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Jeffrey Reed
Mentoring relationships have long been identified as a valuable means for supporting identity development in young adults and assisting these individuals in navigating life transitions. The guidance and stability afforded by mentoring relationships can be particularly beneficial to individuals undergoing transitions in their personal or professional lives, or both, and are thus well-suited to play a meaningful role in the lives of emerging adults. Emerging adults are also in a unique developmental stage in which...

A Case of HeartMate 3 Outflow Graft Twisting with Extraluminal Thrombosis: Is Computed Tomography Angiography Helpful?

Karim Saleb, Marianna Zagurovskaya, Michael Sekela & Maya Guglin
Twists in the outflow graft of the HeartMateTM 3 device (Abbott) have recently been described as a sporadic, late complication. We present a case with a unique combination of external compression of the HeartMate 3 outflow graft by a surgical scar compounded by thrombus formation in the space between the band relief and the outflow graft with associated twist of the outflow graft and severe flow limitation. Computed tomography angiogram (CTA) of the chest was...

Kentucky Geological Survey Landslide Inventory [2021-01]

Matt Crawford
The KGS landslide inventory provides the locations of known landslides and areas susceptible to debris flows. Various types of landslides are represented including slides, flows, rockfalls, and creep. The data are available as ArcGIS geodatabase feature classes. Landslide locations and associated attributes are compiled from Kentucky Geological Survey research, published maps, state and local government agencies, the public, and media reports. A confidence ranking system assigns a value to each feature. A description of the...


Japheth Gado
The world is presently faced with a sustainability crisis; it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the energy and material needs of a growing global population without depleting and polluting our planet. Greenhouse gases released from the continuous combustion of fossil fuels engender accelerated climate change, and plastic waste accumulates in the environment. There is need for a circular economy, where energy and materials are renewably derived from waste items, rather than by consuming limited...

Students, Research, and the Health of Appalachia

F. Douglas Scutchfield
The notion of publication in the peer-reviewed literature out of your doctoral or master’s thesis/dissertation or capstone is a characteristic of those who choose a career in the academy. This paper illustrates my pleasure by reflecting a student taking the additional step in research achievement by publishing results that contribute new knowledge to evidence-driven research and practice.

An Update of Seismic Monitoring and Research in the Vicinity of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

Zhenming Wang, N. Seth Carpenter & Edward W. Woolery
From January 2018 to December 2019, the Kentucky Geological Survey monitored earthquakes and conducted research on seismic hazards in the vicinity of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, a former uranium enrichment facility, in McCracken County, western Kentucky. Six hundred forty-four earthquakes with magnitude between 0.5 and 3.7 were recorded in the area during this period. Research focused on the influence of the thick sediments on earthquake ground motion, the so-called site response, through theoretical and...

Commercial Driver’s License Prosecution, Adjudication, and Data Transmission

Andrew Martin, Jeeyen Koo & Jennifer Walton
The Kentucky Transportation Center research team examined law enforcement and adjudication of traffic offenses committed by commercial driver’s license holders. The objectives were to identify states that would provide the data, collect information about their court systems, analyze enforcement and/or adjudication data, and make some general observations about trends. Many state agencies were not able to provide their traffic offense data and therefore, the team focused primarily on data from Kentucky and Washington State. The...

Open-field scale-model experiments of fire whirls over L-shaped line fires

Yuto Iga, Kazunori Kuwana, Kozo Sekimoto & Yuji Nakamura
This paper presents the results of open-field scale-model experiments of fire-whirl formation over line fires. L-shaped line fires were burned in crosswinds, and the processes of fire-whirl formation were observed. The flame height was measured using an image-processing technique, while two-dimensional velocity components were measured at two different locations using ultrasonic anemometers. Two tests were selected for comparison: test A, in which intense fire whirls repeatedly formed, and test B, in which no whirls were...

The Kentucky Re-Entry Universal Payload System (KRUPS)

James Nichols
Due to the uniqueness of atmospheric entry environments, ground facilities cannot accurately replicate re-entry conditions. Consequently, scientists primarily rely on numerical models to predict these conditions and inform Thermal Protection System (TPS) designs. These models often lack flight validation, which is necessary for increasing their fidelity. Thus, there is a substantial need to obtain such data to advance modeling capabilities. The Kentucky Re-entry Universal Payload System (KRUPS) is an adaptable test-bed for scientific experimentation with...

The Economic Impact of Diabetes in Kentucky

Michael W. Clark, Jenny A. Minier, Charles J. Courtemanche, Bethany L. Paris & Michael T. Childress
Excerpt from the Executive Summary: The Kentucky Department of Public Health is responsible for improving the health and safety of Kentucky’s residents by preventing disease and injuries and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The department administers nearly 150 programs that address critical health issues affecting Kentuckians. These programs screen newborns for health problems, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, promote oral health, and provide numerous other services. Diabetes represents a growing health concern for the nation and...

Cancer Curriculum for Appalachian Kentucky Middle and High Schools

Lauren Hudson, Katherine Sharp, Chris Prichard, Melinda J. Ickes, Sahar Alameh & Nathan L. Vanderford
Background: Appalachian Kentucky faces the highest cancer incidence and mortality rates in the country due to poor health behaviors and lifestyle choices. These poor health behaviors are facilitated by a lack of cancer education. Youth represent a vulnerable population that could be greatly impacted by increased cancer education. Teachers have the power to facilitate this learning. Purpose: This study examined the need for cancer education curriculum in Appalachian Kentucky middle and high schools from the...

A Description of COVID-19 Lifestyle Restrictions Among a Sample of Rural Appalachian Women

Michele Staton, Martha Tillson & J. Matthew Webster
Background: COVID-19 has led to swift federal and state response to control virus transmission, which has resulted in unprecedented lifestyle changes for U.S. citizens including social distancing and isolation. Understanding the impact of COVID-19 lifestyle restrictions and related behavioral risks is important, particularly among individuals who may be more vulnerable (such as rural women with a history of substance use living in Appalachia). Purpose: The overall purpose of this study was to better understand the...

Predicting Bleeding and Thrombosis Complications in Patients with Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Kyle Zacholski, William Kuan, Justin McCann, Aric Schadler, Aaron Cook, Sara Parli & Adam Sieg
Background Left ventricular assist device (LVAD) therapy has been proven to relieve heart failure symptoms and improve survival, but is not devoid of bleeding and/or thrombotic complications. Risk stratification tools have been utilized in other cardiovascular disease populations to estimate the risk of bleeding and thrombosis with and without anticoagulation, including the HAS-BLED, HEMORR2HAGES, CHADS2 and CHA2DS2-VASc models. The study objective was to evaluate the predictive value of available risk models for bleeding and thrombotic...

Kentucky Annual Economic Report 2021

Michael W. Clark, James P. Ziliak & Simon Sheather
Excerpt from the summary: AT THE END OF 2019, THE U.S. ECONOMY WAS ADDING TO ITS LONGEST expansion in history, and the main economic concerns related to slowing global growth and uncertainty over U.S. trade policy. These concerns were quickly overshadowed as the potential severity of COVID-19 and the steps needed to fight the pandemic became clearer. By early 2020, the pandemic brought the longest running economic expansion to an abrupt end. The economic losses...

The G7 Suite

Joseph Dunn
The G7 Suite is a multi-movement chamber work that combines elements of European Art Music, Indigenous Music from Latin America, and various representations of American music. The melodic material is derived from the national anthems of the Great Seven nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Each melody is re-set to new music genres and aligns itself to the rules and expectations within each idiom. This compilation is more...

Evaluation of Orange Pavement Striping for Use in Work Zones

Erin Lammers, William Staats & Ken Agent
Interstate widening projects are commonplace in Kentucky, and safety is of primary concern within the project work zone. Past experience with long work zones revealed two critical safety issues: driver confusion due to unclear pavement markings and a lack of continuous work zone signage for motorists indicating they are still within a work zone. This concern is heightened in transition and taper areas. Highly visible markings in an alternative color other than standard yellow or...


Xiaohang Yu
Tan Dun’s Crouching Tiger Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra is not only one of the most frequently performed cello concerto of the recent past; it also demonstrates Tan’s masterful synthesis of artistic forms from the Chinese and the Western art music traditions with visual media that extends beyond the concert-hall. The music for this concerto was initially composed as part of the score for Ang Lee’s film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, itself a landmark...

Measurements of Wind Turbine Wake Evolution and Trajectory During Morning Boundary Layer Transition and Under Wake Steering Conditions via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Stewart Nelson
In July of 2019, a flight campaign was conducted using semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) at the Port Alma Kruger Energy wind farm in Ontario, Canada, to study various aspects of wind turbine wake evolution. Horizontal transects across the wakes were measured using modified fixed-wing aircraft fitted with a five-hole probe to measure the wind velocity vector. Reference boundary layer conditions were measured by an octocopter with an assortment of mounted sensors flying vertical profiles...


Nathalia Araujo
Prostate Apoptosis Response-4 (Par-4) is a tumor suppressor ubiquitously expressed in all tissues and able to selectively induce apoptosis in cancer cells. Although well established in the context of cancer, relatively little is known about the function of Par-4 in the healthy and non-tumorigenic context. Observations from our lab showed that Par-4 knockout mouse lines were obese and displayed adipocyte hypertrophy under a normal chow diet when compared to Par-4 wild-type mice. These Par-4 knockout...


Alyssa Clements-Hickman
Recent years has seen an increase in studies examining the unique contribution that the therapist has on treatment outcomes, which is commonly referred to as “therapist effects” (Barkham et al., 2017). Therapist effects on outcomes are believed to occur primarily via how the therapist’s interpersonal and intrapersonal qualities influence the therapeutic relationship, which in turn influences outcomes (Wampold et al., 2017). The current study focused on professional self-doubt, counseling self-efficacy, and humility because of previous...


Jonathan Ryser-Oatman
Sexual minority men experience intimate partner violence (IPV) at rates similar to, if not higher, than heterosexual individuals (Finneran & Stephenson, 2013). IPV is associated with a range of negative health outcomes in this population, such as increased risk for depression and anxiety (Miller & Irvin, 2017) and increased sexual risk-taking and subsequent HIV acquisition (Craft & Serovich, 2005; Houston & McKirnan, 2007). Many barriers prevent sexual minority men from getting help for IPV including...

Care Working Conditions

Andrew R. Van't Land
The spectre of an inescapably divided working class has haunted every generation of marxist theorists, including the latest wave of marxist feminists engaged in the research programme known as Social Reproduction Theory (SRT). In this dissertation, I will explain how Marx’s clear theoretical debt to Aristotle extends into the marxist feminist analysis of social reproductive labor and of the exploitation, class interests, and normative demands which condition such care workers. I will demonstrate how SRT...

Deepest Observed Fresh Groundwater Contour Lines for the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Kentucky

Ethan Davis, Thomas Parris & Jerrad Grider
These contour lines detail the estimated depth of the base of fresh groundwater—i.e., deepest observed fresh water. These contours were created using the deepest domestic water well depths in each 11-digit HUC watershed of a 14-county study area in the Cumberland Plateau of eastern Kentucky.

Early Childhood Education and Child Care in Arizona

Kathryn Chapman & Margarita Pivovarova
With many states increasingly adopting Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) to rate their early childhood education (ECE) and child care programs, researchers question the use of these systems. Specifically, they are trying to understand the value of information provided by QRIS ratings and the implications QRIS ratings have on the quality of and access to ECE and child care programs for families. In this study, we attempt to understand the value of QRIS ratings...

Development, Implementation, and Tracking of Preventative Safety Metrics

Zamaan Al-Shabbani, Ashtarout Ammar, Hala Nassereddine & Gabriel B. Dadi
What gets measured, gets improved. With respect to the safety and health of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) employees, the primary metric used has been the OSHA recordable incident rate. This incident rate measures how often a Cabinet employee sustains an injury that demands more than basic first aid. This metric is important for understanding injury frequencies, but it does not assist with management of the safety, health, and overall well-being of KYTC personnel. Based on...

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