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Data from: Differential effects of soil chemistry on the foliar resorption of nitrogen and phosphorus across altitudinal gradients

Renato Gerdol, Paola Iacumin & Lisa Brancaleoni
1.Nutrient resorption from senescing leaves prior to litterfall is a strategy for nutrient conservation in vascular plants. However, the mechanisms through which soil fertility and/or foliar nutrient status affect nutrient resorption are not yet fully known. 2.We used two 1000 m‐wide altitudinal gradients on two different bedrock types (carbonate and silicate) for analysing the interactive effects of temperature and soil chemistry on the resorption efficiency of two major nutrients, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). Our...

Data from: Natural disturbances can produce misleading bioassessment results: identifying metrics to detect anthropogenic impacts in intermittent rivers

Maria Soria, Cayetano Gutiérrez-Cánovas, Núria Bonada, Raúl Acosta, Pablo Rodríguez-Lozano, Pau Frotuño, Gemma Burgazzi, Dolors Vinyoles, Francesc Gallart, Jérôme Latron, Pilar Llorens, Narcís Prat & Núria Cid
Ecosystems experience natural disturbances and anthropogenic impacts that affect biological communities and ecological processes. When natural disturbance modifies anthropogenic impacts, current widely used bioassessment metrics can prevent accurate assessment of biological quality. Our aim was to assess the ability of biomonitoring metrics to detect anthropogenic impacts at both perennial and intermittent sites, and in the latter including both flowing and disconnected pool aquatic phases. Specifically, aquatic macroinvertebrates from 20 rivers were sampled along gradients of...

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  • 2019

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  • University of Parma
  • University of Barcelona
  • University of the Balearic Islands
  • University of Ferrara
  • Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research