the current...

The North American Transportation Security Center

Steven Douglas Kreis & Michael M. Barclay
There are over 800,000 hazardous materials (hazmat) shipments over the nation’s roads each day. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), terrorist activity related to the transportation of hazardous materials represents a significant threat to public safety and the nation’s critical infrastructure. Specifically, the federal government has identified the government’s inability to track hazmat shipments on a real-time basis as a significant security vulnerability. In 2004, the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...

Analysis of Surface Integrity in Machining of CFRP Under Different Cooling Conditions

Arjun Nagaraj
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) are a class of advanced materials widely used in versatile applications including aerospace and automotive industries due to their exceptional physical and mechanical properties. Owing to the heterogenous nature of the composites, it is often a challenging task to machine them unlike metals. Drilling in particular, the most commonly used process for component assembly is critical especially in the aerospace sector which demands parts of highest quality and surface integrity....

Evaluation of Rhodococcus equi Susceptibility to Silver Nanoparticle Antimicrobials

Elizabeth Boudaher
Rhodococcus equi is a significant cause of pneumonia in foals and immunocompromised humans. Antimicrobial resistance among R. equi isolates has developed as a consequence of inappropriate stewardship and bacterial evolution, leading to an increased rate of treatment failures that typically result in foal fatality. In the current study, we evaluated the efficacy of antimicrobial silver nanoparticle (AgNP) complexes in controlling R. equi growth. Previous studies characterizing AgNP-induced antibacterial effects in other Gram-positive pathogens led us...

Estimating Free-Flow Speed with LiDAR and Overhead Imagery

Armin Hadzic
Understanding free-flow speed is fundamental to transportation engineering in order to improve traffic flow, control, and planning. The free-flow speed of a road segment is the average speed of automobiles unaffected by traffic congestion or delay. Collecting speed data across a state is both expensive and time consuming. Some approaches have been presented to estimate speed using geometric road features for certain types of roads in limited environments. However, estimating speed at state scale for...


Emily Barrett
As local governments increasingly turn to data-driven solutions to help address some of their most acute challenges, from entrenched poverty to affordable housing, they often call on community-engaged researchers as collaborators, analysts and experts. While critical scholarship has highlighted the problematic logics underpinning this turn to data and digital technologies as the solution for urban issues, university-community partnerships offer a unique opportunity to further explore not only how these discourses materialize, but also how they...


Corey Bonds
The purpose of this research is to present a conductor’s analysis and performance perspectives of The Automatic Earth, composed by Steven Bryant for the Arizona State University Wind Orchestra, and premiered by its conductor, Professor Gary Hill, at the 2019 College Band Director’s National Association National Conference. Through the conductor’s analysis and performance perspectives, the author seeks to provide future conductors and performers with necessary musical interpretations and technical guidance. The four-part process of research...


Nathan Miller
By the turn of the twentieth century, the sight and sound of a little brass band of uniformed evangelists on street corners declaring war on sin became ubiquitous in American cities. Although Salvationists came to hold a cherished place in society, Americans greeted their initial invasion with contempt. They came with a message of transformative redemption for the poor and disenfranchised, loudly declaring that anyone and anything could be made holy and fit for God’s...


Ankur Das
We study monolayer graphene in a uniform magnetic field in the absence and presence of interactions. In the non-interacting limit, for p/q flux quanta per unit cell (p, q are coprime integer), the central two bands have 2q Dirac points in the Brillouin zone (BZ) in the nearest-neighbor model. These touchings and their locations are guaranteed by chiral symmetry and the lattice symmetries of the honeycomb structure. If we add a staggered potential and a...


Emily Marie Johnson
According to the American Cancer Society (2019), it is estimated that 1,762,450 new cancer diagnoses occurred in 2019 in the United States. Currently, cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide (American Cancer Society, 2019). As cancer affects the family, roles within the family will shift (e.g., transitioning to a caregiving relationship), causing each family member to adapt. With the costs of cancer steadily increasing, this potentially leaves a devastating impact on the...


Jeorg Hornsby
The project examines how the theories of simultaneity and intersectionality are useful in analyzing the lived experiences of the authors and their subjects. Specifically, this dissertation analyzes how French comic artist Catel and American comics artist Sabrina Jones use the medium of comics to recount their autobiographical stories within and alongside their biographical stories of Benoîte Groult and Margaret Sanger, respectively.


Weihang Ren
The T-central subspace allows one to perform sufficient dimension reduction for any statistical functional of interest. We propose a general estimator using a third moment kernel to estimate the T-central subspace. In particular, in this dissertation we develop sufficient dimension reduction methods for the central mean subspace via the regression mean function and central subspace via Fourier transform, central quantile subspace via quantile estimator and central expectile subsapce via expectile estima- tor. Theoretical results are...


Muataz Almaddah
Load carriage is a primary source for injury occurrence among military personnel and recreational hikers affecting all body areas. The shoulder ranks as the second or third most common site of injuries among military personnel. Many studies report that elevations in self-reported fatigue, soreness, and discomfort in the shoulders accompany the load carriage. Almost 50% of military personnel experienced a load carriage injury during the first episode of training, and 75% of those injured suffered...


Emily Atkinson
Broad negative affect has been consistently shown to predict problematic alcohol use. More specific affect-based constructs, though, have been shown to predict problem drinking above and beyond broad negative affectivity. The current study aims to investigate transactions among and predictive roles of broad negative affectivity and specific affective-based factors in relation to problem drinking among a sample of 358 students assessed twice during their first year of college. Participants were assessed for negative urgency (the...

Fiscal Year 2005 FHWA-536 Report for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires state transportation agencies to submit a biennial report on local highway finances. The purpose of these reports is to provide FHWA with the data it needs to capture the financing of highway activities at the local level. Based on this information, it can identify trends in revenue, expenditures, investments, and program development, and in turn make decisions about future investments. The report, FHWA-536, asks agencies to report on four...

Numerical Analyses and Integration of Split Lot Sizing Using Lean Benchmark Model for Small Lot Manufacturing in High Mix Low Volume Production

Omkar Bhosale
As the global demand for automobiles has increased rapidly over the last fifty years, customers have become more particular about the characteristics of the autos they want. This change in demand, in part has pushed manufacturing to become more flexible and created a demand for alternative, more efficient processes like the High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) production of vehicles. During HMLV, manufacturers create production lot sizes and schedule to synchronize the production processes to meet...


Alison Hitch
In this dissertation, I examine the portrayal of filial relationships in the fiction of James Joyce, Hanif Kureishi, and Zadie Smith. I assert that each of these authors, albeit in different ways, uses the archetypal father and son relationship to interrogate the formation of national identity and the concept of national belonging in modern, anticolonial or postcolonial cultures, including Ireland at the dawn of the twentieth century and Britain in the late twentieth century. Chapter...

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