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GreyGuide, GreyNet’s web access portal and lobby for change in Grey Literature

Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, stefania biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Roberto Ponti & Christiane Stock
In December 2013, the GreyGuide was formerly launched as an online forum and repository of good practice in grey literature. The project partners then turned to the acquisition of both proposed and published good practices. During this same timeframe, GreyNet – one of the project partners – welcomed far reaching developments in its infrastructure. Three new committees were established alongside its Program Committee in line with GreyNet’s fourfold mission dedicated to research, publication, open access,...

Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources: An Assessment of the Pisa Declaration

Dobrica Savic, Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, Stefania Biagioni, Carlo Carlesi, Herbert Gruttemeier & Christiane Stock

DataCite Metadata Schema Documentation for the Publication and Citation of Research Data v4.3

1 Introduction 1.1 The DataCite Consortium 1.2 DataCite Community Participation 1.3 The Metadata Schema 1.4 Version 4.32 Update 2 DataCite Metadata Properties 2.1 Overview 2.2 Citation 2.3 DataCite Properties 3 XML Example 4 XML Schema 5 Other DataCite Services Appendices Appendix 1: Controlled List Definitions Appendix 2: Earlier Version Update Notes Appendix 3: Standard values for unknown information Appendix 4: Version 4.1 Changes in support of software citation Appendix 5: FORCE11 Software Citation Principles Mapping

BDSP: a unique initiative to archive and disseminate French grey literature on public health

François Petitjean & Christian Stock
BDSP (Public Health Databank) is a network of institutions initiated 20 years ago by the French ministry of health. Its aim is to collect and provide access to documents on public health topics, with specific attention to grey literature published in French. 40 organizations participate in this open and collaborative network, including the stakeholders of the French health system and from other French-speaking countries. It is managed by a team of 4 members of the...

Back to Grey: Disclosure and Concealment of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Joachim Schopfel & Helene Prost
The open access principle requires that scientific information be made widely and readily available to society. Defined in 2003 as a “comprehensive source of human knowledge and cultural heritage that has been approved by the scientific community”, open access implies that content be openly accessible and this needs the active commitment of each and every individual producer of scientific knowledge. Yet, in spite of the growing success of the open access initiative, a significant part...

Vers une feuille de route pour les monographies en accès ouvert

Janneke Adema

Degrees of Openness: Grey Literature in Institutional Repositories

Joachim Schopfel & Helene Prost
In spite of the growing success of the open access initiative, a significant part of scientific and technical information remains unavailable on the web or circulates with restrictions. Even in institutional repositories created to disseminate the scientific production of an academic institution, broad and open access to more or less important sectors of the scientific production is restricted. In order to provide new empirical evidence, 25 large institutional repositories from different continents were selected in...

Altmetrics and Grey Literature: Perspectives and Challenges

Joachim Schopfel & Helene Prost

Leveraging Grey Literature – Capitalizing on Value and the Return on Investment: A Cumulative Case Study

Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen, stefania biagioni, Carlo Carlesi & Christiane Stock

Dissertations and Data

Joachim Schopfel, Primož Južnič, Helene Prost, Cécile Malleret, Ana Češarek & Teja Koler-Povh

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