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Data from: How persistent are the impacts of logging roads on Central African forest vegetation?

Fritz Kleinschroth, John R. Healey, Plinio Sist, Frédéric Mortier & Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury
1. Logging roads can trigger tropical forest degradation by reducing the integrity of the ecosystem and providing access for encroachment. Therefore, road-management is crucial in reconciling selective logging and biodiversity conservation. Most logging roads are abandoned after timber harvesting, however little is known about their long-term impacts on forest vegetation and accessibility, especially in Central Africa. 2. In 11 logging concessions in the Congo Basin we field-sampled a chronosequence of roads that, judged by satellite...

Data from: Genetic diversity of oilseed rape fields and feral populations in the context of coexistence with GM crops

Diane Bailleul, Sébastien Ollier & Jane Lecomte
Despite growing concern about transgenes escaping from fields, few studies have analysed the genetic diversity of crops in an agroecosystem over several years. Accurate information about the dynamics and relationship of the genetic diversity of crops in an agroecosystem is essential for risk assessment and policies concerning the containment of genetically modified crops and their coexistence with crops grown by conventional practices. Here, we analysed the genetic diversity of oilseed rape plants from fields and...

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  • 2016

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