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A Case of HeartMate 3 Outflow Graft Twisting with Extraluminal Thrombosis: Is Computed Tomography Angiography Helpful?

Karim Saleb, Marianna Zagurovskaya, Michael Sekela & Maya Guglin
Twists in the outflow graft of the HeartMateTM 3 device (Abbott) have recently been described as a sporadic, late complication. We present a case with a unique combination of external compression of the HeartMate 3 outflow graft by a surgical scar compounded by thrombus formation in the space between the band relief and the outflow graft with associated twist of the outflow graft and severe flow limitation. Computed tomography angiogram (CTA) of the chest was...


Jeffrey Reed
Mentoring relationships have long been identified as a valuable means for supporting identity development in young adults and assisting these individuals in navigating life transitions. The guidance and stability afforded by mentoring relationships can be particularly beneficial to individuals undergoing transitions in their personal or professional lives, or both, and are thus well-suited to play a meaningful role in the lives of emerging adults. Emerging adults are also in a unique developmental stage in which...

Students, Research, and the Health of Appalachia

F. Douglas Scutchfield
The notion of publication in the peer-reviewed literature out of your doctoral or master’s thesis/dissertation or capstone is a characteristic of those who choose a career in the academy. This paper illustrates my pleasure by reflecting a student taking the additional step in research achievement by publishing results that contribute new knowledge to evidence-driven research and practice.


Japheth Gado
The world is presently faced with a sustainability crisis; it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the energy and material needs of a growing global population without depleting and polluting our planet. Greenhouse gases released from the continuous combustion of fossil fuels engender accelerated climate change, and plastic waste accumulates in the environment. There is need for a circular economy, where energy and materials are renewably derived from waste items, rather than by consuming limited...

Open-field scale-model experiments of fire whirls over L-shaped line fires

Yuto Iga, Kazunori Kuwana, Kozo Sekimoto & Yuji Nakamura
This paper presents the results of open-field scale-model experiments of fire-whirl formation over line fires. L-shaped line fires were burned in crosswinds, and the processes of fire-whirl formation were observed. The flame height was measured using an image-processing technique, while two-dimensional velocity components were measured at two different locations using ultrasonic anemometers. Two tests were selected for comparison: test A, in which intense fire whirls repeatedly formed, and test B, in which no whirls were...

An Update of Seismic Monitoring and Research in the Vicinity of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

Zhenming Wang, N. Seth Carpenter & Edward W. Woolery
From January 2018 to December 2019, the Kentucky Geological Survey monitored earthquakes and conducted research on seismic hazards in the vicinity of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, a former uranium enrichment facility, in McCracken County, western Kentucky. Six hundred forty-four earthquakes with magnitude between 0.5 and 3.7 were recorded in the area during this period. Research focused on the influence of the thick sediments on earthquake ground motion, the so-called site response, through theoretical and...

Energy Harvesting and Sensor Based Hardware Security Primitives for Cyber-Physical Systems

Carson Labrado
The last few decades have seen a large proliferation in the prevalence of cyber-physical systems. Although cyber-physical systems can offer numerous advantages to society, their large scale adoption does not come without risks. Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be considered a significant component within cyber-physical systems. They can provide network communication in addition to controlling the various sensors and actuators that exist within the larger cyber-physical system. The adoption of IoT features can also...

Death, Discipline, and the Dead: Biopolitical Rhetoric in Early Modern English Texts

Leslie Raybuck Malland
Death, Discipline, and the Dead: Biopolitical Rhetoric in Early Modern English Texts locates allusions to the biopolitical culture of Early Modern England within popular English texts. Through my examination of the period’s fascination with death—public executions, newly-authorized anatomies—and the ways in which death, as well as the treatment of the dead, was authorized by and supported the ideological aims of the state, my research identifies how those themes carry over into the most popular works...

Post-translational knockdown and post-secretional modification of EsxA determine contribution of EsxA membrane permeabilizing activity for mycobacterial intracellular survival

Yanqing Bao, Lin Wang & Jianjun Sun
Current genetic studies (e.g. gene knockout) have suggested that EsxA and EsxB function as secreted virulence factors that are essential for Mycobaterium tuberculosis (Mtb) intracellular survival, specifically in mediating phagosome rupture and translocation of Mtb to the cytosol of host cells, which further facilitates Mtb intracellular replicating and cell-to-cell spreading. The EsxA-mediated intracellular survival is presumably achieved by its pH-dependent membrane-permeabilizing activity (MPA). However, the data from other studies have generated a discrepancy regarding the...


Qiyue Wang
To meet the increasing requirements for production on individualization, efficiency and quality, traditional manufacturing processes are evolving to smart manufacturing with the support from the information technology advancements including cyber-physical systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), big industrial data, and artificial intelligence (AI). The pre-requirement for integrating with these advanced information technologies is to digitalize manufacturing processes such that they can be analyzed, controlled, and interacted with other digitalized components. Digital twin is developed as...


William Carmack
Fusarium head blight (FHB) of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) results in discolored grain contaminated with deoxynivalenol (DON). DON accumulation, an indicator of FHB resistance, can be quantified and used as the basis for direct phenotypic selection, but testing is expensive. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate an optical seed sorter as an alternative to DON testing for FHB resistance breeding. Three hundred F4 derived soft red winter wheat (SRWW) breeding lines were...

Commercial Driver’s License Prosecution, Adjudication, and Data Transmission

Andrew Martin, Jeeyen Koo & Jennifer Walton
The Kentucky Transportation Center research team examined law enforcement and adjudication of traffic offenses committed by commercial driver’s license holders. The objectives were to identify states that would provide the data, collect information about their court systems, analyze enforcement and/or adjudication data, and make some general observations about trends. Many state agencies were not able to provide their traffic offense data and therefore, the team focused primarily on data from Kentucky and Washington State. The...

Three Essays on Tax Compliance in Indonesia

Himawan Saputro
This dissertation studies the impacts of major tax reforms designed to improve tax compliance, particularly in the context of developing countries with limited enforcement capacity due to informality and lack of third-party data using the Indonesian tax administrative data as well as relevant empirical research methods. In order to describe this dissertation, I discuss each essay as the following. The first essay is titled "How Do Small Taxpayers Respond to Tax Simplification? Evidence from the...


Gong Cheng
Panel contribution analysis (PCA) can be used to predict machinery noise emissions, component contributions, and to assess the impact of sound reduction treatments. PCA is a measurement approach that is advantageous for complex machinery that is not easily modeled using conventional numerical analysis approaches. In this research, PCA is combined with scale modeling in order to speed up the necessary measurement work. Moreover, the method can be applied to much larger machinery and noise emissions...

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Optic Fissure Fusion During Zebrafish Eye Development

Megan Weaver
Vertebrate retinal development requires timely and precise fusion of the optic fissure. Failure of this event leads to congenital vision impairment in the form of coloboma. Recent studies have suggested hyaloid vasculature to be involved in OF fusion. In order to examine this link, we analyzed optic fissure fusion and hyaloid vasculogenesis in the zebrafish pax2a noi mutant line. We first determined that pax2a-/- embryos fail to accumulate F-actin in the optic fissure prior to...


Abraham Prades Mengibar
The collapse of the real estate bubble in 2008 brought an economic crisis that began to spread throughout the world, and Spain was one of the countries most negatively impacted. During the Great Recession, the governments of PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español) and PP (Partido Popular) didn’t present viable solutions to end the crisis. Instead, they enforced drastic economic cutbacks. Meanwhile, the governments subsidized the banks to rescue them; in theory, to save the Spanish...

Examination of Sex- and Limb-Specific Fatigue During Unilateral, Isometric Forearm Exercise

Caleb Voskuil
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of unilateral, isometric handgrip holds to failure for the dominant (Dm) and non-dominant (NDm) limb on ipsilateral ([IPS] exercised side) and contralateral ([CON] non-exercised side) performance fatigability. Twenty individuals participated in this study (Men [n =10]; Women [n = 10; Composite Demographics: Age: 22.2 years; Height: 174.4 cm; Body Mass: 75.0 kg) and completed three visits. Two, 6 s maximal voluntary isometric contractions (MVICs) for...


Nina Marijanovic
This study examined the topic of faculty satisfaction among faculty employed at the University of Sarajevo (UNSA) in Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH). BiH has endured a difficult transition from a socialist regime to a market economy following the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s and its higher education sector has been particularly affected by this transition. Scholarly research has focused mostly on the impact of discrimination of certain groups at the primary and secondary...

Risk-Based Construction Inspection

Shannon Rush
State Transportation Agencies have been experiencing staffing difficulties in the last couple of decades due to the deterioration of infrastructure and a large number of employees retiring or transitioning to the private sector. Therefore, the STA demographic has become much younger and a loss of critical knowledge has resulted from this changeover. Construction Inspection in particular has been severely impacted. Inspired by the NCHRP Synthesis 450, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has initiated the Risk-Based Construction...

Exploring Health and Risk Information Seeking in the Context of COVID-19

Xianlin Jin
Facing a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the public feels uncertainty and fear. To cope with the pandemic and reduce uncertainty, the public needs accurate and prompt information. By theoretically and empirically comparing the Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking (CMIS) and the Risk Information Seeking and Processing Model (RISP), this dissertation aims to unpack the core mechanism of health and risk information seeking. Built on the two models, the author proposed an Integrated...


Tushar Gupta
Rare earth elements (REEs) are critical components in advanced electronics, clean energy technologies, and national energy and economic security. The global supply situation of these strategically valuable elements remains critical as the market is largely monopolistic. Thus, to alleviate the dependence on global imports, investments are being made in the research and development of innovative and cost-effective technologies for the indigenous processing and recovery of REEs from alternate sources that are cheap and abundant. Numerous...


Tiyani Rodrigo
The South Asian country of Sri Lanka has a rapidly aging population, but little attention has been paid to individuals and families' financial preparedness for retirement. This study aims to overview the current system of retirement preparedness in Sri Lanka, and to examine financial and pension literacy's role on the retirement preparedness. Specifically, this study evaluated three domains of retirement preparedness: planning for retirement and perceived retirement income adequacy (subjective measures, n = 142), and...

Computational Utilities for the Game of Simplicial Nim

Nelson Penn
Simplicial nim games, a class of impartial games, have very interesting mathematical properties. Winning strategies on a simplicial nim game can be determined by the set of positions in the game whose Sprague-Grundy values are zero (also zero positions). In this work, I provide two major contributions to the study of simplicial nim games. First, I provide a modern and efficient implementation of the Sprague-Grundy function for an arbitrary simplicial complex, and discuss its performance...


Juliana Markham
The racial demographic of the United States is ever changing, and the increase of multiracial children is substantial. This multiple-case study examined the lived experiences of multiracial youth in secondary agricultural education. This study finds evidence of Impostor Phenomenon among these multiracial students in regard to their races. This study provides insight to advise other educational institutions and organizations on how these multiracial students perceive and are perceived, within agricultural education, how it affects them,...

Therapeutic Targeting of Leukemia Stem Cells to Prevent T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Relapse

Meghan Green Haney
The survival rate of T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (T-ALL) relapse is a dismal 10% of affected adults and 30% of children, largely due to the relapsed disease being more aggressive and treatment resistant than the initial disease. Relapse is thought to occur because conventional chemotherapies are unable to reliably eliminate a unique cell type known as leukemia stem (or propagating) cells (LSCs). LSCs are the only cells within the leukemia with the ability to self-renew...

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